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Devil's Gravestone, The (Dabluv Nahrobni Kamen) - DVD Edice - DVD Print E-mail
User Rating: / 5
Written by Jay Creepy   
Thursday, 22 March 2018
Severed Cinema review of The Devil's Gravestone (Dabluv Nahrobni Kamen)

AKA: Dabluv Nahrobni Kamen

Directed by: Jay Mackenzie Roach
Written by: Jay Mackenzie Roach
Produced by: Stacie Lockhart, Jay Mackenzie Roach, Andy Redmon
Cinematography by: Jay Mackenzie Roach
Special Effects by: Michael Brower, Mitch Rogers, Kelly Irby
Music by: Martin Dempsey, Cole Foster, John Massari
Editing by: Jay Mackenzie Roach
Cast: Elle LaMont, Niko Red Star, Reece Rios, Joe Nemmers, Kristin Sutton, Grant James
Year: 2010
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 1hr 35mins

Distributor: DVD Edice

The Devil’s Gravestone (Dabluv Nahrobni Kamen) begins with a narration by our central gal, Jaq, she explains to us how she now lives in a world of artificial light because of what she has become. We see her lying about on the floor surrounded by bottles and pills. Jaq lives as they live – the monsters that haunt our world. “I am not one of them. The disease which runs in their blood does not run in mine.” We watch a vampire crawling with purpose towards a scared woman. “But it has touched me. Destroyed my heart – blackened my soul.” By day, both she and the creatures sleep. By night, they hunt their prey and she hunts them. Just before he bites, Jaq is above him levelling a shotgun.

It doesn't work out very well for her. She blasts him a couple of times, but he manages to get the upper hand. She ain't no Buffy. “I know who you are. You're the hunter. I hoped you'd come for me.” he snarls, straddling her and tying his belt around her throat. Lucky for her, a handy nail gun and pickaxe fulfils her rescue operation. Well, kind of. Jaq notices the vampire had cut his wrist and there is blood around his victim’s mouth. He wanted a partner, not food. She raises the gun to the woman.

Jaq is hunting the Scarlett Stalker, real name Garrett Lighthouse. He's known to the police and the media. So far he has claimed twenty eight victims. He's young, born to abusive parents, and was a mess before he was turned. We observe him stalking his prey into the ladies toilets at a bar, where he removes all of his clothes whist she is in the cubical. Garrett is a youthful, nothing too outstanding looking chap, which means he can blend into backgrounds rather well. The cubical door is torn off and he sets about the woman. Unbeknownst to him, Jaq has found him. “You never wanted to be a monster, I can see that.” she laments as she kneecaps him. “I'm sorry for the way they treated you.

Later, Garrett is chained down and wounded as Jaq explains how she found him, via another creature. However, she isn't actually after him. “The animal I'm looking for is my husband.” she says as she sits astride Garrett. She is emotionless as she breaks down the facts and ways to kill a vampire including noting the fact they always feel pain. Time for torture. We cut briefly to her ex fella, Cale, kneeling before a church, eyes and demon black, and stabbing himself.

Jaq calls her home-zone, Roach City. “The god-damn Devil's tombstone. If there is a Hell, I must be right on top of it.” Back home, she is in a bad way due to her injuries taken whilst fighting Garrett. Jaq uses alcohol, heroin, DIY blood transfusions, and superglue -- whatever can keep her going. This is what makes this movie. She isn't a kick ass, take anyone down fang fighting bitch! She's a real person who's a vengeance-driven mess. She fucks up, she takes a few beat-downs, and we see the results. As she rests, we get a Punisher style flashback sequence as she and her family run around a park in happier times, before Cale is claimed by a female vampire he just so happened to be boning on the side-lines. He kills their son, and of course, she is on a vendetta to destroy him.

Waking up from a brief sleep, she is confronted by a sleek dressed bloke who calls himself, Dick. He's sharp, and says he is there to help her. He's a Detective. “Three years of hunting, with a single minded goal. You've put a few down in the dirt... but never him.” Dick tells her that, no matter how brutal she gets with the vampires, as she tries to find his scent, they will never tell, because they fear Cale far more than they fear her. Her new ally takes her to meet, Maggie. Maggie is “the one.” She is pregnant and has been in a coma for a couple of days. A miserable cantankerous old bloke called, Doc, looks after Maggie. Doc is the Dr. Logan of the flick. He experiments on the undead. He's spent years studying them. For instance, he knows why they drink blood – and the explanation is very original for these kinds of films. Someone has had a good think about their script writing ideas. Doc is played by Grant James, a man which has appeared in over one hundred creations, including Better Call Saul, Dumb & Dumber, UHF, and Brotherhood. Unfortunately he doesn't bring much to the character other than cliché.

Maggie is a victim subjected to an undead attack and sexual assault. When she was first found, she showed no signs of pregnancy. Now only days later, she is huge and ready to drop. Dick takes Jaq to the house where he found Maggie. He explains that there was no evidence left of another being, just her, as if she was assaulted by something invisible and without form. The big shocker for Jaq is a picture showing Maggie and Cale together and a diary. They had been married. Dick takes Jaq to the city morgue and shows her Cale's corpse. He died shortly before Maggie was attacked. It seems as if he has become something else altogether. The church where he died has graffiti stating: The child will rise. Also, animal sacrifices have occurred during the last couple of nights. Dick reveals he was at the crime site the evening her son died, and he has been watching her ever since.

They rendezvous with a crappy actor playing a chap called, Dexter. This guy has been looking into Cale's life, before and after. Cale went insane after feasting off his son. The grief overcame the vampire savagery and he has become a terror in the undead community, which explains why he is feared. Then he met a stronger more feared creature called Gabriel. This one was the figurehead leader of their religion. Suddenly, what Jaq had mapped out as a simple life involving tracking down her ex, evolves into becoming sucked into a war between good and evil, and the possibility that Lucifer and Christ are but one person. This, amongst many other things, including the revelation she, Cale, and her son, are all spoken of in an ancient prophesy. Then Cale makes a dramatic comeback and all hell breaks loose!

The Devil's Gravestone has that gritty dark and raw street feel, that is almost film noir in a sense. Of course, the makers have prodded a few grindhouse screen streaks and crackles onto the running time to try and give it all that 'authentic' ride. That's cool, but surplus to requirement. This movie has a lot of correct ingredients. Yeah, it's cheap, but it makes up for any budget strains with lashings of gore and decent acting all around – mind you, the monotone delivery from our main actress, Elle (Machete Kills, From Dusk Til Dawn the Series) LaMont does grind into you sometimes. Joe (Breaking Bad, Snitch) Nemmers is mainly laid back as, Dick. Nobody else really stands out, they're just okay in their roles. The editing and imagery is clearly inspired by the Saw series and other knockoffs doing the rounds back in those years. Speaking of images, some of the visuals are absolutely remarkable.

The musical score is atmospheric and chosen well. Not a slapdash mix of rock or hip-hop, aside from a club scene. The effects are striking and fantastic for such a low budget underground movie. Between the team, CVs include Matthan Harris's The Inflicted (see review), Blood on the Highway, Night Crawlers, and many more.

All in all, The Devil's Gravestone is a lost little gem. It has a decent plot and so much more going for it than a lot of similar titles. It's available on downloads but nowhere, it seems, on DVD. You could do far worse than giving this one a watch. Yes, the conclusion comes off a lil bit of a damp match trying to strike, considering the biblical and apocalyptic build up. I didn't expect the end of the world, but a more dramatic finale could have helped.

I acquired this on disc via DVD Edice of the Czech Republic, because of a place I used to work who mailed out films constantly. Somebody had sent this one and two others back to the incorrect sender, hence the DVDs had sat on a shelf for months. I was given them with blessings. I didn't realise it was a rarity. It's a bare bones affair, mind you. A few trailers, nowt else.

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 Aspect Ratio: 16:9
 Region: PAL R2
 Audio: Dolby Digital Stereo

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