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Curse of Doctor Wolffenstein, The - UNCUT - Infernal Films Print E-mail
User Rating: / 3
Written by Richard Taylor   
Friday, 22 July 2016

Directed by: Marc Rohnstock
Written by: Marc Rohnstock
Produced by: Lars Rohnstock, Marc Rohnstock, Dominik Ruf
Cinematography by: Marc Rohnstock
Editing by: Dominik Ruf, Marc Rohnstock, Martin Rudel
Music by: Martin Rudel
Special Effects by: Oliver Muller, Marc Rohnstock
Cast: Mika Metz, Isabelle Aring, Roland Freitag, Stephanie Meisenzahl, Robin Czerny, Julia Stenke, Mario Zimmerschitt
Year: 2015
Country: Germany
Language: German (English subtitles)
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 51min

Studio: Infernal Films


The Rohnstocks return to deliver what they promise to be the ultimate experience in violence and gore. Director Mark Rohnstock and his brother, producer Lars, truly do deliver on this and have with their previous efforts as well. If you love German gore masterpieces, the Rohnstock name needs no introduction. Responsible for such gore fests as Necronos, Dungeon of Evil and Graveyard of the Living Dead, the brothers have returned to bring us The Curse of Doctor Wolffenstein.

Dr. Wolffenstein is not to be confused with the similar well known undead Doctor Freudstein, who graced Lucio Fulci's House by the Cemetery, but upon first glancing the title I mixed up the two. The big talk about this release on horror groups was that the film was going to be cut of something like 2 minutes of gore footage, but fortunately I received a screener from Lars Rohnstock and he assured me it was uncut, so I was understandably excited about this and anxious to watch. The effects are juicy as Hell and plentiful to the max. We start off the film with many scenes of Wolffenstein torturing and killing victims in his decrepit lab. Fortunately for us, the doctor likes to strip all the girls first so they are completely naked, which we get an abundance of. I haven't seen this much onscreen shaved snatch and bouncing bosoms since Death-Scort Service and that’s a lot! This movie is a gore effects feast as well. Blood and guts fill the screen as victims are gutted, limbs are severed, heads are hacked with a machete (Wolffenstein's weapon of choice) -- there is even a machete group massacre scene with blood drenching the screen. If you have ever been longing for Tom Savini's repeated machete in the head effect from Dawn of the Dead, then this movie is for you, because it’s done repeated times and even genre queen Manoush becomes victim to it in one humorous scene.

The story for The Curse of Doctor Wolffenstein has the good doctor played by Mika Metz performing experiments, trying to gain immortality and succeeding, but with a deadly price. The doctor has become necrotic and is rotting at an alarming rate so he has to kidnap fresh victims and transplant body parts onto himself. The movie begins in a village in 1930 where Wolffenstein is hated by the villagers for his experiments, so they break into his residence and dispose of him. I love the opening credit sequence of the movie; the great punk tune "The Game of Life" by Scheisse Minnelli is really a treat and superb way to start the film. A lot of the music in this is high energy punk/pop style music, including the band Wesay and it’s surprisingly good. I'd like to have the soundtrack. We are then brought to recent times where we encounter a group of young adults planning a trip, when they get tickets to the rave to end all raves. These scenes with the young group fucking around and having fun bring a comedic and sometimes juvenile staged feeling to the movie. We get different montages of the twenty-somethings having fun. The girls seemed to love the guys spraying cans of beer on their tits -- where can I find a girl like that? Another scene has them playing with deli meats in a car. We do get one particular scene with a guy masturbating, which is actually very genuinely funny and made me laugh out loud. We do need a bit of comedy to dilute the never ending scenes of bodily desecration.

Predictably the group of partiers have car trouble and coincidentally end up in the village plagued by "The Curse of Doctor Wolfenstein!" Even broken down, the group still manage to have a good time at a local club that a village of this sort would never seem to have in such a remote setting but the urban vibe is strong across the country side it seems! Doctor Wolffenstein even has this worm like creature called the "Infiltrator" in a cage which burrows its way into people’s bodies and takes control. The sounds it makes reminds me of the baby from Combat Shock. We get gore/slasher/torture porn and even alien horror elements in this.

There are some cameos here, such as Olaf Ittenbach as a victim and his wife is in this as well, briefly I believe. Manoush and her little dog get killed as I mentioned before and the always hot Isabelle Fitzgerald from the infamous Snuff Tape Anthology is fully naked again -- bless her -- and killed in one of the more gruesome ways in the film with a knife in the throat, up through her mouth before defecating out her guts. I must say, Dr. Wolfenstenstein looks very effective and menacing, wearing this mask over the lower portion of his face, blood splattered doctors coat and these dead cold eyes.

The Curse of Doctor Wolffenstein is cheesy, funny, gory, clichéd and shocking all rolled into one. It is definitely a stand out in recent German gore cinema and I love how the Rohnstocks are still doing it right! I hope they continue to do so for years to come.Let the gore flow over the legacy of the Rohnstock name, through the annals of German Underground Cinema.







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