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Death-Scort Service - The Sleaze Box Print E-mail
User Rating: / 5
Written by Richard Taylor   
Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Directed by: Sean Donohue
Written by: Sean Donohue, Chris Woods
Produced by: Sean Donohue, Chris Woods
Cinematography by: Chris Woods
Editing by: Chris Woods
Music by: Toshiyuki Hiraoka
Special Effects: Sean Donohue, Marcus Koch, Shelby McIntyre, Limbo Picardo
Cast: Krystal Pixie Adams, Amethist Young, Bailey Paige, Cayt Feinics, Ashley Lynn Caputo, Geneva Whitmore, Racheal Shaw
Year: 2015
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 19min

Studio: Gatorblade Films
Distributor: The Sleaze Box

I watched Death-Scort Service twice before writing this review and I probably will watch it again, but much like a porno movie, I might not make it all the way through or skip to the best (wink, wink) "parts." Mythical god bless Sean Donohue and crew for gathering up such a fine array of hand sweat inducing, ball tightening tattooed and pierced beauties. Like the companyís title suggests, they are certainly The Sleaze Box or possibly Jizz Box or Jerk off Box. Death-Scort Service doe an above average job of combining sleaze and some great ultra-gore, so I'm in heaven, my two favorite things. 

Death-Scort Service plays out like a twisted Giallo with a black-gloved-killer disguising their voice to lure in call girls. Itís a non-stop sleazy gorefest and the special make-up effects are top notch, practical wizardry, especially with Marcus Koch's hands in the mix. We get nasty disembowellings, drills in heads, reciprocating saws ripping through intestines, chainsaw eviscerations and the cherry on the ice cream sundae is the baseball bat pap smear test. I'd like all my slashers to be like this -- full of shaved beaver and chock full o' gore.

So letís get to the girls. I believe itís the beautiful Krystal Pixie Adams with the luscious sparkled eyebrows as the lead lady. Anastacia, played by Leah Mayhem, is probably my favorite doing the pole dance with those funky blue glasses and what a view and a dance it is!  Also the lovely Paula Tsurara in the opening scene who dies via House by the Cemetery Fulci style stabbing and then gets her guts so gently strewn about herself, akin to a beautiful painting. The killer seems to be piecing together his own piece of fleshy artwork as each nubile escort is dispatched.

The music by Toshiyuki Hiraoka is strangely amusing, especially the main theme. It sort of brings tones of Frizzi and Simonetti but in a "sleazier" fashion. Death-Scort Service also takes place in Vegas which I personally love and visit and what not a better setting for such an affair and for an estimated budget of $1500, the filmmakers have pulled off pure gold here. My only qualm is seeing Bob Glazier's crusty old nut sack from behind, haha, but itís funny and sleazy so it works. The poor bastard also gets a mouthful of menstrual tampon tea. All revel in the sleaziness and gore that is The Sleaze Box and one of their flagship releases Death-Scort Service. If you dig shaved pussies, ample amounts of blood splattering gore and gut loads of freak nasty ladies then this is your ticket to ride!



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