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Blood Feast - 2016 - Gundo Entertainment Print E-mail
User Rating: / 5
Written by Richard Taylor   
Thursday, 29 September 2016

Directed by: Marcel Walz
Written by: Marcel Walz, Philip Lilenschwarz
Produced by: Harald Schmalz, Emsch Schneider
Cinematography by: Roland Freitag
Editing by: Kai E. Bogatzki
Special Effects by: Megan Nicholson, Ryan Nicholson
Music: Klaus Pfreundner
Cast: Robert Rusler, Caroline Williams, Sophie Monk, Sadie Katz, Roland Freitag, Wilfried Capet, Max Evans, Annika Strauss, Lilana Nova, Metisha Schaefer, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Marc Rohnstock
Year: 2016
Country: Germany, USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 30min

Studio: Gundo Entertainment, Matador Film
Official Website:

American cult filmmaker Herschell Gordon Lewis (R.I.P.), made what many deem the very first splatter movie in the sixties titled Blood Feast. Blood Feast was a very campy but extraordinarily twisted and disgusting, albeit, way ahead of its time when it was released. With a thin plot, cheesy effects and over-the-top acting, itís still a marvel to look back at today but remember when it was released at the time this material was top shelf harder than hardcore shit. Years from now when my kids are grown up with kids of their own, they will be watching stuff like A Serbian Film and saying Dad, this shit is so tame!

In the original Blood Feast we have a demented caterer with overly accentuated thick eyebrows (giving the character Red from the Angry Birds movie eyebrow envy) who is preparing an "authentic" Egyptian feast for a young girl who's dumber than a bag of hammers. The caterer's name is Fuad Ramses and his idea of a feast is cutting, carving, ripping and serving up young women on a slab. In this update, director Marcel Walz, has kept the premise somewhat the same but has changed the plot considerably to modernize and make more sense of it, than what was dealt out in the original. Walz still uses elements from the original in which people familiar with various infamous scenes in it can relate to (except the dick cutting scene, shit like that was too fucked for 1963). 

In this "re-telling" Fuad Ramses is a very American man with an Egyptian name (huh?) played by Robert Rusler (Vamp, A Nightmare on Elm Street 2). Rusler has uprooted his family and financially fucked them so his daughter, played by the drool worthy Sophie Monk (Date Movie , Click: The Calendar Girl Killer), can have an above average education in Paris (I wish my parents would have went tits up in bankruptcy to do this for me when I was growing up!).  Monk's character is such an ungrateful little bitch and still manages to chew her parents out for trying to save money in the process. Fuad's wife is played by Stretch herself, the one and only Caroline Williams (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, nuff said).

Fuad and family run Ramsesí American Diner, and as I mentioned before, are in financial disarray, so dear old dad has to work a second job as a night watchmen at a museum. Rusler's character is tired as fuck, juggling both jobs but a simple slip up of losing his pills down the sink drain starts to have him seeing the ancient goddess of Ishtar (Yep, I'm not fucking kidding). Rusler's wife, played by Williams, makes it seem urgent, that he desperately needs to take his medicine and Rusler insists he will get more. Instead of doing so he goes to the library to start reading about ancient sadistic and cannibalistic Gods. Soon Fuad lets all the mythical mumbo jumbo consume him and goes full on retard slipping deeper and deeper into an abyss of psychotic behavior.

This update of Blood Feast is a great attempt at bringing such a seminal classic in bad taste filmmaking back to life. Walz has upped the ante here with everything -- a beautiful European location, a pristine shot film with breath-taking cinematography (done by Roland Freitag, who also plays a role as a police officer in the movie) and scenery, wonderful aerial shots and using the famous Eiffel Tower in scenes. The production is top-notch all the way, and even the story is a huge improvement over the originals almost non-existent story.

Where Blood Feast is flawed is beyond all the technical wizardry. I can be enthralled in a movie made for $10,000 Canadian (what's that like $20,000 U.S.?) or less, if it has the chops and guts to break through the boundaries of its budget. Walz's Blood Feast is still fairly silly in content -- the moral of the movie would be to take your fucking pills or youíre going to go out and hallucinate and brutally kill a group of your daughterís friends. Itís silly that Fuad happens to be engulfed mentally by an "Egyptian" exhibit and happens to be working in a museum of ancient Egyptian history and his name coincidentally happens to be Egyptian?! I'd hate to see what kind of murderous visions he would have if he worked in a store selling dildos, maybe of the Egyptian variety?

Everybody in this movie is strangely good looking too. Even the fucking bums, including the young homeless guy Ramsesí beats the living shit out of for wanting something to eat in his place and later brutally whips and castrates (one of the most cringe worthy scenes in the movie). The make-up effects by fellow Canadian effects guru Ryan Nicholson and wifey Megan Nicholson are outstanding, especially that castration scene. That last little fragment of skin pulling away as the serrated edged knife saws through the member (fuck Ramses, youíre a professional cook, you could have at least used a sensible fucking knife!).

We get a bunch of great little effects here, including that infamous tongue extraction scene which was in the original (I believe H. G. Lewis said he used a cows tongue), an ass filleting scene on the beautiful (once again, lots of beautiful looking people in this) Metisha Schaefer who must be the stunning Micaela Schaefer's sister because they look very similar and Micaela has been in a couple of Walz's other films. The gore is just not as plentiful. Itís more subdued than I had hoped. What is done is outstanding and very well crafted. Kudos to the Nicholson clan.

A movie that has such an intro literally stating how itís so shocking and violent and anyone with a heart condition (blah blah blah) shouldn't watch it, needs to fucking deliver on such promises. My second question is, why the fuck would any of these people watch this? Only hardcore horror fans are going to seek this film out. My final gripe is, despite all the bells and whistles that this updated Blood Feast has, it is still a fairly dull and slow moving, by-the-numbers affair, with some shocking effects added in throughout to keep the ball rolling. The ending also left me hanging. The conclusion was a great twisted idea but the ending seemed vague and unfinished.

All criticisms aside, Walz has made a decent attempt at bringing us a new Blood Feast movie (he even included that pounding drum sequence noticeable in the original movies music), and that alone is a big feat and I commend him for doing it. Walz himself has a cameo in a library and Herschell Gordon Lewis even appears on a computer screen, as an expert in ancient Egyptian historian, and Marc Rohnstock (director of Necronos and The Curse of Dr. Wolffenstein) also makes a cameo as a waiter.






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