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Cryptic Plasm - Morbid Vision Films - Black Lava Entertainment Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Tuesday, 06 December 2016
Review of Cryptic Plasm on Severed Cinema

Directed by: Brian Paulin
Written by: Brian Paulin
Produced by: Joseph Olson, Brian Paulin, Stacey Paulin
Cinematography by: Brian Paulin
Editing by: Brian Paulin
Special Effects by:
Music by: Tony Vilgotsky
Cast: Joe Olson, Brian Paulin, Kevin Barbare, Ernest Hutcherson, Anthony Menna
Year: 2015
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 19min

Studio: Morbid Vision Films
Distributor: Black Lava Entertainment

Cryptic Plasm is the latest pulsating, pus-filled opus from the American master of gore, Brian Paulin. No one does gore like Paulin, and you know when you sit down to check out one of his flicks that you’re guaranteed to be flabbergasted with grue. Paulin has gone even further with Cryptic Plasm, and created what I've read him call "hyper-gore." In this case the talented effects creator and filmmaker has outdone himself again and preceded his reputation for delivering the goods.

This limited to 200 (I have #94) hardbox was released simultaneously in Europe by Black Lava Entertainment with Paulin’s own company in the US, Morbid Vision Films. With the budgets he has, and what he has to work with, as an indie filmmaker Paulin is a maestro, a fucking wizard in fact!
Cryptic Plasm is an eerie doom-filled trip with great camera work, that dark looming score and competent acting chops from both Paulin and Olson. Cryptic Plasm builds up from the start and then unleashes absolute and unrelenting body-melting carnage in the last half. Those sound effects are crazy too. Just the pouring of pus and body fluids sloshing around. I can only begin to describe the pleasure a gorehound gets from seeing such pools of vile putrefaction in progress. Sometimes all you need is gore.

Cryptic Plasm tells the story of David Gates, a cryptozoologist who seems to have a knack for investigating and discovering a number of paranormal and actual phenomena. David has a production company backing him if he can deliver some primo footage for them to sink their teeth into. David contacts his friend, and camera man, Brian O'Reily (Paulin) to do a shoot in the woods. Then more shoots follow, becoming more dangerous and bizarre.

One particular shoot involves an abandoned town where we actually see the town at the beginning as a white light envelopes it, and causes the inhabitants to violently melt and decay, plus we see a presence of the translucent "
Cryptic Plasm" oozing off of different objects. Gates and O'Reily investigate the town but Gates goes through a bizarre event, as if his body has split in two. He has visions of seeing another version of himself walking about. Gates and O'Reily also witness a bizarre and menacing exorcism of gore-drenched madness, which the two flee from, as the possessed being takes control and literally disintegrates the body of the priest. O'Reily cracks and calls up the company who wanted to release Gates’ material and spills his guts on what he saw. This in turn causes the company to back out, but in actuality they have mischievous plans of their own. O'Reily feels regret for calling Richard Stevens (Kevin Barbare), the owner of the company, and screwing up Gates’ plans so he goes to apologize to Gates, but when he arrives there is a nasty presence waiting for him. Thus the gore unfolds.

Paulin can definitely weave a story, as well, so he is not just a one trick pony, but to be honest, I do watch his movies for his brilliant effects work because it’s done so well. The gore in this one is more supernatural, which brings a different element to the movie. There are no zombies or infected people, but an unidentified presence altering human beings, and using another dimension to cross over into our world, like a black hole in time. Paulin also enjoys unleashing an incredible looking monster, and
Cryptic Plasm is no exception, although I'm quite fond of the towering monstrosity he created in Blood Pigs.
If you love underground gore films, please support Paulin. He is a filmmaker who is deserving of your time and money. He is truly a gore fan himself, making gore films for fans!!!!! Check out and contact Brian, who is easily accessible on Facebook, to find out about his upcoming projects and releases. At the time this review was written, Paulin will be releasing Morbid Tales, and is currently shooting scenes for his next film, titled Septic





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