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Confessions of a Homicidal Prostitute - Foxtrot Productions Print E-mail
User Rating: / 2
Written by Richard Taylor   
Tuesday, 07 March 2017
Review of Confessions of a Homicidal Prostitute from Foxtrot Productions on Severed Cinema

Directed by: Emir Skalonja
Written by: Emir Skalonja
Produced by: Emir Skalonja, Sean Patrick Saramak
Editing by: Emir Skalonja
Special Effects by: Sean Patrick Saramak
Music by: Paragon Belial, Jason Paul Bouton, Luciferian Insectus
Cast: Kay Baun, Michael Balch, Adam Litton, Kara Robbins, Krystal Shenk
Year: 2017
Color: Color
Language: English
Country: USA
Runtime: 1hr 13mins

Studio: Foxtrot Productions
Distributor: Underground Gorellector Films

I tip my hat to director Emir Skalonja for sticking to his guns and pumping out a plethora of extremely low budget productions with much energy, conviction and vigor. Made for an estimated $760, I mean fuck, my cheap ass Canadian Tire snow blower I bought was over $800 and Skalonja is out making indie horror/gore for less -- that is impressive shit in my books. Skalonja and partner/producer/effects man Sean Patrick Saramak have collaborated and made a number of films including The Butcher, Flesh of My Flesh and The Plague.

The Plague was an amazing idea and explored some dark history in reality about a covered up toxic waste dump. Unfortunately for me the movie didn't deliver what the great premise and set up had in mind but a lot had to do with budgetary restraints. Fortunately with Confessions of a Homicidal Prostitute Skalonja has taken a much darker gorier route entering into the world of snuff style torture. The material is nothing overly original but the female lead Kay Baun carries the movie quite effectively and plays the nice girl role until she starts sucking on men's eviscerated entrails.

We get the story of Lilith (played by Baun) who is being interviewed about her life as a prostitute by an unidentified man played by Adam Litton. Lilith just seems like an unlikely candidate for prostitution for me as she is a little too cutesy poo, someone I could see as a hipster wearing a cute beanie in a hipster coffee shop somewhere. Lilith's Pimp, played nice and grimy by Michael Balch, drives the young hooker to her breaking point with his abusive pimp-like behavior. Lilith begins a full on assault, brutally mutilating her clients with any tool she happens to find, be it drill, blowtorch or circular saw blade. I liked the effects in this, they are low budget and dirty but effective. They work very well whether it be a drill burrowing in a man’s appendage or a severed penis, it’s done fairly well and in a nasty fashion, plus I love the tagline for this movie “She is about to go down on you, as deep as the drill goes.” -- tou-fucking-ché!

I notice director Skalonja is a big fan of Cradle of Filth and uses a quote at the beginning of the movie, plus his lead is named after the song Lilith Immaculate by the band. The movie sports some cool black metal from Paragon Belial, and the group Luciferian Insectus who indie director Dakota Bailey is also fond of and has used in his movies. Underground Gorellector Films who are known for doing these beautiful retro soft box releases are going to be doing one for Confessions of a Homicidal Prostitute so definitely check out their Facebook page if you’re interested.

Confessions of a Homicidal Prostitute is a fun watch. It’s nothing new or original but capitalizes and offers up a fresh perspective on the woman's rape/revenge genre. If you dig low budget indie cinema with some sleaze and gore thrown in then you'll want to check it out. Support these independent filmmakers whose passion precedes the big budgets and whose love for the genre shines through in what they do.




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