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Demon Mind - Toxic Filth Video Print E-mail
User Rating: / 4
Written by Richard Taylor   
Monday, 13 March 2017
Review of Demon Mind from Toxic Filth Video on Severed Cinema

AKA: Blood Vengeance, Demon Head

Directed by: Alexander Sharoglazov
Written by: Alexander Sharoglazov, Phillip Brocklehurst
Produced by: Alexander Sharoglazov, Jason Toth, Niels Van De Sype
Cinematography by: Alexander Sharoglazov
Editing by: Alexander Sharoglazov
Music by: Yuriy Andreev, Victor Guzhavin
Special Effects by: Alexander Sharoglazov
Cast: Alexander Sharoglazov, Alexander Malus, Lyazzat Amerenova, Colin Case, Rob Ceus, Ottaviano Del'Acqua, Victor Murzikov, Richard Vidan, Todd Sheets, Nathan Hine
Year: 2017
Country: Russia
Language: Russian, English (English Subtitles)
Color: Color
Runtime: 54min

Studio: Shan's Horror Films
Distributor: Toxic Filth Video

It has been a struggle for Russian filmmaker Alexander Sharoglazov. He has sacrificed much time and energy for his love of indie gore cinema. The man has a passion that is undeniable in conviction and has achieved numerous films despite budgetary challenges and restrictions. I really enjoyed his film Zombie Infection (review here), his ode to the zombie genre shot in a desolate looking town in Russia but adding such great camera techniques, color schemes and atmosphere that really made it stand out amongst the hordes of other zombie movies. Sharglaznov also manages to get cool guest stars or cameos in his features, and Demon Mind is no exception. Featuring appearances from indie filmmaker legend, Todd Sheets, Richard Vidan (Terminator 2, Scarecrows) and even the famous cover zombie of Lucio Fulci's Zombie Flesh Eaters, Ottaviano Del'Acqua.

Demon Mind is a fun feature inspired by Lamberto Bava's Demons movies as it sports a plethora of great home-grown effects by Sharoglazov, but it’s easy to see the movie tends to be disjointed in places and my guess is because of budget issues. There are a few scenes which are actually added in that are not made by Sharglaznov, which is a cool idea but it seems they were really struggling to get an hour’s worth of footage for Demon Mind, and still came up short for a feature film. The intro sequence is shot by Belgium indie filmmaker Rob Ceus. American indie gore fan and filmmaker Nathan Hine adds in a scene he shot himself of him shooting himself (no pun intended), and a couple more scenes, including the footage with Todd Sheets and so forth. The material that Sharoglazov shot himself is no doubt done well and his passion for making different decomposing prosthetic masks and set pieces speaks of talent for the craft.

My favorite sequence, and probably the most atmospheric part in Demon Mind, is a suicide scene simply involving a dialogue-less event where Sharoglazov himself enters into a dilapidated building and attempts to shoot himself. The music, camera work and location really give this scene everything it simply needs to succeed in conveying a moody landscape of suicidal undertones. The acting in Demon Mind is amateur as to be expected but the priest played by Alexander Malus, conveys a great model for a typical greedy figure of the church. The plot plays out fairly well but sometimes gets lost a bit in the translation, and the subtitles during the Russian speaking parts are really off and slow to show up on the screen, especially during Malus and Sharoglazov's conversations.

The movie opens with a man (Rob Ceuss) unearthing a deadly skull which in turn kills him. Another man (Sharoglazov regular film contributor, Colin Case) then has the skull and it commands him to make two ancient axes which evil can transport itself through. We then meet Sharoglazov who meets up with the priest played by Malus. Sharglaznov tells Malus his story about how he is a weapons collector and purchased the two axes because of his fascination. Sharoglazov's character then explains the murderous turn of events to the priest and says he is possessed and needs an exorcism. We then flashback to all the victims of Sharoglazov and how he killed them.

We get to look at him and his demons killing old girlfriends, present cheating girlfriends, thieves, drug dealers, etcetera. I enjoyed Demon Mind but some scenes, like a robber breaking into Sharoglazov's place, and endlessly searching for things to steal just dragged on for far too long before the dip shit is finally dispatched by the red eyed possessed demon. Also during a scene when an old girlfriend is forced to eat one of her family’s ears and heart on a plate, the terror and sense of abhorrent disgust is just not there -- she easily and almost wilfully downs the bloody mess.

A lot of folks who are part of a Facebook group I inhabit called Hardgore Core helped produce this film. It was obviously a labor of love and is cool to see so many fans come together to help Alexander achieve his goal and to realize the project. To see it in DVD form is awesome, so hats off to the fellow group members that made Demon Mind a reality. Contact Jason Toth on Facebook who runs a Facebook page titled Toxic Filth Video to pick yourself up a copy. Demon Mind is a true underground horror fans delight and worth your time to see what happens when a group of likeminded fans come together to help create an indie gore film. 






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