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Computer Hearts Director's Cut - Cybercraft Video Productions Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Wednesday, 08 February 2017
Severed Cinema review of Computer hearts Director's Cut from Cybercraft Video Productions

Directed by: Turner Stewart
Written by: Turner Stewart
Produced by: Turner Stewart
Cinematography by: Turner Stewart, Julian Figueroa, Jessica Lo
Editing by: Turner Stewart, Max Field
Music by: Graham Trudeau
Special Effects: Michelle Grady
Cast: Turner Stewart, Alix Miller (as Alexandra Rose Miller), Dionne Copland
Year: 2015
Country: Canada
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 38min

Studio: Hentai Cop Films
Distributor: Cybercraft Video Productions

The definitive director’s cut of this bizarre indie cult Canadian film, shot entirely in an apartment and boasting a great pathetic performance by director/star Turner Stewart, plus some insane makeup effects. Computer Hearts is an awesome throwback to fellow Canadian David Cronenberg's classic opus Videodrome. Imagine Cronenberg as a beginning young film student with a shoe string budget, a great idea and people willing to pull the idea off. Computer Hearts is definitely what you would get.

A social commentary which looks at people's modern idea of relationships and love where in today’s computer age they now go looking for artificial intelligence love when they are shunned in real life. If you haven't checked out Computer Hearts before, the director’s cut is the version you want as it contains more material and it’s completely re-cut to pack more punch and better pacing for the viewer. It melds some witty satire and explores the whole virtual reality girlfriend aspect. The world has taken a turn towards virtual reality sex, real life sex dolls and more. If you can't find a female companion today you can at least buy one or buy the experience.

Computer Hearts follows the story of Albert (Turner Stewart) and his fiancé Vanessa (Alix Miller), whose relationship has already seemed to have taken a stagnant turn. It seems as if Vanessa is not giving up the pussy, and fulfilling Albert’s needs so he turns to a computer girlfriend instead. Albert always seems to be experiencing a tough time working from home with his accountant job, and can't focus, especially when his relationship with his virtual girlfriend aptly named Vanessa 2 (voiced by co-director Dionne Copland) seems to be dominating his life. "Albert-Kun" as Vanessa 2 calls him assures his virtual muse that he only has eyes for her, and strangely enough Vanessa 2 seems to be developing a jealous digital mind of her own. One of my favourite scenes in the movie has Albert and Vanessa sitting down at the dinner table as Albert blurs out Vanessa's rant about her work day all the while his computer sits in the background with a sign on it saying "This is not a computer."

Things get strained to the breaking point for Albert and Vanessa as Vanessa 2 completely takes over Albert’s love life. The conclusion to this is quite awesome as Albert sets up his love boudoir for sexual computer gratification in his apartment, lining the floor and walls with plastic. Albert-kun becomes completely mentally and physically consumed by the technology, and morphs into a grotesque monster of twisted wires and tattered skin. The movie weaves some rather disturbing visual imagery and crazy practical effects. We get an ejected DVD-ROM computer tray coated in digital lube, a tantalizing lip stick covered mouth on the screen commanding Albert to give her flesh, and a prosthetic hard drive pussy which is oozing to be penetrated and filled with meat.

Support Canadian indie/horror cinema and pick up Computer Hearts at Cybercraft Video Productions. Check out their other material, such as Inferno which is a cool short reviewed on here and check out their upcoming film Cyberpunkzz.





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