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Devil in Miss Jones, The Print E-mail
User Rating: / 16
Written by S. J. Alpino   
Friday, 11 January 2008

Directed by: Gerard Damiano
Written by: Gerard Damiano
Produced by: Gerard Damiano & Lou Peraino
Cinematography by: Harry Flecks
Editing by: Gerard Damiano
Music by: Alden Shuman
Cast: Georgina Spelvin, John Clemens, Harry Reems (Harry Reams), Marc Stevens, Levi Richards (Rick Livermore), Judith Hamilton (Clair Lumiere), Erica Havens (Sue Flaken), Gerard Damiano (Albert Gork)
Year: 1973
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 74 minutes

“If you have to go to Hell... go for a reason.”

Lucifer was busy in 1973 tormenting a little girl and punishing a newly slutty ex spinster. As William Friedkin's "The Exorcist" is regarded as one of the greatest horror films ever made, Gerard Damiano's "The Devil in Miss Jones" is regarded as one of the greatest adult films ever made. This is not to say that "The Devil in Miss Jones" is the most erotic film ever made, because that is subjective as our friends in the Castro district would vehemently agree. "The Devil in Miss Jones", written and directed by Gerard Damiano, is a taut narrative film about regret and second chances that explores these themes in an explicit sexual manner. Truly "adult cinema", Damiano's film is the antithesis of today's extreme gonzo gynecological-close-ups galore digital camera porn as it was shot on 35 MM film, had performers who were also capable actors, and actually played in movie theaters albeit the Grindhouse variety. Gerard Damiano is also responsible for creating "Deep Throat", so with these two landmark films he really put the Grind in Grindhouse.

Miss Jones decides to commit suicide after living a lonely life in the big city. The middle aged woman (who is obviously unaware that she is in the sexual prime of her life until it's too late) slips into a warm bath and slices her wrists with a razor. The soundtrack as well as Georgina Spelvin's expression and body language really express the solemn tone of this scene quite well. Miss Jones slowly slides into Death's cold embrace. The scene concludes with a static shot of Miss Jone's lifeless body floating in her crimson-hued watery grave. I really felt sympathy for her and also felt a tinge of her loneliness while I watched this effective image.

In the next scene we find Miss Jones seated in front of Mr. Abaca's desk, an afterlife administrator whose job is to send new arrivals either to Heaven or Hell depending on their histories. However, Miss Jones presents a problem, because while she was not a sinner during her life her suicide condemns her soul to Hell for all eternity. After futility pleading her case, Miss Jones asks for one wish before she is condemned to the infernal netherworld. "If I had my life to live over, I would live life filled...engulfed...consumed by lust." After careful consideration, Mr. Abaca grants her wish. Once Miss Jones enters through a door she is indoctrinated into the pleasures of the flesh by the Teacher, played convincingly by Harry Reams. What's on the syllabus, you ask? Pussy fucking (this is essentially a porn review lol), ass reaming, cock sucking, Sapphic love, pussy eating, mound frigging, slight bestiality with a slithery belly slider, and porn's first DP! That's double penetration for the porno virgins which also gives a whole new meaning to the slogan, "Double your pleasure, double your fun!" After all of this unbridled lasciviousness Miss Jones is sent to her own personal Hell. Miss Jones, glazed cum hungry eyes of an insatiable nymphomaniac at a gangbang party, straddles a coffin with her black skirt hiked up furiously masturbating as she begs for sexual release from the only other denizen in the dungeon: a man (played by Gerard Damiano himself) who is obsessed with an imaginary fly and nothing more. Pleading for even merely a touch and promising all of the depravities one could only dream of, Miss Jones is forever on the precipice of orgasm. This truly is Hell!

The number one question you're probably asking: Is the sex hot? Yes with one caveat. Since hardcore pornography has emerged in the mainstream consciousness, women who would otherwise become fashion models or at most Playboy Playmates have instead become porn stars. This creates a standard of beauty within the upper echelons of the adult industry that is comparable to other beauty-centric industries like the high fashion modeling world. That being said, while Georgina Spelvin initially would not physically compare to these modern Uber-goddesses the raw sensuality she exudes as Miss Jones transforms from an ordinary spinster into a sexually dynamic vision of lust is just as intoxicating as a nude, writhing Racquel Darrian. (Not familiar with her body of work? Do a Google search, and you'll thank me for it.) Watching Miss Jones run water over her nude body while enjoying a sensual bath stimulated me. Also, the sex looks exactly as it should dirty and sweaty. Andrew Blake is my favorite erotic auteur, but sometimes beautiful and glossy make sex look too antiseptic, too sterile. "The Devil in Miss Jones" also benefits from being created during the Pre-AIDS era, because barriers do not interfere with the fantasy quality of the sex, The punctum of the film is Miss Jones, wearing only black thigh high stockings, lying on a bed as a serpent slithers up her body. This is Eve and the Devil after she has consumed the apple from the Tree of Knowledge. The image an almost post-coital tableaux of bliss in the wake of orgasm.

Incidentally, the remake virus has also afflicted the adult industry. "The New Devil in Miss Jones" by Vivid Video stars the ubiquitous neo-skin flick legend Jenna Jameson and Vivid siren Savanna Sampson. Unlike Hollywood remakes though porn redux are usually an improvement, at least erotically speaking. The natural follicle plentiful look has been surpassed with the smooth hard body aesthetic. Cinematically speaking, the original will probably remain a masterpiece of adult cinema, because as luscious as Jenna and Savanna are it is their sensual abilities that matter rather than their emoting abilities. I would rather see them be lesbians than thespians.

Gerard Damiano's "The Devil in Miss Jones" is a finely crafted adult film layered with the antithetical dualities of eroticism and chastity. Better to be sent to Hell for living a lewd life of lustful excess than being condemned for one final transgression is the theme of the film. Miss Jones punishment for committing suicide is learning the art of sensuality only to be denied its practice for an eternity. Georgina Spelvin embodies the pathos of Miss Jones, and Harry Reams along with the rest of the cast lend fine support to the story. Gerard Damiano accomplishes the seemingly elusive task of exploring complex themes without being pretentious while simultaneously creating sensual scenes that augment the story and also are arousing.



















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