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Written by Chris Mayo   
Tuesday, 17 April 2012

"Familiar" Poster Art on Severed Cinema

Directed by: Richard Powell
Written by: Richard Powell
Produced by: Zach Green, Michael Jari Davidson
Cinematography by: Michael Jari Davidson
Editing by: Tom Mountain, Navin Ramaswaran
Music by: Bernie Greenspoon
Cast: Robert Nolan, Astrida Auza, Cathryn Hostick
Year: 2010
Country: Canada
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 24 min

Studio: Fatal Pictures

Toronto-based Fatal Pictures have returned, teamed up once more with the inimitable Robert Nolan with their third short horror film, "Familiar."  Known for his cheer-worthy portrayal of Geoffrey Dodd, the cynical bastard teacher from Richard Powell's previous film "Worm," Nolan once more delivers another great performance, powerfully executing Powell's source material.

"Familiar" opens with John Dodd (Nolan), a disgruntled middle aged man, delivering a sturdy matter-of-fact voiceover monologue.  Through this monologue the viewer immediately realizes his sentiments towards the miserable wasted life that has befallen him.  Laying in bed, turned away from his wife, he reflects, "These are the hours I love.  When all that I hate is silent and unconscious." continuing, "The world is different when people are asleep -- better.  I wish they would sleep forever.  But they always wake up..."  The immediacy of these heinous statements towards his family is what grabs the viewer and pulls them into Nolan's distorted psyche.

Through seething thoughts and empty glairs Dodd scrutinizes his family unit.  He calculates when he can be freed of what he feels is a familial ball-and-chain of sorts.  "Four more months, kid's off to college.  Pull out the savings, buy a truck.  Leave -- never look back." he dreams.  This forty-five year dream of his, however, gets a wrench thrown in the mix of misery.  His wife becomes pregnant.  From this point on Dodd's thoughts grow angrier and more resentful -- manifesting into more sinister thoughts and impulses that become too strong for him to withhold.

"Familiar" takes the similar premise of "Worm" but delves deeper into horror territory, taking Nolan's character on a far darker and more gruesome journey.  The character of Geoffrey Dodd, from "Worm" was able to demonstrate some restraint when it came to his inner demons.  For John Dodd (seemingly of no relation to the former character) on the other hand, his inner demons become unhealthily revealed in a refreshing conclusion that will have horror fans craving more.

"Familiar," while similar to "Worm," is still an altogether different beast.  What was a success with Nolan's bitter "Worm" character, is enhanced here.  There's also a scene that is sure to impress fans of Frank Henenlotter and practical make-up fx fans alike.  "Familiar" is a must see film.  Be sure to check it out on it's current festival circuit run.

"Familiar" Screenshot on Severed Cinema

"Familiar" Screenshot on Severed Cinema

"Familiar" Screenshot on Severed Cinema

"Familiar" Screenshot on Severed Cinema

"Familiar" Screenshot on Severed Cinema

"Familiar" Screenshot on Severed Cinema

"Familiar" Screenshot on Severed Cinema

"Familiar" Screenshot on Severed Cinema

"Familiar" Screenshot on Severed Cinema

"Familiar" Screenshot on Severed Cinema

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