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Arrombada: I Piss in Your Grave - Bulhorgia Productions Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Wednesday, 02 November 2016

AKA: Arrombada: Vou Mijar na Porra do Seu Túmulo

Directed by: Peter Baiestorf
Written by: Peter Baiestorf
Produced by: Petter Baiestorf, Gurcius Gewdner
Cinematography by: De Uzi Uschi
Editing by: Gurcius Gewdner
Music: Disilt, Mandril, Marcel et Son Orchestre, Raptor, GG Allin, Abesta, Langhorns, Southern Culture of the Skids, Les Wriggles, Offal, Life is a Lie, Prnette Coleman, Colorir, The Birds, Wesley Willis, Gene Kelly.
Cast: Ljana Carrion, Coffin Souza, Gurcius Gewdner, Vinnie Bressan, PC, Carli Bortolanza, E Claudio Baiestorf
Year: 2007
Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Color: Color
Runtime: 39min

Studios: Canibal Films
Distributor: Bulhorgia Productions

Arrombada: I Piss in Your Grave is some off the wall craziness and nastiness from Brazil by prolific exploitation director Petter Baiestorf (Zombio 1 and 2). Arrombada is a wild ride of rape and revenge done Brazilian style, much the same as any other rape revenge film in concept but in actuality it has a strong anti-establishment/political message, and they like to spit it and shit it in your face throughout the movie just in case you don't get it.

This mean little low budget roughie delves into a few genres, including borderline pornography but not crossing that display of meat actually being put into the taco. We see the tacos and they are nice and pink but the taco doesn't get busted up on screen. We also unfortunately see some hairy man sack and ass but if you’re used to pulling your pud to ‘70s porn then you'll get past it. It’s more like extreme soft core style porn as there is even a simulated scene where our knights pull out two swords and go to battle on one not so fair lady but luckily do not cross swords.

The soundtrack to Arrombada is one of the best I've heard on something like this. We get everything from GG Allin to Wesley Willis to grind gore and death metal to fucking Gene Kelly doing Singin’ in the Rain.  Gurcius Gewdener, who has also graced many of Baiestorf’s works as producer, editor and actor, definitely had something to do with the mint soundtrack as he is also the editor on Arrombada. Gewdner has also been creating his own vision as director of Good Morning Carlos, and the upcoming Pazucus movie through his company Bulhorgia Productions.

Arrombada runs for about 40-minutes and makes a strong statement about people in power. Our characters in the film are a politician, a priest and a doctor who have a penchant for raping young girls in a dilapidated shack out in the middle of nowhere. The politician resembles Adolf Hitler in his actions as he gives the hail Hitler salute and even has a Hitler ‘stache. Baiestorf took the sexploitation, rape/revenge genre and mixed it heavily with political overtones and statements. Our group of powerful figures enlist the help of a drug dealer to abduct the girls for them to do their devious deeds on, and in return he is promised a pardon for his criminal activity.

We get some goofy comedy mixed in with all the sexual violence as Gurcius Gewdner's doctor character just wants to jack off all day long with anything he can find, including an axe handle. The priest takes a turn doing what he loves best, sodomizing himself and the fake cum flies all over the place. There is lots of graphic nudity in this and a bit of gore but nothing drastic. It’s more of a grimy and gritty work of pure sleaze which conveys that message about not trusting the well-known figures in society. Many thanks to Petter Baiestorf for sending this unique and rough Brazilian take on underground independent rape/revenge and sexplotation cinema. Go to Canibal Films and check out Arrombada and the other titles Petter has to offer in his vast collection of craziness. You won't be disappointed. 






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