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American Guinea Pig: Bloodshock - Unearthed Films Print E-mail
User Rating: / 6
Written by Richard Taylor   
Thursday, 14 April 2016

AKA: American Guinea Pig 2

Directed by: Marcus Koch
Written by: Stephen Biro
Produced by: Stephen Biro
Cinematography by: Donald Donnerson
Editing by: Peter Bernie Rogers
Special Effects by: Marcus Koch, Cat Bernier, Melanie Dean
Music by: Gene Palubicki, Jimmy ScreamerClauz
Cast: Dan Ellis, Shiva Rodriguez, Barron Christian, Lillian McKinney, Andy Winton, Maureen Pelamati, Gene Palubicki
Year: 2015
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 38min

Studio: Unearthed Films, Oddtopsy Films

To start off the review of this epic film, here is a quote for the term Bloodshock as written by filmmakers Marcus Koch and Stephen Biro: Bloodshock: a verb and medical term used to describe a heavily mutilated or surgical patient  whose body releases a massive amount of serotonin, adrenaline and cortisol with certain growth hormones into the blood stream. The trauma event causes seizures, hallucinations and convulsions and can include heart palpitations, collapsed lungs and severe tongue trauma due to the teeth.

Patients whose blood readings in Bloodshock levels should be taken with the most extreme care. Self-mutilation, psychosis and ultimately autopsies reveal that human patients, unlike their animal counterparts, withstand more physical damage and mental trauma. Bloodshock levels are extreme and blood work should be done immediately if one thinks the patient is in danger.

Neurosecretory cells in the hypothalamus transmit a signal to the pituitary gland inciting cells to release a chemical messenger into the bloodstream.

This meaning is put into full effect in the movie and as you watch you will notice references to this excerpt. A great medical dialogue put into full effect in the next visceral and compelling instalment in The American Guinea Pig series. My only advice is to not expect Bouquet of Guts and Gore, that instalment is done and over. Bouquet is masterful in its intentions and set out what it intended to do and did it above and beyond.  Watch all of Bloodshock and try to tell me itís not a unique take on the modern gore movie and beyond the confines of this genre.

The first instalment of American Guinea Pig titled Bouquet of Guts and Gore was a complete and utter atomic bomb in the horror scene. Bouquet had horror fans foaming at the mouth to see probably one of the most infamous Japanese gore/torture/surreal art film series brought back to life. I and every self-respecting horror/gore film fan were falling over ourselves to obtain a copy and it was the gore film that put Stephen Biro and Marcus Koch in the spotlight as horror contenders not to be fucked with. These two gentlemen knew where they wanted to take the series and rolled with it.

With Bloodshock, they have once again reinvented the series and added a crazy new surrealistic storyline while the makeup effects are more technical than ever. Itís atmospherically dark, brooding and boasts this moody institutional Hell setting. The white decaying walls of technical atrocities in the name of gore and the padded cells stained with blood. With less limb hacking and ocular violence in the film we have more detailed sinister surgical procedures, intricate wires cutting through bones, body cavities being opened up -- itís all very disturbing but done with such stellar ferocity that you can't help but admire the beauty amongst the sickness. The close ups of flesh being severed and sewed up look more realistic and too good to be beyond real. The conclusion is like a brilliant piece of work I can only familiarize if Jackson Pollack got violently fucked in the ass and used the blood spewed from his anal cavity to paint the picture -- I mean holy fuck is it ever wild. Love and perversion personified.

The surreal and offbeat story and acting works well with the style of the movie. Dialogue is keep to a minimum but we get a good sense of each character. All the cast do a wonderful job with special mentions to Dan Ellis (Hanger), Lillian McKenney who provides a crazy twist in the story and turns it in a whole new direction. Andy Winton as the doctor, and for all the death/black metal fans out there, Gene Palubicki of Angel Corpse has a nice love-to-hate role as an orderly.

Back to showcasing the special makeup effects, Marcus Koch not only directs but does the effects work with Melanie Dean and Cat Bernier, who I understand is his right hand woman in the effects department.  Stephen Biro's script was well received by Koch and everyone was pumped to make Bloodshock the best it could be and you can clearly see this. These smaller productions, as opposed to big budget filmmaking, really surpass the financial aspects in pure passion. A small crew of extremely passionate filmmakers come together to make something they believe in and make it the best it can be. Having everyone on board and doing what they love and also getting lucky with everything falling into place made Bloodshock what it is, Biro has said.

American Guinea Pig: Bloodshock is an event not to be missed. Biro has also hinted at other titles coming in the series, ideas which sound fantastic and very exciting. They can truly take the series in whatever direction they please. No one American Guinea Pig film is alike and nor should it be. Bloodshock, much like Bouquet will be one of the most talked about indie horror projects of 2016. Embrace the impending doom, the twisted reality and precise and effective surgical butchery that is Bloodshock.




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