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Cannibal Claus - Gatorblade Films - The Sleaze Box Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Wednesday, 07 December 2016
Review of Cannibal Clause on Severed Cinema

Directed by: Sean Donohue
Written by: Sean Donohue
Produced by: Chris Woods, Sean Donohue
Cinematography by: Chris Woods
Editing by: Chris Woods
Special Effects by: Picardo Limbo
Music by: Toshiyuki Hiraoka, Joe Becker
Cast: Bob Glazier, Alberto Giovannelli, Mady Giovannelli, Lucio Giovannelli, Slake Counts, Ashley Lynn Caputo, Paula Tsurara, Gia Love, Cayt Feinics, Amanda Welch, Racheal Shaw
Year: 2016
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 6min

Studio: The Sleazebox, Gatorblade Films

The sleaze has landed for Christmas! Cannibal Claus is the perfect stocking stuffer to go along with that new vibrator and set of lightly used anal beads. Sleaze masters Chris Woods and Sean Donohue of The Sleazebox and Gatorblade Films have gloriously struck again to penetrate and violate the sacred holiday of Christmas, and the childhood icon of Santa Claus thanks to Geriatric Love-Machine Bob Glazier. Glazier does the best deliciously perverted Santa Claus to pollute the screen. With his trusty candy cane, and naughty/nice list, Glazier gropes, stabs and gnaws his way through his list of naughty and nubile inked up nymphs.

Like past Sleazebox/Gatorblade entries, we have a lot of the same group of cast members -- I guess they could be considered a dysfunctional family. Ashley Lynn Caputo is disrobing again (no complaints here) to try on some lingerie for her hubby, but takes a break from arousing him to finish decorating the tree. When Caputo goes to hang an ornament on the tree, Glazier’s erection is ready, and she unknowingly hangs it on his schlong. Glazier has hilarious lines in this throughout.
Cannibal Claus is a short running, shoved down your throat good time. Clocking in at 66-minutes, it feels as if some of the footage and scenes drag on just to get a longer running time. I love watching Cayt Feinics getting spanked over and over, but the scene stays in that one place for far too long, as does a sequence of Glazier barbecuing a chunk of one of his victims (which actually looks like a bone in ham or pork roast).

Cannibal Claus is an entertaining good time all around and it gets one stiff boner up from me. Great to see Paula Tsurara’s breasts being used as "The Rockies" as lines of cocaine are railed off of them. A big shout out to Rachael Shaw for that pole dance sequence -- she literally steams up the screen while bearing every nook and cranny on her body, as Glazier looks on in his glee. He even gets a lap dance, the lucky bastard. Glazier must be having the time of his life. The guy is around a pussy farm all the time. In one sequence, Cannibal Claus even gets his candy cane wet by penetrating a freshly dead gash. The music in this reminds me of Silent Night, Deadly Night in some scenes, and Pieces in others, courtesy of Toshiyuki Hiraoka, and that appropriate and catchy tune at the end by Joe Becker. James Bell and Marcus Koch even add in some gore-set-pieces for good measure in this.

Cannibal Claus tells the story of Nick Kringle, who has just lost his job as a Santa Claus at a store. Kringle goes home, but instead of feeling down, he devises a list of naughty people and paints the town red. We get a glimpse into Kringle’s family life, where at an early age he was forced to eat his baby sister. Filled to the brim with explicit nudity, low brow violence and great one liners, Cannibal Claus is worth checking out. If you’re familiar with earlier films like Death-Scort Service and Choas A.D. then you need this one. Visit and to order some prime sleaze, and give in to the seedy side of yourself. You know you wanna, and remember "You’re only as good as you taste."





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