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Lucio Fulci's Zombie - Issue 1 - Eibon Press Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Wednesday, 07 December 2016
Severed Cinema Comic Review of Lucio Fulci's Zombie Issue 1 from Eibon Press

Comic: Lucio Fulci's Zombie Comic Book
Issue: 1st Issue Special Reprint
Written by: Stephen Romano
Penciled by: Michael Broom
Inked by: Derek Rook, Gerry Coffey
Colorrd by: Fatboy
Lettering by: Stephen Romano
Edited by: Stephen Romano
Cover by: Michael Broom
Publisher: Shawn Lewis
Year: 2016

Published by: Eibon Press

I missed out on the original Issue #1 of Lucio Fulci's Zombie, due to my own stupid fault and lack of decision making. I flip-flopped on whether or not to purchase it and it sold out. This special edition reprint was concocted after the 1000 copies of the original sold out, so I scooped one up -- an unsigned edition. I recall the publisher, Shawn Lewis, remarking on how affordable these comics were. I believe he said "Cheaper than a meal at McDonald's." That maybe so if you live in the US, but outside Murica the shipping is going to run you more than the cost of the comic. I went for an unsigned edition which was $9.99 USD, and the shipping cost me a whopping $15 USD, thus in total running me around $40 Canadian for a comic.

I guess it comes down to how much of a collector and fan you are of Fulci's work, or a desire for something different horror oriented on the market. I was personally impressed by the quality of the comic. The storytelling was cool because it took a different edge from what the movie did. You get to see more of what is going on inside the heads of different characters. It's more in depth and without the bad dubbing. The actual comic looks beautiful with full glossy color pages, and comes in its own unique protective sleeve that they are calling "The Eibon Sleeve." The sleeve serves as sort of the old white backboards with the plastic protectors I'd buy back in the day when I was heavier into comic collecting, so I have actually read a few comics, and have a personal collection of at least a few thousand or more in Ma and Pa's basement.

The shipping is pricey as hell, like I mentioned before, but the comic is actually shipped in its own custom white cardboard mailer with custom Fulci Comics stamp, which is another nice added touch, so you know your book is arriving in good shape. This version I have comes with a card, a sticker, bookmark and glossy print featuring an ad for Eibon's upcoming comic Bottomfeeder. It is really a nice collectors package and would be a Fulci fans nerd boner inducing dream. I was even crazy enough to pre-order Issue # 2.

Stephen Romano seems to be the man at the helm of the project and does a great job writing it like I mentioned before by elaborating on a vague description Fulci's film always gave for the actual cause of the dead coming back to life on the island of Matool. The opening of the comic specifically features a voodoo ritual which brings to life an entity which is the sole evil behind the zombie outbreak. I enjoyed this explanation. It gives the story more meat or depth, although some could say it strays away from the original movie's path. The art by Michael Broom is effective but I feel it's a bit too cartoonish, or over-the-top. He makes the characters look goofy by giving them big wide glossy eyes, but otherwise the art, as a whole, is very well done regarding the gore scenes and works well for this type of story.

Eibon Press are also doing Fulci's classic The Gates of Hell in an upcoming comic book series, plus in the near future they are expected to be doing Maniac and Laserblast comics, so there is some very exciting stuff on the horizon. Despite all my bitching on the price, I will no doubt splurge and support Eibon Press and their releases because they are without a doubt some of the coolest and most inspired shit to come out in comic form, horror related in awhile.


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