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The Butcher - LeglessCorpse Films Print E-mail
User Rating: / 2
Written by Richard Taylor   
Thursday, 23 June 2016

Directed by: Emir Skalonja
Written by: Emir Skalonja, Richard Thrift
Produced by: Richard Thrift, David Chopping, Terry Kimmel,Patty Rhoads, Sean Patrick Saramark, Emir Skalonja, Christine Hargis Smith, Gail Urtel
Cinematography by: Emir Skalonja
Editing by: Emir Skalonja
Special Effects: Sean Patrick Saramark
Music by: Joshua McDonald, Blood Feud
Cast: Sean Patrick Saramark, Meghan Saramark, Kay Baun, Elizabeth Becker, Sam Jindra, Joshua
Mcdonald, Devon Metzger, Nicole Skalongja, Bill Smith, Richard Thrift
Year: 2016
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 15min

Studio: LeglessCorpse Films, Extreme Horror Cinema

The Butcher is the indie exploits of a deranged killer who likes to kidnap women and keep them chained in his personal dilapidated torture house. This one has a lot of rough scenes and all of the violence is inflicted upon women. The killer wears this very cool mask made by Josh Ibach, which looks leatherface-esque with a decaying flesh appearance. It’s very effective and a nice creepy touch in giving the killer a menacing look.  The effects are done well and I will probably never look at a cheese grater the same way again, especially when a poor girl gets her tit literally grated off in this. I was told the boob prosthetic for that scene was made out of latex and dough! The effects were done by the actor playing The Butcher, Sean Patrick Saramark who is also a producer.

Everything in the movie was done from scratch, including all the effects. When you think about it, considering The Butcher was made for a whopping $260 (no, not kidding) I think the movie turned out quite spectacular. Saramark plays a convincing role as The Butcher. A little more insight into his character would have been great but we get to hear a few things about what makes him tick while out of costume. Saramark's sister, Meghan, plays the lead female role -- the strong lead character who challenges The Butcher and shows him she is not afraid like the others. Director Emir Skalonja's wife, Nicole, plays one of The Butcher’s victims. The movie was made by a small but close-knit group of people who were dedicated enough to see it through.

The Butcher was filmed in HD and the songs by Blood Feud really add to the atmosphere and subject matter in it, especially during the intro. The plot is simple and straight forward. The Butcher is more about the grotesque tasks the killer takes out upon his victims. It’s evident to say it has torture porn elements and the killer obviously gets off on killing the women. The killer also seems to have an oral fixation as everything he cuts or penetrates the women’s flesh with goes in his mouth. I love how the guy can be carving up a woman in one scene and then nonchalantly chat with his buddies on his cell phone about going out in the next.

The plot has Lori (Meghan Saramark) as a widow trying to get back into the dating scene by joining an online dating service. Obviously her luck is complete and utter shit because the first guy she dates turns out to be a woman-hating serial killer! The Butcher is not reinventing the genre but I believe it has some moments that will satisfy underground movie hounds and keep them interested. Purchase The Butcher from LeglessCorpse Films and support indie horror!






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