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Carnage Collection, The - Point and Shoot Films Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Saturday, 20 August 2016


Directed by: Bob Ferreira, Derek Ferreira, Kimball Rowell
Written by: Bob Ferreira, Derek Ferreira
Produced by: Eric Adams, Jennifer Colangelo, Shari Marie Dudek, Eric Fornash, Ryan Musick, Mark Stalker, Bob Ferreira, Tom Ferreira, Dan Ellis, Reuben Claridge
Cinematography by: Bob Ferreira, Derek Ferreira
Editing by: Bob Ferreira
Special Effects by: Tiera Colette, Felisia Grimm
Cast: Bob Ferreira, Derek Ferreira, Tiera Colette, Felisia Grimm, Kimball Rowell, Desiree Lynn Hersom
Year: 2015
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 25min

Studio: Point & Shoot Films

The Carnage Collection is a low budget underground shorts collection compiled and organized by Bob Ferreira and crew. Think of it as the undergroundís answer to Tales from the Darkside, Tales from the Crypt or Creepshow. We have a lot of horror scene/movie group discussion folks pitching in on this one, such as Thomas Townsend, Ryan Musick, Reuben Claridge, Dan Ellis, Alberto Giovanelli as well as Canuck horror guru Ryan Nicholson lending his suggestions and direction on the make-up effects (sequences between the shorts also flash parts from Nicholson's movie Gutterballs).

There is a bunch of stuff that makes up The Carnage Collection. Short films ranging from funny, horrifying, druggie type material, slasher and just plain old twisted shit in general. Tales of killer clowns, murderous mannequin Santas, drug experiences gone bad, dark angels, psychotic boyfriends and one girl whose obsession with stuffed toys overrides reality and sets her on a path to perverse murder.

Some of the shorts work and others not so much, but overall the collection is an enjoyable ride. The wrap around story for the collection has a guy accepting a suspicious free TV package offer late at night from a salesman and all of the shorts are his viewing. The killer Santa segment is so bad itís good with Santa spewing out some lines like "suck my fucking jingle balls," before he stabs a victim. The Santa segment is very cheesy looking but tongue in cheek, plus someone getting bludgeoned to death by a wrapped up present until their head resembles a strawberry short cake trifle, is bound to entertain.

Another short has a guy scoring some crazy LSD and going through the mind-altering experience which you think would deter him from doing it again but no, he wakes up and says "I gotta get me some more of that shit!" Then we have a poor sap whose love life has eluded him, so he decides to passionately fuck his VCR. Then we get a clown who comes to life from a girls sketches and goes on a killing spree. The clown actually looks very fucking creepy. Kudos to the make-up and costume design on it. There is one short about a guy who is constantly being saved by what he believes to be his guardian angel, but to his dismay, all is not what it seems. One short has a couple guys looking to score some killer weed and find it from a creepy figure in a cemetery. They fuck themselves up immensely as one of them exclaims to the other before sparking up "Are you ready to go to fucking Venus?" Then we get a woman tortured by a masked man until she fights back.

The longest running short at the end features a woman whose lonely life revolves around talking to her stuffed toys. She finally snaps one day and develops a different relationship from the others with a stuffed sloth toy who goes by the name of Rufio. Rufio starts telling her to kill and before long she abducts a girl and some messed up shit occurs, including a bizarre and graphic doll penetration sequence. This last short goes on for far too long. I found myself drifting in and out of this one. It would have been far more effective if shortened like the rest and it would have packed the fucking KO punch because itís actually the most creative and entertaining of the bunch.

The effects work is very low budget but effective. They worked well with what they had. The performances from the cast range from ad lib (as it even states the actors were encouraged to improvise during shooting) to decent, to reading off of cue cards type of emotion. This one definitely has some balls and chops, so it defies its budget. The Carnage Collection is like a bunch of fans came together to make an anthology for fans by fans. Thanks to Bob Ferreira for letting me check this out. Visit Point & Shoot Films on Facebook.





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