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Dead Nude Girls - Plotdigger Films Print E-mail
User Rating: / 17
Written by Chris Mayo   
Monday, 31 March 2014

Blu-ray Artwork for Dead Nude Girls on Severed Cinema

Directed by: Bob Dixon
Written by: Bob Dixon
Cinematography by: Das Blood
Editing by: Willy Hardman
Music by:
Special Effects by: Das Blood
Cast: Harry Gillis, Hot Carly, Manda Mounds, Taren Herup, Laura Lay, Beka Bootay
Year: 2014

Distributor: Plotdigger Films

Ryan Nicholson is no stranger to extreme horror cinema.  His first film foray, Torched, ventured down rape/revenge territory where a woman inflicts vicious vengeance upon her male attacker. Needles, a power saw and a blowtorch are her tools of choice.  Live Feed pulled no punches when it came to cruelty, and also showed us Nicholson’s fondness for Cat III Asian cinema.  Gutterballs melded the rape/revenge and slasher genre together, creating a fun, albeit fierce 80’s throwback. Several films later, and now Nicholson returns with his tainted love letter to extreme underground horror cinema -- Dead Nude Girls.

Dead Nude Girls is essentially three days in the life of a maniacal serial killer, played boldly by none-other-than our head honcho, Nicholson.  It is an anthology film, assembled into three segments, Axe Wound, Golden Shower and Rump Roast.

Axe Wound begins as we see our serial killer “bird” watching.  Unassuming, he sits and snaps photos.  Through voiceover narration he announces in soulless monotone his infatuation with a girl from his neighborhood that he sees every day.  He fanaticizes about strangling her to death in the woods and takes photos of her body.  One day he sees his future victims -- the girl from his neighborhood and her friend -- camping.  He approaches and asks if he can camp next to them and is quickly shutdown.  He then grabs his machete and cracks a joke, “Oh this little thing? This is my devirginizer.” he boasts, demonstrating with air stabbing motions.  “That’s a pretty sick joke.” states the object of his affection.  “Well I’m a pretty sick man.” he says in agreement, which this reviewer couldn’t help but find funny.  He then takes a hike.

Later that evening, the girls toast by their campfire as he makes his move.  Our killer announces his distaste for the girls “slighting him” and how he will spike their drinks when they pass out and take them back to his place “to have his way with them.”  What happens next is when our tale slides into extreme underground horror territory -- at his apartment.

Back at his apartment (which I will call apartment 213), our creep shows his psychosexual deviance by planting the two unconscious girls on his hallway floor and begins cutting their undergarments from their bodies with a pair of scissors.  Groping ensues, coupled with some graphic voyeuristic camera work, and our deviant uses the girls as living sex dolls, posing them in various positions.  What follows is fountain of blood, giving meaning to this segment’s title, in all its sick, twisted anti-glory!

Golden Shower, as with Axe Wound, the title says it all.  A young woman arrives at our killer’s home to be interviewed for a home caregiver position.  Quickly it becomes evident that this isn’t any regular caregiver position when our deviant begins spouting off her duties, including sponge bathing the genitalia of a compulsive masturbating elderly man.  Before she can run screaming for the door, our killer beckons her into another room.  She opens the door, half-heartedly questioning, “What the fuck is going on?” The psychopath return with “This bitch!” as well as a cup of boiling water in her face.  A couple smacks to the noggin and a chokehold and our next victim can be found strung-up in a grimy bathroom.  Then in our murderer’s favorite fashion, he cuts off her garments teasing her trembling naked flesh with the scissors -- snip, snip, snip.  When the scissor teasing stops, it is only to introduce her to scissor torment in the backdoor.  Blood flows as well as other fluids during the segment’s climax.

Rump Roast, our final segment, follows two ladies of the night.  They complain about customers as they wait for their next John outside a gas station.  Enter our killer, who pulls up to the two and takes them away for an evening of ‘fun’ -- the last evening of ‘fun’ they will ever see.

Back at the love shack, our killer has one of his new victims tied to his old bathroom shower from the previous segment.  Mascara runs and she whimpers as our sadist enters the room with his machete and scissors.  Like a rock star, adorned in sunglasses, he checks himself out in the mirror and proceeds to snip off her clothes in trademark fashion.  What follows is more callous brutality as he plunges the knife into her, repeatedly.  Crimson intestines dangle.  He then moves onto his final victim, where he plays with his food before dinner.  The finale to Rump Roast is another explicit depiction of a sexual sadist meeting his unfortunate victim, thus culminating our visceral voyage into the depths of the underground.

Dead Nude Girls is a complete exorcise in nihilism.  Fans of disturbing, uncomfortable underground cinema should be pleased with this little sickie.  While it shares the seriousness of Torched, it was still peppered with a tad of dark humor which worked with the film.  A scene during Golden Shower is a prime example, in which our killer teases his victim by snipping the air with his pair of scissors.  This scene came across as morbidly funny, especially considering the unamusing nature of the victim’s approaching fate.

Definitely for fans of extreme boundary-pushing cinema only -- this one should get people talking.  Now get yourself dirty and thank Mr. Nicholson for his tainted love letter.  You can pre-order Dead Nude Girls from Plotdigger Films now.

Screenshot from Dead Nude Girls on Severed Cinema


Screenshot from Dead Nude Girls on Severed Cinema

Screenshot from Dead Nude Girls on Severed Cinema

Screenshot from Dead Nude Girls on Severed Cinema

Screenshot from Dead Nude Girls on Severed Cinema

Screenshot from Dead Nude Girls on Severed Cinema

Screenshot from Dead Nude Girls on Severed Cinema

Screenshot from Dead Nude Girls on Severed Cinema

Screenshot from Dead Nude Girls on Severed Cinema

Screenshot from Dead Nude Girls on Severed Cinema

Screenshot from Dead Nude Girls on Severed Cinema

Screenshot from Dead Nude Girls on Severed Cinema

Screenshot from Dead Nude Girls on Severed Cinema

Screenshot from Dead Nude Girls on Severed Cinema

Screenshot from Dead Nude Girls on Severed Cinema

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