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An Interview with Caroline Pierce (Andromeda Strange) Print E-mail
Written by Elaine Lamkin   
Monday, 19 September 2005

They say the female is the deadlier of the species and that is definitely the case with Andromeda Strange, the erotic horror alter ego of actor Caroline Pierce.  Jet-black hair and definitely vampy, that is about all the comparison one can give to Andromeda and another horror actor/hostess some might compare her to, Elvira.  But where Elvira was all talk, Andromeda is the real thing and so is Caroline.  “Slaughter Disc”, Caroline’s first film for director/writer David Quitmeyer’s The Carnal Morgue series, is graphic both sexually and gore-wise and it is hoped by all involved that Caroline/Andromeda returns to host and/or star in many more films in Quitmeyer’s new blending of horror and adult entertainment.

First thing I should ask you is whether you prefer to be addressed as Andromeda or Caroline? You are credited as Caroline on “Slaughter Disc”.

I am Caroline, my character is Andromeda, so call me Caroline.

Now, how about a brief rundown of The Caroline Pierce Story? The IMdb doesn’t give much information other than your date of birth and your measurements (and on behalf of the rest of us 34Bs out here, thank you for staying au naturelle!). I believe I read you are originally from Las Vegas?

Yeah, I'm from Las Vegas. It is so hard to get any of the info changed on IMdb, so it hasn't been updated.

How did you first get involved in the adult entertainment industry? And I have to ask but what did your family think of your choice of vocation?

I started out in the adult entertainment industry as a stripper. Then I started magazine modeling, and then videos. I put a lot of thought into it before I actually did any of it. I quizzed everyone around me. Got information, checked things out and made decisions from there. And my whole family knows. I have an amazing family, all very intelligent and open-minded.

Andromeda has a great website,, full of weird facts and sick jokes. How much of that is Andromeda or Caroline?

Well, not to disappoint, but Andromeda is a character that I play. I am her face, but not all of her personality. So, it's her site, not mine.

“Slaughter Disc” is your second horror movie, after “Succubus: Skin XVII”. Are you a fan of horror movies and if so, what are some of your favorites?

Funny you would mention “Skin 17”. When it finally came out and I watched it I was rather disappointed. And they spent a lot more money on that film than we did on “Slaughter Disc”.

Yeah, I love horror movies. I always laugh at the "wrong" moments. I used to rent movies more often then I do now, so I am not all that up to date on newer horror. I am a huge “Hellraiser” fan. I collect the comic books. I think I have only seen the first three though, and the only one that stands out is the first one. Just love it! “House of 1000 Corpses” is great too. Lots of moments to laugh inappropriately.

Are you also a fan of horror writers and if so, which ones?

I have a tendency to read the authors who write naughty stories. I love Poppy Z. Brite, Nancy A. Collins, Anne Rice. Their stories paint pretty pictures in my mind. I collect a lot of short story anthologies too. So I have read loads of authors whom I can't remember.

Andromeda does do some STRANGE things in “Slaughter Disc”. How did it feel to be wiping that fake blood ALL over (and inside) yourself?

Oh, it was loads of fun.... Until the fake blood dried. Then it was just gross and sticky.

You are very uninhibited which is obviously necessary for an adult film star. Did you ever have any moments in “Slaughter Disc” where you felt less than confident with what you were doing?

Not really. I mean, I can nit-pick how I did my dialogue to death, but it turned out okay. And in the end, after all the effects and the music, I can watch the movie and not cringe every time I see myself.

You really only share one scene with actor Robert Williams – how was he to work with? This appears to be only his second film.

I enjoyed him. He is a very laid back guy.

Another “innocent abroad” question, but how many piercings do you actually have and how painful were some of the more intimate ones?

I have a total of 21 piercings. Five in each ear, three nostril, two tongue, navel, each nipple, each inner labia and a horizontal hood piercing. Actually, the genital piercings didn't hurt (at least the ones I have). My piercings don't go through any muscle or nerve clusters, and the skin is soft and thin, so they healed very fast. The nipple piercing didn't hurt either, but that depends on the individual.

The story of “Slaughter Disc” is actually rather creepy – sort of an adult version of “The Ring”. Was that what writer/director David Quitmeyer was going for? And you also become what I would call a zombie as the movie progresses. Who did the SFX makeup for you as you “rot”?

David wrote this story about 15 years ago, so it wasn't actually influenced by “The Ring” (of which I have never seen). I think that David was going for a tongue-in-cheek cautionary tale that was equally centered on both the sex and the horror. It is just that our sex is shown explicitly.

The main make-up artist was Catherine Crump. She was assisted on Andromeda's major "dead" days by Ashley.

What exactly were you eating that was masquerading as “brains” in “Slaughter Disc”? Seriously.

It was actually quite tasty. It was mashed up bananas, squeezy strawberry and grape jelly, minty fresh stage blood and inedible "chips of skull".

Your costumes were beautiful – how much of that was actually yours and how much was wardrobe?

A lot of it was my own. There were a few items that David had for Andromeda specifically, like the big chunky heeled boots, the beautiful purple cape, and the skull and crossbones panties.

As someone not that familiar with the adult entertainment industry and how it all works, did you know the men you were having sex with in the film or were they also adult film actors?

One of the fellows had done some amateur stuff, the other fellow had done a fair share of adult scenes. I had not met either of them before.

Will we be seeing more of Andromeda and her “adventures”?

That's the plan! There is no set time frame on that yet, but there will be more.

How has the fan reaction been, especially at the recent Bats Day Black Market event? Do you have as many female fans as male?

Well, the movie is still getting out there, so fan encounters have been few. But it seems we get a ton of positive feedback from females - especially those into the goth and horror scene.

Our two makeup people were females and they had never been around an adult set before. However, because of the concept of the story, they wanted to do it. Now they want to be a part of everything else we do.

Jewels, who played Carrie, that was her first nude scene ever and she wanted to do it because it was a lesbian scene - and she even brought her mother to the premiere!

I think the fact that Andromeda is a very strong female character helps that fact and this is not your typical bright and fake porn shoot. In fact, AVN, the news authority in the adult biz refuses to admit this is an adult product.

You have a lovely voice – have you ever considered doing voice-over work? And have you ever considered getting involved in more “mainstream” films?

Was this question planted here on purpose to let me talk about my voice acting? I do voice over work, and I study with a coach on a weekly basis. I absolutely love voice acting! Thank you for the compliment about my voice. Personally, I think I sound like a chipmunk. And of course it would be great to be involved in mainstream work and if it happens then fantastic, but that is wildly unlikely. I have no disillusions about that.

What is next for Caroline Pierce? I notice you attend a lot of horror cons – are you interested in getting involved in more horror films?

Hell yeah! I would love to. Most people are just blowing hot air about all the fun film projects they are gonna do though. That's what's so awesome about David! He wanted to make a movie and actually did it! And my lucky ass got to be a part of it.

Is there anything I haven’t asked that you would like our readers to know about Andromeda or Caroline?

Andromeda has a back-story, but you'll have to ask David about that.

And about me? Well, I am a huge dork. You might not gather that from the vampy facade, but talk to me and it's blatantly obvious.

What is one thing you think people should know about Caroline Pierce that they probably don’t?

I could live on eating nothing but nachos.
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