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Black Devil Doll - LCD Entertainment Print E-mail
User Rating: / 24
Written by Chris Mayo   
Friday, 09 October 2009
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Directed by: Jonathan Lewis
Written by: Shawn Lewis, Michell Mayes
Produced by: Shawn Lewis
Cinematography by: John Osteen
Editing by: John Osteen, Jonathan Lewis
Music by: The Giallos Flame
Special Effects: Ed Martinez, Mitch Mayes
Cast: Heather Murphy, Natasha Talonz, Erika Branich, Precious Cox, Martin Boone
Year: 2009
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 72 Minutes

Studio: Lowest Common Denominator Entertainment
Official Website:

He’s a lover!  He’s a killer!  He’s a muthafuckin’ puppet!

Ever wonder what would happen if the sleazeballs behind Rotten Cotton Graphics got their hands on a camera, penned a script and decided to shoot the fucker?  Well you’d get a raunchy, politically incorrect violent exploitation romp into nihilism, all at the hands of a demonic Negro puppet, in Black Devil Doll.  Move over Chucky!

When boredom abounds, Heather (Murphy) an unsuspecting buxom bimbo messes around with a Ouija board and unleashes pure evil.  She manages to summon a recently executed black militant convicted rapist/murderer who is reincarnated and sent into her ventriloquist dummy!  What was once a typical Howdy Doody looking doll turns into a jive talkin’ Black Devil Doll with a hankerin’ for big skanky white asses and a thirst for bloodshed.

Heather swiftly falls for her Afro-American-man-doll, and why not?  He “might be a muthafuckin’ puppet now”, but he’s also “all that and a bowl of Chitlins!”  Their relationship progresses with several hilarious sexcapades, but when the doll grows tired of the same ol’ chick, he forces Heather to bring her friends over so he can get in on the action.  “Every once in a while a dog needs to piss in some other bitch’s yard!” he explains.  She reluctantly obliges and throws a party with her girlfriends.  The only problem is, can the demonic doll merely bang bitches or will his primal murderous urges take over and make him go too far?

Black Devil Doll is a rejuvenation of exploitation.   What a treat it is to see unabashed un-pc dialog and situations run amok onscreen these days.  This flick is jam packed with naked stripper chicks, rape, murder, and some of the most hilarious racial dialog around.  You almost have to watch the film a second time to pick up on all the trash talkin’ that comes from the doll.  Right from the ghetto, er get-go the tone is set, with comedic monologues like Heather asking the doll, “Why do you say the N word so much?”  “Baby, I say nigga over 100 times a day.  It’s the only thing that keeps my teeth white.” the Devil Doll explains.

The film is filled with memorable scenes.  The Black Devil Doll’s ass-eating abilities, a car wash rap video montage, a scene where White-T (Martin Boone) tries to get his girlfriend back from the doll, and even a scene where the doll completely demolishes a bathroom door by spraying his apocalyptic shit on it.  In another sequence, as soon as the girls arrive for their party, they immediately compare each other’s tits.  One manages to throw in an unabashed Rotten Cotton promo while another proclaims her need to take a shit.  Classick stuff.

Black Devil Doll is a treat to behold, and shows what can be accomplished by a handful of sickos with some talent and a vision.  From the dolls design, the cool dreamlike pastel visuals, the awesome score to the amazing intro title sequence, this film delivers the raunchy goodness.

Black Devil Doll has been summoned on DVD by Lowest Common Denominator Entertainment with a 1.85:1 aspect ratio.  For an independent production this film looks amazing.  Definite accolades are deserved by the clarity and vibrancy this transfer holds.  The audio is Dolby Digital 5.1 and is crisp and clear.  Not only is the film kickass, but it also contains a slew of extras.  We start with a ridiculous amount of commentaries.  There’s a commentary with the Black Devil Doll himself, a cast commentary featuring Heather Murphy, Natasha Talonz, Precious Cox, Erica Branich and Martin Boone, and a crew commentary with director Jonathan Lewis, and co-producers/co-writers Shawn Lewis and Michell Mayes.  There’s also a technical commentary with director of photography/editor John Osteen and production designer Michell Mayes and a fan commentary.  The best of the batch are probably the crew and technical commentaries.  You’ll be able to spend hours to find out for yourself.  Next there is an ‘Audience Reaction Track’ recorded at the premiere at The New Beverly in Hollywood, which is similar to what Grindhouse did for their DVD release of Pieces.  A ‘Videos’ section contains a 4-minute clip from the ‘Hollywood Premiere’ with director Jonathan Lewis.  ‘Convention Clip Intro’ is a 1-minute clip featuring the Black Devil Doll.  There’s a 7-minute interview with Jonathan Lewis by Glenn MacNeil titled ‘Netherworld Videozine Interview’.  The chick from Sick Girl also tags along.  Rounding out the supplemental features are three killer animated shorts by the incredibly talented Rich Moyer.  The first is titled ‘Bootleggers’ to show you what the Black Devil Doll does to pirates of independent cinema.  ‘Rated X’ shows the doll murdering the censors followed by the ravaging of a white chick.  The third is ‘KKK’ and showcases President Obama mingling with a white trailer trash clansman.  The culmination of the extras is a general and unrated trailer for Black Devil Doll, Brawling Broads II and production and publicity photo galleries.


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Aspect Ratio:
1.85:1 Anamorphic
English Dolby Digital 5.1

- Black Devil Doll Commentary
- Cast Commentary
- Crew Commentary
- Technical Commentary
- Fan Commentary
- Audience Reaction Track
- Convention Clip Intro
- Netherworld Videozine Interview
- 3 Animated shorts
- Photo Galleries
- Trailers

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Jerry  - Hmm   | |2009-10-17 21:51:27
sounds good, just hope the movie is better than the photo's you have up!
mike   | |2009-11-18 18:54:24
this movie is all hype, I bought it and it sucks, very bad acting, the girls may
have big boobs but only two of them are hot the rest look fugly, dont see this
movie if you must rent or download it first!
if you dont believe me see the
reviews on i wish i saw them before buying this movie!!!
Chris Mayo  - re:     |SAdministrator |2009-11-18 19:53:19
What type of movie were you expecting? Tasteless sleazeball flicks aren't for
everyone. It lived up to my expectations, and turned out to be everything I had
hoped for.
T-DOG   | |2009-12-11 00:01:55
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