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Bloodporn - Sado Messiah Productions Print E-mail
User Rating: / 5
Written by Chris Mayo   
Sunday, 01 April 2018
Review of Bloodporn from Sado Messiah Productions on Severed Cinema

Directed by: Sander Cage
Cast: The Bunny, The Pig
Year: 2018
Color: Color
Language: N/A
Country: Germany
Runtime: 40min

Distribution: Sado Messiah Productions

Germany based Sado Messiah Productions have a motto: “We make porn great again.” Granted, this motto isn’t geared towards the typical vanilla viewer, but rather, a spectator looking for something… more. Sado Messiah, helmed by director Sander Cage, pride themselves in creating the best in BDSM, and dark fetishist material, merged with horror and gore. With such titles as The Meaning of Life, Rape Love, and currently Bloodporn, the viewer can ascertain what type of experience they are in for with the title alone – a gloomy, torturous, pornographic romp, filled with prurient behavior and imagery.

Bloodporn commences with a couple sitting at a table in a dark dingy room. Our masculine figure wears a pig mask ala Nutbag, whilst our vixen is adorned in a bunny mask. The duo snort back a couple lines, and take a shot of clear alcohol – whilst our bunny fingers her butthole with anticipation. Next, the two spend a moment drawing cards from a deck. The bunny gets her card selections and the festivities begin with her stretched out on all fours. The pig spanks her with a whip, leaving blood lashes behind. The ensuing scene then has the pig receiving his cards. The next thing you know we are engaged in golden shower play. The filth continues, building up each sexual act of degradation, until the ultimate climax…

In its short 40-minute runtime,
Bloodporn manages to cram in as much smut as possible. There is gross-out peanut-buttery anal sex, ass-to-mouth grossness, stomach bile-drenched blowjobs, the aforementioned piss play, and then we get into torture territory. Genitals are mutilated and blood is spilled.

A flick such as this doesn’t need much explanation, nor thoughtfulness from the viewer. However, I couldn’t help but wonder the back-story to the goings-on. Was the duo forced into these salacious acts of debauchery? Or was this their ultimate final fantasy? During the movie, when our characters are selecting cards, we can see footage which appears that they are being watched via a shoddy security camera. That left me pondering that question as to if this was a twisted sexual game forced upon them from a third party.

This writer’s futile questions aside, Bloodporn has enough interesting dark imagery and twisted acts of sexual violence, to satisfy viewers of decadent pornography peppered with horror. It has some kink that will be erotic to viewers with more unwholesome tastes, but for this viewer it was mainly a downward spiral into sexual deviance, with little eroticism. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 
Bloodporn is a great combination of horror and porn. To enhance the activities on screen, there is also an great score which enhances the dark tone, making the acts depicted all the more visceral. Its swift runtime will keep you attention deficient perverts engaged right up until the conclusion -- going out with a bang!

Bloodporn Trailer



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