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Entrails and Amour - Molly Walsh Productions Print E-mail
User Rating: / 5
Written by Richard Taylor   
Monday, 07 March 2016

Directed by: Adrian Baez
Written by: Adrian Baez
Produced by: Adrian Baez, Nick Gootee
Cinematography by: Adrian Baez
Editing by: Adrian Baez
Music: Adrian Baez, Cristian Bergagna, Ellende, Brutalur
Special Effects by: Craig J. McIntyre
Cast: Karie Chupp, Alyssa Ritchie
Year: 2015
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 17min

Distributor: Molly Walsh Productions

California based director, writer, producer, Adrian Baez, delivers a diatribe of a short film -- an underground punch in the guts. This is gorilla underground independent filmmaking at its finest. Shot for $400 in 3 days, Entrails and Amour oozes with extreme style, an edgy and beautiful musical score and a great European filmmaking style, full of flair!

In just over seventeen minutes Baez unleashes a monstrous tale of gay love between two females that runs afoul and the emotional impact that follows. After a messy breakup, two girls separate and about 3 weeks later, one falls into a deep depression. Not being able to withstand her life without her lover, she commits unspeakable acts to herself, before the final curtain of suicide. The segment where the distraught lover purveys a gory suicide upon herself, the viewer is given this shocking death/black metal onslaught which suits the mood and change in pace of the film nicely and is very well done. Finally, our lover who broke off the relationship, comes calling back to her ex, only to discover she should have come sooner.

Entrails and Amour is Baez's third short film. Baez has said the film was based off of a Romeo and Juliet type story, with black metal thrown in for good measure. The characters names Ana (Karie Chupp) was inspired by Andrzej Zulawski's film Possession (1981) and Suzy (Alyssa Ritchie) in Dario Argento's Suspiria. The film’s pace heightens and becomes chaotic in particular scenes, especially during the brutal suicide sequence.

Baez has said to be inspired by Ryan Nicholson, Ron DeCaro, Vince Roth and Mick Nards, among others. The fact that these 1-5 man crews were going out there and producing these great indie films and the fact that he was getting help from them gave him encouragement. Shane Ryan (Amateur Porn Star Killer) and Craig McIntrypre (L.A. Ripper) really elevated his experience by inviting him to film sets and offering hands on help. Without this, he claims, he would have never believed underground filmmakers just grabbed a hold of the reigns and rolled with it. Inspiring words for any up-and-coming underground horror filmmaker!

A stellar foray into a deadly and toxic gay relationship, told with precision and sharp execution. Entrails and Amour is deserving of its brilliant title. Adrian Baez deserves nothing but the utmost respect for his work. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy from Molly Walsh Productions, which includes Baez's other short films such as Who Watched Them Die? Also support his latest work Queen Wasp and order yourself a copy!


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A. Baez  - Thank you!     | |2016-03-07 19:25:11
Thanks for the review and posting it, it means a lot!
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