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American Holocaust 2000 - Grammabum Motion Pictures Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Monday, 20 February 2017
Severed Cinema review of American Holocaust 2000 from Grammabum Motion Pictures

Directed by: Monte Davis Jr., Jeffery Husselman
Written by: Christopher Gill, Jeffery Husselman
Produced by: Monte Davis Jr., James Husselman, Jeffery Husselman, George Weslyn
Cinematography by: Monte Davis Jr.
Editing by: Charles Fairfelid, Jeffery Husselman
Music by: Greggory Samsa
Special Effects: Jeffery Husselman
Cast: Nicky Thunders, Monte Davis Jr., Dan Daly, George Weslyn, Jarred Preston, Keith Ortiz
Year: 2015
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 18min

Studio: Grammabum Motion Pictures

This is a no-budget action film which is a throwback to such flicks as Escape from New York, The Road or any Italian rip-off post-apocalyptic tale. American Holocaust 2000 has its heart set in the right place but lacks in good pacing, and suffers from long drawn out trudging along scenes which make the movie boring to sit through at times. The location of this winter apocalyptic wonderland mostly takes place in the woods as it looks like a desolate snow covered wasteland, and itís cheaper and easier to shoot there because you don't need to rely on a lot of props and sets.

American Holocaust 2000 tells the tale of the world after Y2K, how it never recovered and was sent on a one way path to oblivion. A lone survivor wandering through the woods must avoid a murderous military police group calling themselves The Feds. These Feds round up and exterminate all those rebels who have decided to stray away from the authority of this new wasteland society. Our lone survivor trudges on through snow and cold weather constantly moving to be undetected but encountering different groups of people along the way, mostly with dire consequences. All the while the leader of this Feds group is closing in trying to squash any resistance he encounters.

American Holocaust 2000 is a cool venture for a movie shot in such a low budget fashion. It does have chops but just not much means to execute them with. There are some scenes of well-done action and suspense, and the practical effects are not bad for this type of production. The killer for me is how scenes just seem to endlessly drag on for far too long. It is in definite need of some quick cut editing to keep things moving along at a much more effective rate. The acting performances vary but itís pretty much over-the-top fare, especially the bad guys.

I really dig the soundtrack in this, and itís probably one of the highest points of the film. The music plays out with a very John Carpenter Escape from New York retro sound, and adds a big touch of class to the production. American Holocaust 2000 has a simple plot, and the endless scenes of walking, and more walking can get tiresome in between the action sequences. There is a definite Escape from New York homage in a scene where a character named The Conquistador is sent to a fight to the death, once our hero is captured which is very reminiscent of the Snake Plisskin fight to the death in a ring in John Carpenter's classic. I commend the film for really making the most of what they had and the winter scenes definitely add that desolate atmosphere to the movie.

I support low budget indie cinema always, and the makers of American Holocaust 2000 are filmmakers with obvious talent who will progress as they continue to make more movies. I believe American Holocaust 2000 is the right step in that direction and a stepping stone for better things to come. Contact Grammabum Motion Pictures for more info on American Holocaust 2000 and their upcoming release Pay to Play.





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