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Gore Shriek Resurrectus - Volume 1 - Rough House Publishing Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Saturday, 04 March 2017
Severed Cinema comic review of Gore Shriek: Resurrectus Volume 1 from Rough House Publishing


Comic: Gore Shriek: Resurrectus
Issue: 1
Created by: Tom Skulan
Written by: Mike Waison (Gateway To Gore, Hospice, The Sink), Bruce Spaulding Fuller (A Dreadtime Story), Derek Rook (The Grove of Cottonwood), Stefan Hutchinson (Exordium), Mike Waison (Zombie Hardware Store).
Art by: Austen Mengler (Gateway To Gore), Derek Rook (Hospice, The Grove of Cottonwood), Mark Bloodworth (The Sink), Bruce Spaulding Fuller (A Dreadtime Story), Michael Broom (The Grove of Cottonwood), Jeff Zornow (Exordium), Putrid Matt Carr (Zombie Hardware Store).
Edited by: Derek Rook
Cover by: Bruce Spaulding, Putrid Matt Carr
Year: 2016

Published by: Rough House Publishing

So the original Gore Shriek was a 1980's horror comic with horror greats such as Chas Balun's name attached to it. I've acquired and read the first issues of the original series, which are basically black and white short horror comic tales along the lines of Tales from the Crypt except far more extreme and graphic in content and artwork. Hitting the 30th anniversary of the original Gore Shriek comics that were published by FantaCo Comics, Gore Shriek Resurrectus Volume 1 was released in June of 2016. Original series founder Tom Skulan said he received a big response from fans of the original series to bring it back and thus they did with the fitting title Resurrectus.

Unfortunately I missed the successful Indiegogo campaign for Resurrectus which offered up a number of cool perks including shirts, variant covers and the like but fortunately for those in the same boat who want to check out this re-launch you can get it on via Kindle Unlimited in an online digital version which is awesome. Volume 2 of Resurrectus is supposed to have another launching Indiegogo campaign for spring 2017, and if itís any indication of how popular the first one went then this one will sell out just as fast.

Resurrectus stays true to the original Gore Shriek comics by offering up a number of short and sweet horror tales, some shorter and sweeter than others. They are all done in a black and white format similar to the original comics and the covers of Resurrectus are similar in style to the artwork featured on the original first issue of Gore Shriek. The creators and artists of this new book have taken their passion for the originals and lovingly paid homage to it by preserving the original style and format, but at the same time, reinventing and updating it to keep it fresh for 2016.

There are seven haunting and gory stories in total with forty-eight pages of continuous terror. We get intro pages titled Gateway to Gore which serves as a welcoming, or opening through the new gates of the newly re-envisioned Gore Shriek throne. Hospice tells the story similar to Lucio Fulci's Zombie about an island infested with an unknown sickness causing the dead to eat the living but this story is told with a unique twist, and in such cruel fashion that itís highly effective and bone chilling. The Sink has that truly sinister old school Creepshow/Tales from the Crypt vibe, as a family get more than a standard clogged sink since there is something evil and mutated down that drain and it is hungry for humans. The Sink is minimal on dialogue but that gore gushing artwork does all the talking and itís jaw-dropping, plus it has a real mean spirit that shines through in the story.

A Dreadtime Story has another heavy classic spooky story vibe and is a short, sweet and effective spin on the monster in the closet story. The Grove of Cottonwood plays on that classic Indian burial ground vibe with a bit of a tale of the Wendigo story thrown in for good measure, with an amusing story and twist about a not so regular hunting trip. Exordium is probably my favorite story in the comic because itís so fucking crazy. The idea is so sick and inconceivable. Letís just say it begins with a pregnant mother to be, in labor, racing to the hospital to give birth only to be stopped short by an unthinkable and unimaginable event which is darkly humorous in concept but disgusting in translation. Finally in an ode to a comic in the original Gore Shriek titled Zombie Toolshed we are given Zombie Hardware Store about a couple of bizarre store owners who are not what they seem, and a couple of kids who unleash the undead, hungry to wield tools of destruction against unsuspecting store patrons.

All the stories in the comic are written well in the true old school fashion. The artwork is top-notch, and I would love to see some of these stories turned into a film anthology as I think it would work nicely, and Gore Shriek Anthology has a nice ring to it. If you can find a copy for a not too ridiculous price on eBay, or a collector is selling, I would jump on this if you crave the physical comic in your hands. In the meantime check it out on Kindle via Amazon and it might just make you want to spend a ridiculous sum of money to obtain the physical copy.




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