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Cop in Blue Jeans (Squadra Antiscippo) - Raro Video - DVD Print E-mail
User Rating: / 5
Written by Jay Creepy   
Thursday, 01 October 2015
Directed by
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AKA: Squadra antiscippo, der Superbulle mit der Strickmutze, Flics en jeans, Jepari ryysyissa, Brigada todo terreno, Cop in Blue Jeans, Kamikazi o ekdikitis, Um Chui de Blue Jeans, O akatanikikos me tin kokkini Honda, Spaningspatruljen, Poliaj proti tolpi.

Directed by:
Bruno Corbucci
Written by:
Mario Amendola, Bruno Corbucci
Produced by:
Galliano Juso
Cinematography by:
Sebastiano Celeste
Editing by:
Daniele Alabiso
Music by:
Guido De Angelis, Maurizio De Angelis
Tomas Milian, Jack Palance, Guido mannari, Maria Rosaria Omaggio, Raf Luca.
language: Italian
1h 35min

Distributor Raro Video

Awful, totally awful title!! I prefer the one I hold in my hands on Raro Video, Squadra Antiscippo -- now that cries out for a viewing regardless of the film’s contents. Tomas Milian stars as well; boom, that is a boost in itself.

We're big fans of the Italian Euro Crime cops and violent robberies, etc., genre and have never seen one that hasn't delivered what we want. The Cop in Blue Jeans, I understood prior, is a more 'fun' one, not taking itself too seriously. One thing that is learnt as you begin to watch is we're in that wonderful bubble that could be called the Style Police Era, you know the type, when you chuckle over the threads a man wears? This is one of those movies.

Thus, a chubby man in a red jumper and pants crouches down across from an airport and pulls his trousers down as a gaggle of tourists take photographs. Whilst this is happening, thieves ride by and steal their bags. There's also a string of thefts in the city, including a handbag snatch, even a trained Alsatian dog, all to funky music and very bright clothes.

It's all the same gang, however on a fruit market, enters Tomas Milian on his motorbike, jumping upon and smacking the living hell out of one of the gang members, afterwards cuffing him and whipping him with cloves of garlic (??!!).

Nico (Milian) used to be a criminal himself, so obviously he thinks like one. Back at his apartment he has tons of posters on the walls including two Serpico ones. His pet rat is also called Serpico.

It seems this gang of scallywags has a boss called The Baron, so Nico and a colleague hide in a shop, watching a building across the road having to listen to a complaining shop keeper. When The Baron leaves, they follow on bikes, to mellow funky music. Two men in sheepskin coats and polo neck sweaters are picked up and then the two cops stop our heroes. “Come on, I'm Special Agent Giraldi.” “I'm sorry I stopped you, we can't take any chances.” Meanwhile, The Baron and his crew strip and rob a woman who had ironically told a friend earlier in the film how she hides her jewels in her bra. Afterwards, Nico endlessly pursues them through streets and building sites which are terribly filtered to look like the night time. One thief decides to go toe to toe with him as their punches sound like overdubbed thunder. Later, Nico gets some information from the beaten man.

The Baron cleverly uses the local hospital as an alibi because he is friends with a doctor. Nico tries in vain to beat him to it, but finds him hooked to a drip and the collaborating story rock solid.

Enter the great villainous Jack Palance as Norman Shelley -- introduced to the tale by having a man killed for bad mouthing him. “Throw him in the river bed. He'll just be another dead body. Rome is so full of them now. They don't even make the papers, yeah, it's a shame.” Palance oozes quiet danger smoking his cigarette.

Signora, the girl who was stripped, meets with Nico and offers to cook for him. Meanwhile, Mr Shelley is robbed by the motorcycle gang. There's approximately 5 million in his briefcase. “This dough might be hot.” states one of The Baron's gang back at their hide out.

In a random moment, Signora spends the night with our bearded hero and discovers he sleeps in his woolly hat, three sweaters and knee high Technicolor socks.

Norman Shelly sends his professional men out after The Baron's boys. Beginning with a vicious beat down for a close friend, it takes that for The Baron to realise he's truly messed with “the mob.” Nico Giraldi has a look at the corpse left over by the kicking and decides he needs to track down The Baron as a way to make his way to “the fences” (the big guys), starting with his alibi doctor buddy.

Nico intercepts the mob going after another member of the biker gang, resulting in a well-staged and filmed upstairs chase of motorcycles and a roof top chase. Unfortunately the victim dies, falling to his death. Nico is furious, losing a potential lead to The Baron.

Through varied ways, he tries to find ways to The Baron, who is planning on leaving the country sewing money into a big coat. When they finally meet, there are punches and broken glass everywhere, until he has submitted and Nico arrests him.

They sit him in the station and investigate the money, passing theories about who Norman Shelley is. Once the serial numbers are checked, it turns out that the money is from “The Ziagaldi case. All in thousand notes.” The cash and The Baron can be used to take down the Fence. The police captain with his stereotypical 'stache twitching reluctantly agrees.

The Baron is placed in the hospital as bait to find Shelley. The results are, of course, chases, gunshots, and many stunts.

The Cop in Blue Jeans isn't a classic. It isn't near the Euro Crime movies everybody thinks about, such as Contraband, Violent City or The Big Racket. As gritty and as beautifully filmed as it is, it seems it is very low on the traditional violence and betrayal storylines expected. Action wise it delivers, but falls a bit due to trying to be light and comical. Tomas Milian is not a man who can deliver light hearted lines!

Though Jack Palance isn't seen as much as he should be, he is well used. The scenes shared by the stars are amusing -- as is Palance's stunt double whilst the final car chase is noisily in motion. We were sure the clean shaven Palance had grown a beard instantly at one point. In fact the slow motion stunt doubles for Milian tend to beef up slightly. However, it adds to the all out fast paced feel of the film. Plus, there's so many beat-downs to be seen; there's a pool hall beat-down, street beat-downs, roof beat-downs... my word there's a good few beat-downs, trust me.

A major downside has to be the music score. It's as distracting as staples in a centrefold which are rusty. For the huge CV the composers have accomplished though, perhaps let’s just call it a bad day at work.

Watch out for the awkward and funny pimp scene when Tomas Milian wears a hat signed in his own name. Genius.

Incidentally, the film spawned a successful series of movies with Milian reprising the role no less than another ten times. Titles such as Cop in Drag, Crime on the Highway, and Crime in Formula One, beg to be viewed.

There's not much going on extras wise on the Raro Video DVD release aside from a quick featurette on Tomas Milian and the original trailer. Oh well, at least the quality is decent.




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Skull - Severed Cinema

 Aspect Ratio: 1.67:1 16.9
 Region: NTSC R1
 Audio: Dolby Digital
2.0 Mono

 – Featurette
 – Original Trailer

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