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Edmund Kemper Part 1: La Mort De Ma Vie - Toxic Filth Video Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Saturday, 30 July 2016

A.K.A. Edmund Kemper Part 1: The Death of My Life

Directed by: Laurent Tissier, Fred Quantin
Produced by: Amputation SFX
Cinematography by: Fred Quantin
Special Effects by: Laurent Tissier, Fred Quantin
Music by: Area, Last Days of Humanity
Cast: Laurent Tissier, angelique blenet, eddie messageon, cyril bonifacio
Year: 2001
Country: France
Language: French (English Subtitles)
Color: Color
Runtime: 56min

Studio: Amputation SFX
Distributor: Toxic Filth Video

Nestled deep in the bowels of the French underground lies this obscure rarity, Edmund Kemper Part 1: La Mort De Ma Vie. Only to be unearthed by the most discriminating gore freaks on social media (Harry Collins’ Hardgore Core page to be exact) and with the help of Jason Toth's Toxic Filth Video (PM them or Jason Toth on Facebook to get the movie) is now available on DVD for purchase. Due to the interest in the Edmund Kemper films (there are 3 of them), the director and star, Laurent Tissier, has been recently gathering up information and uploading trailers for the three part series.

Edmund Kemper Part 1 and the rest of the series, from my understanding, were only released on VHS so the transfers are VHS quality. The movies are in French language as well but discriminating gore hounds need not to worry as the dialogue doesn't interfere with you not understanding the plot as it’s very straight forward. The story has a lone necrophile basically violating a female corpse in his basement by various means. Occasionally he goes out and kills a random passer-by for his sick pleasure. Tissier has recently uploaded Edmund Kemper Part 1 to YouTube with English subs for those who deem it necessary.

Obvious inspiration for the movie are taken from Nekromantik as Jorg Buttergeit and Manfred Jelsinki are mentioned in the credits. We get lots of perverted acts featured here as the necrophile's obvious hatred for the female corpse he has in the basement is evident, as much as his pleasure in desecrating it as he makes loud grunts and moans while doing so. Our sicko (played by director Laurent Tissier) lovingly performs cunnilingus on the dead female's black rotting genitals with slurping/sucking sounds and all! He cuts off one of her decayed titties, cooks it and eats it, masturbates to her severed head and takes a hand saw to the corpse.

Edmund Kemper the real life serial killer was used as merely an inspiration for the film as no resemblance is actually verified or implied. We get some great goregrind courtesy of Last Days of Humanity and some great metal courtesy of Area. Surprisingly, there was also an original soundtrack released for this which is very cool. A lot of the other musical score sounds like random Halloween stock footage music to me -- stuff I used to buy and play in the background while giving out candy on Halloween with the moans and screams and different eerie sounds, but the intro music stands out and sounds similar to the theme from Nekromantik.

With some great solid imagery, visuals and imaginative ideas Edmund Kemper Part 1 is a solid underground feast of sickness and depravity that has shed a few shards of light through the cracks to be discovered by a whole new fan base of degenerate horror freaks. I'm happy Laurent will be releasing the other two entries in the series as well as another project he is involved in titled The Last Survivor, another rare underground survivalist horror treat. Stay tuned for more nicely fucked up French underground horror/gore!





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