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Bad Girls Dormitory - Code Red Print E-mail
User Rating: / 5
Written by Jake Wells   
Friday, 18 June 2010
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Directed by: Tim Kincaid
Written by: Tim Kincaid
Special Effects: Matt Vobel
Music by: Man Parrish
Cast: Carey Zuris, Teresa Farley, Natalie O'Connell, Rick Gianasi, Jennifer Delora, Donna Eskra, Frances Raines
Year: 1986
Country: USA
Language: English
Runtime: 95 minutes

Distributer: Code Red DVD

What do you do with girls THIS bad?  Well, lock them up in a large, minimum security dormitory, together, with a small staff of horn-dog guards and plenty of hot, soapy showers, of course!  It's the only accommodation suitable for these BAD girls!  Such other palpable qualities that make for some agreeable 'women in prison' entertainment surely include copious amounts of snarling cat-fights and forced bits of verbal confrontation, sex being thrown around like hot cakes, and of course a little body count to even it all out.  Bad Girls Dormitory may have contained all of these things, but it's done on a much smaller scale in terms of 'sleaze'.

Pretty standard set-up here -- apart from the opener, which first shows a frenzied young girl jumping out of a window with bed sheets tied to her ankles, pulverizing her face against the brick exterior of the building (explanation, anyone?).  It then shifts to several different teenage girls being busted out on the mean streets of New York City.  The first one is looking for work in the adult film business.  Turns out the
mustachioed, rough looking employer with ill-fitting cowboy threads and naturally aggressive demeanor was running a bit of an illegal operation.  One down!  The next two 'bad girls' are caught up in a drug sting with one fleeing Greaser, containing some of the worst 80s fire escape-chase-music I have ever heard.  Now that we have our 6-minute build-up, finally, we arrive at the prison for delinquent girls who are considered too young for prison, but too dangerous for juvenile hall (as the DVD tag-line pretty accurately indicates).

From there on out, just take Bad Girls Dormitory at face value, as hilariously sub-par 'women in prison' exploit-trash-o-crap!  It's not very exciting and drags like a bitch for its majority, but there are some moments that come along to rouse gaiety since the film didn't seem intent on supplying excessive amounts of satisfying sleaze, which may come as either a blessing or a curse, depending on how horny you are when you watch it.  Unfortunately, most of the chicks in this film are quite unattractive.  As a result, their snide character persona's become increasingly irritating to sit through.  Regardless, there is a good amount of T&A, but just not enough to divert one's attention from the ongoing character debacles and off-screen sex.  The strong points (if you want to call them that) would definitely be the numerous fight sequences that occur during the film's "climax" -- or the inevitable riot.  I'd imagine pro-wrestling Polio victims would've done a better job at conveying a semi-realistic 'air-punch'.  At a certain point in one fight scene, I actually thought the DVD was stuck on a loop as the actors repeated a horribly choreographed series of TWO moves!  Stupid as this was, it kept me amused.

So overall, you can't compare this film to other 'women in prison' flicks like Amazon Jail and Women Behind Bars, but it's worth a look for admirers of the genre.  For anyone else, it may be a bit of a struggle to get through.

Bad Girls Dormitory is available on DVD from Code Red and Exploitation Digital.  As far as the video goes, it's a decent 1.85:1 anamorphic presentation. The English Mono audio sounds a bit rough, but it hardly affects the exploitation vibe of the film.  There are not a whole lot of extras on tap here, but Code Red and Shriek Show did a typically excellent job of compiling more than you would ever expect for an obscure title like Bad Girls Dormitory.  Jennifer Delora's interview lends some interesting background into her involvement in the film and how she formulated her acting ability to suit the "bad girl" role.  Some good vintage trailers and a few newer SOV ones are also featured on the disc, which is a nice bonus treat.


 VIDEO: 1 
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 Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 16.9 Anamorphic
 Region: NTSC 1
English Mono

 - Interview with Jennifer Delora
 - Trailers

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