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Ah-02: Onna Harakiri Sakuhinshu II - Fujikikaku Print E-mail
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Written by Chris Mayo   
Friday, 11 January 2008


Rb-06: Onna Harakiri: Seisan
Written by: Yuuri Sunohara
Produced by: Right Brain
Cast: Yuuri Sunohara
Year: 1990
Country: Japan
Color: Color
Runtime: 58 Minutes

Rb-08: Shiro-Shozoku: Harakiri
Written by: Yuuri Sunohara
Produced by: Right Brain
Cast: Hiromi Saotome
Year: 1990
Country: Japan
Color: Color
Runtime: 45 Minutes

Video: NTSC R0
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 Full Frame
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0
Distributor: Fujikikaku
Official Website:

Seppuku: Ritual suicide by disembowelment formerly practiced by Japanese samurai.  Also called hara-kiri.

Rb-06: Onna Harakiri: Seisan

RB-06 begins with a woman sitting in a nurse’s uniform.  The blade which sits in front of her has been previously adorned with the customary white cloth.  Our nurse polishes the remainder of the exposed blade with a separate cloth.  Lost in fantasy, she caresses the blade, gazing almost hypnotically.  Gospel music plays in the background adding to the ridiculousness of the situation.  After a while she presses the knife against her breast as if holding a baby.  Maybe this is meant to be captivating, but it just comes across cheesier than its actual purpose.  It truly becomes more groan inducing, and almost unbearable in how foolish this woman is acting.  After a whole lot of prolonging (laying the knife down and staring at it some more), she finally unbuttons her top exposing her bra.  As is the norm for Right Brain’s seppuku videos we are witness to more ridiculous movements and actions before the woman digs in.  She finally digs the knife slowly across her stomach through gasping breaths as white turns red.  She quivers in pain until death.

At one point in Rb-06: Onna Harakiri: Seisan a voice can be heard off camera giving a line of direction, proving that even seppuku filmmaker’s have shortcomings.  One notable repetition that often occurs in such films is after the woman commits the ritual suicide, they always seem to try to crawl away as they bleed to death.  When the realization hits them, it’s as if they try to escape the pain of death by squirming away from the erroneous decision of committing seppuku in the first place.  It seems that this fantastic suicidal journey isn’t all it’s cracked up to be! 

Another interesting particular of this film is how the music ends up symbolizing a light at the end of the tunnel.  When the nurse character finally lies still, her final resting pose is the fetal position which represents peacefulness.  I do believe that some of these seppuku films do intend to portray more than simply the gory act of seppuku; I just haven’t delved that deeply into them, nor do I really care to.

Rb-08: Shiro-Shozoku: Harakiri

This one opens differently than the previously released Right Brain seppuku films.  We begin with a black & white exterior shot of a woman slowly creeping up a staircase.  Through overlays we also see war footage, mainly of fighter planes being shot down.  Once the woman reaches the top of the stairs the war footage stops.  The building she faces seems to be some sort of memorial, or tomb.  The woman prays at the foot of the building and pulls a rope which sounds a bell.  Going back to RB-01 this is another portrait of the loss of a loved one due to war, but is shown more effectively through the overlay effect.  Next we fade to the inside of this building (or possibly a different one).  The woman now sits meditating on the traditional white cloth, used in such films.  The knife is also placed in front of her.  She embraces her body, not unlike every other seppuku film I have witnessed.  She strips her attire, piece by piece whilst continuing to embrace herself.  The ceremonial rubbing of breasts and stomach occurs.  She removes the blade from its casing and proceeds to lick it (a Right Brain seppuku first up until now).  This being a failed attempt at eroticism, and you guessed it, she places the knife down and we fade to white.  We return.  She wraps the knife with paper; she rubs her stomach for continual minutes, and eventually gets to business.  Insert seppuku goof number two where a knelt figure can be seen to the right of the frame. 

While the wound appears more gruesome than in Rb-06: Onna Harakiri: Seisan, it is still quite evident that it is merely a prosthetic placed over the stomach’s severed section.  Unlike the previous seppuku film in this Right Brain anthology, RB-08 contains tiny strands of entrails.  As death continues, our actress rolls around in her blood and begins pulling out her own intestines, making the footage progressively more gruesome, but nothing for gorehound’s to get excited over.  At one point I even thought she was getting hungry and was going to eat a chunk of gore, but I was mistaken.

AH-02: Onna Harakiri Sakuhinshu II starts off as being the weaker Right Brain seppuku entry with the mind-numbing Rb-06: Onna Harakiri: Seisan.  With Right Brain’s inclusion of RB-08: Shiro-Shozoku: Harakiri, accompanying this far lesser film makes this anthology a more acceptable entry for seppuku enthusiasts alike.


4:3 Full Frame
Dolby Digital 2.0 – Japanese

- 17 Minute Behind the Scenes

This is a 17 Minute featurette Behind the Scenes of Rb-10: Bijo Kenshi: Futari Seppuku. There is footage of the crew getting a blood mixture ready while one of the stars fixes her hair. During the seppuku scene we can see the shot being set up and it seems like all are having a fun time. A member of the crew hands the ritual suicide woman a blood pack for the fake stab sequence, making this a nice behind the scene glimpse at a seppuku shoot.









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