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Blood Beach - Kluckin Films Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Monday, 20 March 2017
Review of Blood Beach from Kluckin Films on Severed Cinema

Directed by: Scott Collins, Dwayne King
Written by: Scott Collins, Dwayne King
Produced by: Scott Collins, Dwayne King, Nathan Clements, Christine Giguere
Cinematography by: Dwayne King
Editing by: Dwayne King
Music by: Sugar Creek, Electric Bird Noise, Kill Drag, Neutral Shock, Dead Center, Massacre Of The Umbilical Cord, Rodney Seay
Special Effects by: Christine Giguere, Dustin Ivy, Dwayne King
Cast: Scott Collins, Christine Giguere, Patrick Best, Steven Gallagher Sr., Jimmy Mack, Nathan Clements
Year: 2009
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 45min

Studio: Kluckin Films

No budget filmmakers Scott Collins and Dwayne King have given us their take on the zombie film as if it were brought on by chemical warfare via a toothbrush! Filmed in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, the movie sports some great comedy bits -- some intentional, some not -- and just a great energy which keeps things entertaining. I previously reviewed Collinsí/King's more well-known indie horror roughie Kill Syndrome (review here) which has received hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. Kill Syndrome was like a low rent The Texas Chain Saw Massacre spinoff. Itís not entirely a well put together movie but it did sport some rather nasty and convincing torture and violence and possessed a very grimy feel to it.

Blood Beach is an odd zombie gem because it begins with an introduction by a character dressed in creepy clown makeup named Funny Face. It seems as if the movie premiered at a festival called X-Con in Myrtle Beach. This festival screening explains the Tales from the Crypt like intro because otherwise itís confusing as if the movie is a series or an anthology of tales, which it is not. That being said, I did enjoy the intro because of the delivery and the sarcasm of Funny Face remarking another zombie outbreak as if to say itís been well tread territory. I appreciated the humor in recognizing this.

Co-writer and director Collins stars as a robber who just pulled off a heist but double crossed his business partner of Muslim descent, as we get some obvious hints. Collinsí partner vows revenge, so he decides to get the fuck out of town with the money but not before dropping by his place to pick up his girlfriend. He eventually arrives, Collinsí vengeful partner has already struck by, poisoning his girlfriend's toothpaste, thus turning her into an infected zombie -- I shit you not! Cool concept of the chemical warfare angle but what I can't figure out is the earlier scenes with the bums on the wharf being attacked by zombies. How did the infection spread if only Collinsí girlfriend was infected and isolated to her house? Anyway, despite the lapse in logic, a full blown outbreak occurs and an all-walks-of-life zombie fest ensues.

Blood Beach then becomes a crazy blood splatter zombie survival flick as Collinsí girlfriend's twin sister, named Coil (Christine Giguere) -- who also played the other sister (of course) -- arrives at the house and finds her dead twin. Coil then stumbles through the trailer park, and other seedy areas, and meets up with possible allies who don't normally survive long and pulverizing zombies in a quest for survival. We get lots of low budget splatter makeup, and a plethora of quirky characters who become fodder for the undead. There's some humorous and over dramatic chainsaw gore as Coil wields that chainsaw in the air like she is auditioning for the late Gunnar Hansenís role in the original The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. We get a zombie baby which projectiles from its carriage to attack, and even a Lucha Libre mask wearing wrestler zombie. Some unintentional funny bits try to show a police presence, possibly trying to uphold the law, and stop the zombie outbreak as we get a lone picture of a cop car just stopped in any random street used, or a random shot of a helicopter. They are all great attempts at filmmaking on a shoestring budget and I dig it.

I recommend Blood Beach for a good time. Itís definitely not to be taken seriously but more of a cut loose horror flick with a tongue-in-cheek sensibility. All sorts of craziness goes on with subplots which go nowhere, and don't really mingle with the very thin main story. The music featured in the film is great too. There is lots of punk, new wave, hardcore, metal etcetera. Not to be confused with the 1980 flick where people are swallowed by a creature within the sand. Blood Beach can be found on YouTube under ďBLOOD BEACH by KLUCKIN FILMS.Ē If no budget zombie fare is your bag then you'll definitely get a kick out of Blood Beach.





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