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Cannibal Terror - Severin Films Print E-mail
User Rating: / 25
Written by Chris Mayo   
Monday, 20 October 2008

AKA: Terreur cannibale, Terror caníbal, Tromos ton kannivalon, O.

Directed by: Alain Deruelle (as Allan W. Steve)
Written by: H.L. Rostaine, Julio Pérez Tabernero
Produced by: Daniel Lesoeur
Cinematography by: Emilio Foriscot
Editing by: Roland Grillon
Music by: Jean-Jacques Lemètre
Cast: Silvia Solar, Gérard Lemaire, Pamela Stanford, Olivier Mathot
Year: 1981
Country: Spain, France
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 89 minutes

Video: NTSC R1
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 Anamorphic
Audio: Dolby Surround
Severin Films

Officially classified as one of the UK’s video nasties, Cannibal Terror is an obvious cash-in on the popular Cannibal subgenre that exploded from Italy in the eighties.  Eurociné -- the company responsible for such Spanish/French co-productions as Zombie Lake -- were quick to hop on the anthropophagical bandwagon with their take on the Cannibal film.

The plot involves a trio of down and out crooks (two guys and their female companion) who concoct a plan to swipe the young daughter of a wealthy businessman and hold her for ransom.  Once accomplished, the kidnappers make their way across the border with the little girl to bide their time at a couple’s house deep in the Amazon.  Once word gets back to the child’s parents they make haste for a jungle rescue and as the title suggests, Cannibal Terror ensues.  What comes next for the kidnappers is a situation far worse than any previously futile criminal activity.

From this description of the storyline one might have high hopes for such a film, but Cannibal Terror is completely different than any of the acclaimed entries the genre has to offer.  This is not a Cannibal Holocaust, a Cannibal Ferox or even a Mangiati Vivi!  Cannibal Terror is to the cannibal film as Zombie Lake is to the zombie film.  Maybe this was what Eurociné was actually after.  Fans of the previously mentioned Zombie Lake rejoice.  The movie’s highlights are actually its ineptitudes (be warned there are many).

The backdrop for the latter part of the film which houses the cannibal tribe is set in the Amazon jungle, but appears to be shot in the woods.  The scattered jungle stock footage and the constant looped track of jungle animal noises is not a selling point; it’s still a forest.  The cannibal tribe camping in the woods can be found sporting muttonchops, mini-afros and other 70’s hairdos.  Many of which appear to be well nourished white guys rather than aboriginal people.  A lot of the tribe members even wear running shoes and one of them can be found wearing a wedding ring.  Whenever the camera shoots these extras-turned-cannibals they can be found looking at one another for direction as to what to do next.  Other times they’re seen laughing or trying to keep a straight face (probably due to their ridiculous multicolored face paint).  For the most part the cannibals even get the traditional gut munching wrong since they mainly tear open chest cavities and massage the innards.  Their tribal ritual of hopping on the spot is a hilarious sight to behold.

The entirety of Cannibal Terror has an absence of logic which helps aid in its incompetence whilst adding to its charm.  A woman is tied to a tree and raped, but the man has his pants on and the woman’s hand isn’t bound, enabling her to punch his head in if she so chooses.  She does not.  Later she can be found dancing-it-up as if the rape had not occurred.  A car overheats in need of water, but works when the script requires.  Many of the tribal sequences are recycled much like a Telletubbies episode for slow adults with a penchant for cannibalism.  Hell, even the little girls voice is dubbed by a grown woman Giovanni Frezza style!

Cannibal Terror isn’t for everyone.  Serious cannibal fans need not apply.  The film does however contain a few squishy sequences and a pair of boobies for good measure.  If you’re a sucker for cannibalism, and enjoy the inadequacies of Eurociné then pick this up.  It’s a fun, ham-fisted experience in cannibal decadence.

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- Spicy Deleted Scene
- Theatrical Trailer
- Easter Egg

Severin Films delivers this cannibalistic stinker to DVD for the first time in North America. It was previously released in the UK by Screen Entertainment. This Severin Films release contains a “spicy” deleted scene with actress Pamela Stanford dancing topless in her underwear. A hidden highlight is an easter egg found on the main menu which gives the viewer a 5-minute English language interview with director Jess Franco. While Franco is hard to decipher due to his thick accent, he talks about shooting Zombie Lake as well as how Cannibal Terror was shot alongside Franco’s film Cannibals. In doing so director Alain Deruelle uses many of the cannibal scenes found in Franco’s film for Cannibal Terror. There is also an English language trailer for the film.


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Adam Leon Templeton  - CANNIBAL TERRIBLE   | |2008-10-22 02:06:13
Cool, review buddy. I got this DVD and rewatched it after only seeing a foreign
language version, didn't really make it any better. Not one of my favorite euro
sleaze flicks and I usually enjoy any piece of garbage, ya know??
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