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Casting of Death - Botchco Films Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Thursday, 30 June 2016

A.K.A.: Cas Des Todes

Directed by: Ezra Tsegaye
Written by: Nathalie Riesch, Ezra Tsegaye
Produced by: Sebastian Wolf, Ezra Tsegaye, Nathalie Riesch
Cinematography by: Ezra Tsegaye
Editing by: Ezra Tsegaye
Music by: Sammy Richter
Special Effects: Mandy Sosman, Nathalie Riesch
Cast: Marc Philipps, Alexander Altomirianos, Stefan Dittrich, Micaela Schafer, Vanessa Schann, Gregor Marvel Madelone Seela
Year: 2015
Country: Germany
Language: German (English subtitles)
Color: Color
Runtime: 17min

Studio: Botchco Films

Casting of Death is a cool and collected short from Germany that boasts some great editing, fast pacing and is shot crystal clear. Director Ezra Tsegaye has pieced together 17 minutes of entertaining social commentary and thoughtful satire. What is behind the human psyche? According to Casting of Death humans are deep down horrible pieces of shit when stripped down to their primitive elements. The film gives the viewer the idea or perspective what is really going through a personís mind and what they are thinking of doing in a situation as contrasting to what they are actually doing.

In Casting of Death a video camera, which was used in military experiments known as The Storsco, has been recalled, but a number of them have not been found and remain somewhere in the marketplace for purchase. A cameraman named Stefan (Marc Philipss) is preparing to shoot an erotic cocktail video with his sleazy counterpart Ben (Alexander Altomirianos). Stefan shows Ben the new camera he bought and Ben is a dick to Stefan and threatens to kill him if the video is not shot well and properly because he insists it is very important. Stefan claims the camera is very good and more than capable of shooting the footage.  The men are interrupted by their auditioning actress named Anna (the delectable Micaela Schafer who also starred in La Petite Mort 2: Nasty Tapes) who starts her topless erotic cocktail demonstration. Everything is going smooth until Stefan glances over at the footage he sees being transferred to his laptop as opposed to what he views being shoot through the actual camera lens. Then some nasty surprises occur. 

Casting of Death wields some nice quick and juicy gore makeup effects. Itís a very well put together idea for the story and capable actors. We get the back story of the camera, lots of in between quick cut sequences and Michaela Schafer spends most of her performance topless, so no complaints there.  The visuals are stunning and very polished, even when trying to look rough. The social commentary of the movie is high, the camera can see through human lies and portrays the acts they are actually thinking of committing and we get a bunch of these scenes at the climax. Stefan knows something is up with the camera and brings it outside only to discover more lie detection in human behavior. 

Casting of Death is a great short. Iím not sure if it could be fleshed (pardon the pun) out more to be made into a full length movie but the idea is certainly fresh and original. Between the trippy visuals, nudity, makeup effects and satire you get one complete package wrapped up into an entertaining 17 minutes.



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