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Augusta Street Ripper, The - Barba Negra Studio Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Sunday, 03 July 2016

A.K.A.: O Estripador da Rua Augusta, Night of the Prey

Directed by: Geisla Fernandes, Felipe M. Guerra
Written by: Geisla Fernandes, Felipe M. Guerra
Produced by: Elise Miyazaki de Siqueira, Geisla Fernandes, Felipe M. Guerra, Eduardo Luderer, Daniela Monteiro
Cinematography by: Vinicius Bock, Eduardo Luderer
Editing by: Felipe M. Guerra
Music by: Angelo Malka
Special Effects: Kapel Furman, Rubens Mello
Cast: Monica Mattos, Henrique Zanoni
Year: 2014
Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese (English subtitles)
Color: Color
Runtime: 20min

Studio: Barba Negra Studio

Written in 2009 under the title Night of the Prey, director Felipe M. Guerra was persuaded by co-director and producer Geisla Fernandes to change the title to The Augusta Street Ripper. This Brazilian sickie quickie plays out as a snuff-style torture movie with plenty of gruesome practical gore effects. The Lovely Monica Mattos who is now retired from the world of pornography (she made over 200 adult films, nothing to sneeze at) was kind enough to grace the screen naked for the billionth time to be molested, tortured and brutally mutilated for the sake of art.

Mattos plays a vampire hooker who lures in men and gulps down their pints of blood. On one of her rendezvous, she meets her own match in a madman known as The Augusta Ripper. The ripper has been lurking the streets hunting, torturing and killing prostitutes. Once he gets his grubby hands on Mattos he realizes she is immortal and derives great satisfaction in the fact that he can torture her for eternity and she will always heal in the end. The killer salivates and drools like a madman as he plunges in his tools of merciless torture for months. Nipples are ripped, we get drillings, barbwire mutilation and much more.

The idea for the movie was derived from an issue of The Preacher comic book series. When the movie began shooting none of the staff were getting paid until $3000 was raised to distribute out among the cast and crew while Mattos and Furman took a cut in pay because they liked the script. Shooting the film was gruelling for star Monica Mattos. She had to endure being chained up and covered in special make-up effects for hours.

The Augusta Street Ripper boasts some great effects work by Kapel Furman and Rubens Mello, as they go heavy on the gore and torture sequences in the movie. The gore is definitely the highlight of the film, besides the nude body of Monica Mattos strewn across the screen. The music and sound of the film almost reminds me of a throwback to Herschel Gordon Lewis Blood Feast and the killers overacting reminds me of Fuad Ramses. The Augusta Street Ripper is an impressive and severely twisted short film that will no doubt satisfy a gorehound's appetite.


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