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Dumbland - Subversive Cinema (Absurda) Print E-mail
User Rating: / 6
Written by Chris Mayo   
Friday, 11 January 2008

Directed by: David Lynch
Written by: David Lynch
Animated by: David Lynch
Voiced by: David Lynch
Music by: David Lynch
Cast: David Lynch
Year: 2005
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Black & White
Runtime: 33 minutes

Severed Cinema - DVD Logo
Video: NTSC R0
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 Full Frame Windowboxed
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1
Distributor: Subversive Cinema
Official Website:
Arguably Newgrounds instigated the internet Flash boom and brought the software to the forefront of popularity. Flash has changed the face of the internet as we know it. David Lynch has caught on to this animated phenomenon and inconceivably has integrated the use of Flash in his official webpage by single-handedly creating an animated series. Most well known for being the bizarre mastermind behind such films as “Eraserman”, “Wild at Heart” and “Lost Highway”, the 60 year old auteur has most recently secluded himself to his personal computer to take his fans on a completely new Lynchian exploit into the world of “Dumbland”.

Dumbland” is dubbed by its creator as "a crude, stupid, violent, absurd series." It tells the tale of a brainless oddball family comprised of a mother, father and son. The main character (the father) is a crude, short-tempered, and brutish fellow whose appearance closely resembles that of a Cro-Magnon. His wife, a passive twitchy wailer attempts to spend most of the series evading the main character’s verbal abuse and fury-fueled fists. His pipsqueak son often and repetitiously eggs him on in a high-pitched voice, resulting in pure hilarity. The entire 8 episode series of “Dumbland” is showcased on Subversive Cinema’s Absurda DVD.

Dumbland - "Dumbland"

Episode 1:The Neighbor
An infatuation with his neighbors shed brings about a “conversation” between the main character and his duck fucking neighbor.

Episode 2:The Treadmill
The Football game/beer slurping is interrupted by the grinding gears of the main character’s wife’s treadmill so he hits her upside the head. A different problem arises when he tries to smash the machine but ends up with a hammer stick in his ass.

Dumbland - "What if I was in the yard takin’ a shit?"

Episode 3: The Doctor
Who broke the fuckin’ LAMP!?” The main man tries to fix a broken lamp by inserting his finger in the socket which calls for a visit from the doctor.

Episode 4:A Friend Visits
The main character destroys his wife’s new clothesline for fear of it impeding his bodily duties (“What if I was in the yard takin’ a shit?”) and his ass tooting Cowboy friend pays a visit.

Episode 5:Get the Stick
My favorite episode shows what happens when the main character and his son find a man with a stick caught in his mouth in the yard, while the son harps instructions (“get the stick out”).

Dumbland - "Get the stick out"

Episode 6:My teeth are Bleeding
This very repetitious episode takes us into the family living room when the main character endeavors to watch TV with his twitching wife squeaks and his trampoline jumping son’s teeth bleed.

Episode 7: Uncle Bob
When forced to watch Uncle Bob, they bare witness to Bob’s madness as he punches himself in the face and stomps his foot prompting him to retch, fart and vomit blood.

Episode 8: Ants
This final episode of the series shows what happens when the main character attempts to rid his house of ants with “KILL” spray, but incorrectly sprays his own face. This causes a hallucinogenic reaction and an ant musical number.

Dumbland - "Asshole.  Shithead."

The amazing thing about “Dumbland” is the fact that it was entirely crafted by Lynch himself. Alone he voiced, scored, and animated the entire series on his iMac computer. The drawings (while crude) were accomplished with the use of his mouse. For a successful Hollywood director to take on such a departure from film, it is unfounded, yet ultimately refreshing.

There is no denying it; “Dumbland” is all the things Lynch says it is. This is why the series is so damn enjoyable. It’s cool to see a cult figure such as Lynch adapting a completely new medium for his work. It’s additionally cool that Lynch isn’t afraid to acknowledge that, like many of us, there is nothing wrong with violent, derogatory lowbrow humor. Lynch fans, and enquiring minds need to check out this fast paced, first-rate release from Subversive Cinema.


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Dumbland - "A crude, stupid, absurd series."


Dumbland - "I am a one armed duck fucker"

Dumbland - "Who broke the fuckin' LAMP?!"

Dumbland - "Little Miss Timid"

Dumbland - "There’s nothing like sharing a kill with a friend"

Dumbland - "Hey Dad that man has a stick in his mouth"

Dumbland - "My teeth are bleeding"

Dumbland - "Sublime violence"

Dumbland - "punch-stomp-fart-retch"

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