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Defiler, The - Jussila | Rosten Productions Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Tuesday, 28 February 2017
Review of The Defiler from Jussila | Rosten Productions on Severed Cinema

Directed by: Artturi Rostén
Written by: Aku Salminen
Produced by: Anton Floloff, Johanna Itkonen
Cinematography by: Esa Jussila
Editing by: Artturi Rostén, Johanna Viren, Sara Nieminen
Music Tatu Aittamaa, Anton Froloff, Teemu Kilkki, Ako Lintunen, Juuso Peltola, Kalle Rantakallio, Karo von Rutenhjelm
Special Effects by: Artturi Rostén, Ari Savonen, Johanna Tuominen, Minja Tuomisalo, Esa Jussila
Cast: Diana Ball, Sara Koiranen, Sini Sandman, Toni Kandelin, Kristian Ah
Year: 2016
Country: Finland
Language: Finnish (English Subtitles)
Color: Color
Runtime: 24min

Studio: Jussila | Rosten Productions

Artturi Rostén and Esa Jussila have practically blown apart the indie scene with some of their previous short films, such as Goremadgeddon 1 and 2 and Trans*. The Defiler goes even further and brings to life further extremes in the indie Finland film scene, by developing and capitalizing on such style and sheer visual velocity of excess and carnage that your mind will still be processing it after your first viewing. The Defiler is such an intense, and quick cut film that multiple viewings are needed for your eyes and mind to absorb what you've just experienced. Never has sleaze and grime looked so vibrant, appealing and dick-hardening.

The Defiler seems to take place in a futuristic neon wasteland where the world has reverted to its natural inherent savagery of vice and insatiable lust. We are introduced to Greta The Defiler (Diane Ball), who has obviously been incarcerated in a seedy prison. Greta's character looks like a muscular transsexual, the kind you see on those muscle porn sites (yes, I have visited those, no I have not masturbated to them, honest!). Greta gets word that her lover Mini (Sara Koiranen) has been abducted on the outside and is in imminent danger. Greta makes a quick and violent escape and unleashes a brutal woman hunt for Mini unlike the screen has ever seen.

The Defiler is a perverted fever dream of absolute violence and aural stimulation. There are scenes of quick cut sex, nudity, and just all out perversion. Even Greta wears this kinky tight-assed suit revealing her bounce a quarter off toned buttocks. Greta makes cuts through the scum-filled streets, killing and interrogating every suspect she encounters, then finally making her way to a wild club called The Psycoosi, as we see the name is printed on various beer glasses. This club is a full on assault of debauchery as women in cages are pissed on, people are fucking in cars outside the club, deep throated blowjobs are administered in the grotesque bathrooms and more -- basically what normally goes on in any standard night club!

The Defiler pulls out all the stops in terms of over-the-top gore and violence, as throats are pulled out, bullets burst gorily through bodies, tops of heads are lopped off and dicks are severed with an endless array of much more gore packed action. The Defiler packs as much chaos into the 24-minute runtime as possible. Nothing is spared, even crossing semi pornographic material with a rather nasty boy on boy blowjob involving some gnarly play with feces by using it as lube.

Special mention to cinematographer and co-effects man Esa Jussila on delivering such a crazy and creative looking punch to this epic Finnish tale of chaotic refinement. Director Artturi Rostén really has some fucked up ingenious ideas and brings them to life in The Defiler. All the right touches are here, including the retro looking Back to the Future ride Greta sports as she is dishing out vengeance on her search for Mini. The ‘80s retro style synth soundtrack is also killer, especially the love song played during the rolling of the end credits.

With the wide array of characters in this -- the acting is awesome -- it’s amazing how it introduces so many cool characters in the limited running time and makes it very memorable. We get such notable characters as Silver (Toni Kandelin), Candy Rat (Sini Sandman) and the Jabba the Hutt-like character Eggy (Kristian Aho). Much love for this short from Finland. They are throwing it down big time, kicking ass and making balls-out cult films without mercy.

For more information on
The Defiler, be sure to check out the Official Facebook Page.




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