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User Rating: / 4
Written by Richard Taylor   
Sunday, 10 May 2015

Directed by: Brian Paulin
Written by:
Brian Paulin
Produced by:
Stacey Paulin
Brian Paulin
Editing by:
Brian Paulin
Music by:
Brian Paulin, Matt Meserve
Special Effects:
Brian Paulin
Rich George, Nette Detroy, Brian Paulin, Joe Olson, Richard Caron, Kevin Barbare, Ernest Hutcherson, Yael Sanchez
1h 15min

Studio: Morbid Vision Films

First off, letís get this non puff piece review business out of way! I've read numerous reviews on Brian Paulin's work, the bad mouthing, the praise and everything in between. Upon my first viewing of Bone Sickness I was less than impressed with the first 20 minutes, before it got going into the superb platter of splatter gore. The film had this great low budget feel to it that a lot of other low budget horror movies can't hold a candle to. Then I realized itís a little thing called passion. Paulin is obviously not doing it for the money or the fame, he's doing it because he has an undeniable love for the craft of extreme low budget horror (either that or he's one sick fuck!) and he's doing it for the fans who love to watch it and feel the same way. Just ask the ones who have helped him fund his latest opus titled Cryptic Plasm.

After the ambitious project of Bone Sickness, which involved action shootouts with swat teams and zombies, car crashes, an apocalyptic landscape with zombies fighting the army and so on, Paulin has seemed to return to a simpler barebones approach with Fetus. Not saying that simple is a bad thing, sometimes a simple formula is best with just a few right ingredients. In this case, gore, gore and more gore. Fetus is a full on splatter movie fans dream; it contains some of the most graphic gore set pieces your eyeballs will ever have the (dis)pleasure of viewing. The film just has this hazy, gritty and dirty feel to it. I don't want my low budget horror to be pretty and polished. That is not the way it was meant to be. I dig the movieís score and the fact Paulin is an avid fan of Bathory. I'm thinking in the future he should just see if he can get the permission to outfit one of his movies with a full on assault of early Quorthorn injected black metal hate, that would be a must! Paulin even dedicated Bone Sickness to Bathory in the credits.

Fetus has a simple plot, minimal dialogue and a minimal cast, most if not all meet a terrible gore drenched fate. The plot is simple, Kevin (Paulin) just witnessed his wife die while giving birth, and obviously distraught he does what every sane person would do and visits a bizarre shop dealing in dark underground goodies. Itís here that Paulin's character obtains a book which he is told can resurrect the dead. Paulin's character also takes it upon himself to brutally kill and mutilate the doctors responsible for his wife's death. We get lots of flashbacks of his wife, plans they had to build a life with a child in their new house -- the movie can't all be bile covered carnage I guess. In the remainder of the movie Kevin desperately abducts and kills people to aid him in his mission of bringing his wife back.

I don't know where to begin with the gore score, but some memorable moments include a graphic close up of Paulin's character trying to plug the air hole of what used to be the mangled face of man, a spewing prosthetic vagina, a crazy contraption Paulin calls "the birthing device" which has severed baby heads plastered around it, a crazy scene where a top of a head gets ripped off whilst the tongue is flailing around, a close up decaying penis with earwigs and centipedes, decapitation of a baby and the list goes on and on.

I could be a dick and pick apart this movie for its shortcomings in acting, quality etcetera but if you dig the underground gore of, say old school Olaf Ittenbach (Black Past, Burning Moon) or Andreas Schnaas (Violent Shit, Zombie 90) then Brian Paulin will be right up your alley. The dude is still making the finest low budget splatter and has perfected the art of it. Paulin still stars in all the movies with friends, and his wife Stacey seems to handle the business side of things so letís hope they keep the ball rolling! Some interesting side notes, are that
Fetus was renamed "Hard Splatter" for its Japanese release and during the filming of Fetus a bunch of their gear was stolen in which a nice message is left for whoever did it at the end of the movie!


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