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Written by Jay Creepy   
Monday, 11 January 2016
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AKA: Engelse opvoeding, Educazione inglese, Verbotene Zartlichkeiten

Directed by:
Jean Claude Ray
Written by:
Jean Claude Ray
Produced by:
Jean Claude Ray
Cinematography by:
Robert Mille
Editing by:
Zoe Durouchoux
Music by:
Philippe Brejean
Claude Dreyfus, Obaya Roberts, Brigitte Lahaie, Bernard Musson, Caroline Laurence, Veronique Guillaud, Anne-Marie Le Menu.
French (English Dubbed)
1h 28min

Distributor: Nucleus Films

Nothing beats old school erotic films, especially if the French take a strictly English genre, e.g. schoolgirls having their bare bottoms punished, lace some atmospheric surroundings, and have a plotline which works as a thriller and sometimes a Peter Walker feel movie, then add in some scenes of schoolgirls bending over or kissing each other nude. Cheers Nucleus Films for releasing this oddity totally uncut.

I remember reading an interview with Ron Jeremy in which he stated a big difference between pornography in the modern era and the old school; the old school had proper film sets, lighting, the whole thing (maybe not a script but hey-ho) whilst modern is just a fella with a camera in a room. With Éducation Anglaise it feels like an epic film version of classic Blushes short films and, if you're into this kind of thing, keeps the ingredients correct.

Set in France in the thirties, we begin with a maid leading a smart couple into a hotel room. If you watch the dubbed version their voices are out of synch with their mouths unfortunately. Two dodgy geezers are outside discussing them. We cut to a rather wobbly sex scene, and one of the men enters and shoots them then himself. He's the husband and... you get the idea.

We meet a Peter Sellers lookalike, Pierron, talking to a solicitor as to how he now has to take care of his niece's education (the daughter of the deceased). Her name is Sylvie. She is sent to his home as he arranges a boarding school for her. We meet Henriette, played by Jean Rollin star Bridget Lahaie with a stern face. His nubile niece is in shock and cries a lot, gaining no sympathy from Pierron, his maid or Henriette, they choose instead to seduce each other and perform oral sex.

Hey, Julian, what you up to?” asks the stoner voice of a terribly dubbed man, the next morning at the station. Julian, it turns out, is the caretaker of the boarding school Sylvie is heading to. There's some brief chitchat about escaped criminals. At the school, her uncle is rather impressed by their overall view of discipline.

We pride ourselves on being very severe.” explains the head teacher, they follow the British way, and both enter a classroom where a girl is bent over receiving punishment in front of everybody. This pleases Pierron some more.

Sylvie unpacks in the dorm alone, crying and looking at pictures. The head mistress takes the pictures, nothing of the sort is allowed, nor any religious items. Sylvie has to stand topless as she listens to the rules given to her. Afterwards, Julian tells the headmistress about the criminals on the run. It appears that there are only a small handful of girls in this school, and they are all stood ready for bed topless that evening. Military style, ordered to bed, lights out. As Sylvie watches dumbstruck, two girls climb in together for a special cuddle. A new friend pops into her bed and explains the pleasures of girl-on-girl to the rather clueless Sylvie.

That night, a new arrival is shown around, quietly observing the sleeping teenagers. In the morning, the girls are introduced to new teacher, Ms. Georgina, who is extremely man-like. One girl, Sophie, is singled out by the new arrival and taken to a room for private tutoring.

Next comes a long scene of nude girls with big Euro bushes giggling and bathing in milk. They're joined by Sarah, an outcast whom no one seems to trust. News reports on Stalin and Trotsky play to give us a pinpoint in history, then two girls are scrapping in the dorm -- panties on show, of course.

When evening comes, Ms. Georgina makes the two girls punish each other and Sarah is made to suffer. Incidentally, her Jewish parents have apparently vanished, right before WW2. Ms. Georgina's influence over the school is growing.

Sylvie's friend finally gets off with her -- cue brief erotic scenes and hands deep inside panties. There's random plots all over the place. The Head is falling for Ms. Georgina. Sarah is made to tell on who is stealing milk, the culprits are thrashed, so the girls strip Sarah and beat the hell out of her.

Then we witness Ms. Georgina's variation of gym class. “Don't overdo it!” warns the head mistress. Something is going on, it seems. Also, Sarah is made to strip and act like a dog by Ms. Georgina for her part in a dining room protest earlier in the movie. This cracks Sarah and later on she climbs onto the school roof threatening to jump.

Invited for an uneasy drink with Ms. Georgina in private, she is ridiculed, “Poor little Sylvie, her mother was a whore, her father turned out to be a coward!” Sylvie is made to dress as a dominatrix and whip the bed covers savagely, her rage venting out. Unbeknownst to her, a gagged girl is lying under the sheets.

Sylvie has found a secret desire, as new head girl. She snitches on her friends just so she can beat them. Confessions in her diary reveal she takes much pleasure from hurting other people. However, a huge question remains for her, who is Ms. Georgina?

It's a historical drama which is totally and utterly insane! However, the production values are excellent and the dressings intelligent. The script isn't up to much but the contents do what they need to do, I suppose. Éducation Anglaise is ripe with nude bathings, lesbians, letchering old men, spankings, and Euro erotic big hair all over.

The director had a lengthy career with nudie films and the like, whilst Jean Claude Drayfus, a.k.a. Ms. Georgina is still a very sought after actor having appeared in well over 150 titles. Obaya Roberts who played the central, and too her credit, effective Sylvie, unfortunately faded from acting somewhere in the nineties.

However, star honour goes to Bernard Musson who portrayed the teenager spanking, nude girl staring, Julien. That old bugger had over 300 films on his C.V. before his death.

All in all, it's an entertaining and not too offensive creation if you suspend your belief for most of its running time and enjoy it for what it is: an eyebrow raising WTF-athon.





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 Aspect Ratio: 1.66:1
 Region: PAL R0
 Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0

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