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Written by Jay Creepy   
Tuesday, 25 July 2017
Severed Cinema review of Coming Home from Rogue Chimera Films

AKA: The Family Way: Coming Home

Directed by: Shiva Rodriguez
Written by: D. Duckie Rodriguez, Shiva Rodriguez
Produced by: Lowrie Fawley, D Duckie Rodriguez
Cinematography by: Scott Sullivan
Editing by: Devin Payne
Special Effects by: Nicole Sweeney, Shiva Rodriguez, Jade Weber
Music by: Justin Katz
Cast: Nicholas Trivisonno, D Duckie Rodriguez, Alyson Ryskamp, Kinsey Krutzler, Blayze Hippensteel.
Year: 2017
Color: Color
Language: English
Country: USA
Runtime: 16 min

Studio: Rogue Chimera Films

Creepy, eerie Emo and Goth kids in movies; aren't they the cutest? Well, perhaps not. They're usually written in as suicidal, or troubled, or bullied, or murderers. I'd like to see a film one day where an Emo or a Goth is just part of a cast without any of these traits. He or she simply is there. You know how in the film, 30 Days of Night, the central character was asthmatic. No reason for it. No, his inhaler didn't hurt vampires! He was just asthmatic.

In this short film, Coming Home -- which is a prologue to an upcoming feature -- I suppose the theme could have ridden along with any kid from any movement or teen genre. However, it's an Emo/Goth kid, who's rather violent.

Case in point, we open proceedings with a young apple pie teen girl in the woods laid down with her panties around her ankles. She begs to be let go. “I won't tell anyone, I swear!” Why do victims in movies say this? Why would their attacker have a change of heart all of a sudden and let them romp away trusting the person to keep their word?

“You weren't that good.” says the assailant, out of view as she is turned over to face him. She tries another tactic, attempting to seduce him, rather than be hurt again. Desperation warrants desperate words. I wonder what he would have done had she pretended to go into convulsions and pissed and shit herself. Hmm, we'll never know. Kathy has been tied up because it's a revenge trip. He's been 'pounded on' by her brother so many times. She sobs, “It didn't mean anything!” Yeah, a real clever thing to say to Crawford, a guy who's been smacked around way too many times. “This doesn't mean anything either.” he lowers his knife to her face. He orders her to beg him some more.

“You don't want to do this!” He leers at this. “Oh, yeah, Kathy, what do I want?” She touches his crotch. He makes her beg him to stick it in her. In the end it does her no good, he chokes her and carves her up.

We meet a family (whose mother figure simply cannot act) and their obsession is the study of killers of all kinds. They are checking over prints and, since it is based in 2003, the Father mentions a “magic box” which is a computer. “Everyone's gonna own one.” says his wife, “Get with the times, old man.” Nice. Like it.

The case they are discussing is one of The Blood Artist Killer, probably a lad who was beaten many times by the muscular high school fat head. The Jock is a foul mouthed waste of air. We see him climbing into his car where he finds what is left of his sister on the back seat. He was arrested for the death.

As the family’s prodigal son, Jeffrey, explains to his proud as punch Dad, the real killer isn't too smart. He runs through the problems. We witness a young very sassy girl, Sarah, who apart from needing a damn good spanking, is waiting to be collected in a park after hours. After sassing on a phone, Crawford chances upon her and she bitch-fits him a while, then agrees to go with him in case The Blood Artist gets her. As Crawford tells her, the older sister is rather busy with her boyfriend, so who knows how long she'll be alone in the dark.

After pleading within for this kid to die, the scene is actually rather powerful. He throws her against a wall. “Seriously?” she sasses him when she sees his knife. She punches him! Good on her. His blade slices and she is silently stunned, seeing blood on her hands from a gaping wound on her face. Her look of surprise and shock then peering at him is very well done, accompanied by a deep throbbing soundtrack. Afterwards he paints using her crimson body paint. Of course, Crawford has no idea that the family are unravelling who he is and are quite obsessed with him.

The cast do their jobs, some worse than others. Crawford is portrayed as unlikeable because he's a killer, but his reasons are only briefed over, which I suppose is due to the short running time. The way he's written may get a few more High School kids beaten because they dare to be different to the cattle. If that was the motive, well done. Nicholas Trivisonno grins like a vile youngster who relishes his tasks. He's still a newbie in the scene but, given meaty roles, I reckon he could hammer some good hours out. It surprised me that Kinsley Krutzler who played little Sarah, has a huge CV for a kid her age. Mainly extras and such, but her face will get noticed one day. On the other side of the female scale in this, Alyson Ryskamp as the ill-fated Kathy, has only just started out really and she's very skilled at playing her part, as small as it is. I suppose, all in all, Mr. Duckie is the shiner in the film. Tense and hiding so much inside of him. As he speaks to Crawford at the end, it oozes menace.

All things considered, for the fact this is a prelude short, it would be nice to have it re-filmed one day, fleshed out and made brutally to stun people, because, full upwards thumbs in a line to Shiva Rodriguez. She is fluid at capturing emotions on film. What I mean is, it's the cutaways, the suggestion and aftermath. It's the angles, the expressions, and the really doom laden build up to the conclusion. She's bloody good at what she does. Also, to pad her out, she's a time served special effects artist, and has done bits of acting (including a part in Severed Cinema fave, American Guinea Pig: Bloodstock).

Coming Home reminded me a bit of Mike Mendez's 1996 debut, Killers. The family have that feel to them, as does the dark direction. Coming Home, and the upcoming Family Ways, is based in the tradition of an 1800's case where every family member is a killer with a function.

The choice of locations are interesting. Small towns are quite overused in American horror films, however, this one is damp, and it’s as if you can smell the moistness on the ground.

I'm always thrilled when I receive a link to a flick in my emails from someone who wants my honest review. When I watch something I look deep beyond the images and the sound. Sometimes I can come over a bit grumpy with a review. Such as now. Yes, my only grime is the script to a point, but, as I mentioned, how much can you cram into a quarter of an hour without totally botching everything? Still, a kid who isn't a Goth would have been far more effective. Less of the stereotypes!





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