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Fiendish Fables - Fuzzy Monkey Films Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Tuesday, 10 January 2017
Review of Fiendish Fables from Fuzzy Monkey Films on Severed Cinema

Directed by: Brad Twigg
Written by: James L. Edwards, Leslie Monk, Douglas Snauffer
Produced by: Brad Twigg, Leslie Monk
Cinematography by: Brad Twigg
Editing by: Brad Twigg
Music by: Toshiyuki Hiraoka
Special Effects by: Patrick W. Boyer Jr., Lisa Rhoades Jett, Leslie Monk, Lydia Wolfe
Cast: James Balsamo, George Stover, Alex Neumeier, Mackie Lou Vigal, Luba Hansen, Chris O'Brocki, Jenny Jannetty, David Phillip Carollo, Lindsay Lockhart, Erica Jones, Dakota Lynn, Matthew L. Furman, Patrick Opitz,
Year: 2016
Country: USA
Color: Color
Language: English
Runtime: 1hr 14mins

Studio: Fuzzy Monkey Films

Fiendish Fables explores three horror tales accompanied by a wraparound story. Horror aficionado and director Brad Twigg (Milfs Vs. Zombies) delivers an energetic and quirky arrangement boasting some decent practical gore effects and that Tales from the Crypt/Tales from the Darkside/Creepshow style which has seen the anthology or short horror collections rise to new popular heights in 2016 with such entries as Volumes of Blood, Tales of Halloween, Gore Shorts Anthology, etcetera. A rise in retro style horror has also seen a resurgence in general.

Fiendish Fables begins with the wraparound story which features a brother and sister reluctantly returning to their grandfatherís home who has recently passed. The siblings main concern is to sell the old manís shit as soon as possible, turn a profit and get the fuck out. The two seem like a couple of ungrateful cunts but as the film goes on we understand the reason for their ill-disposed nature. Soon the brother Robert (Chris O'Brocki) pulls out the book from which his grandfather used to read them, his "Fiendish Fables" -- which traumatized them as kids -- for one last trip down dysfunctional memory lane.

The first tale is an extremely short and to the point one which features a young woman who is stalked, harassed and attacked by a couple of ugly over the hill biker looking dudes until a fucked up creature intervenes. This first tale has some nice practical gore with a severed penis, head ripping and lots of blood spurting mayhem. The second tale is longer but not necessarily better. It features a couple of bumbling cops on the trail of a "Dracula" killer. It features some nice bits of humor, nudity and some gore but itís quite restrained compared to the first short and it drags on for too long. The third short features a college professor who has some sinister plans for one of his female students. This third tale is probably the weakest as its rather dull and lacking in the gore department but fortunately features some titties to "perk" your interest. The wrap around story then concludes as the tales being read by the siblings unleashes an evil force within the pages of the book they are reading the tales from.

Fiendish Fables turns out to be a mediocre exploration into the horror shorts genre. Itís not overly memorable but is moderately enjoyable. I was hoping for more splatter and better pacing. Those last two shorts just drag on and are rather dull. The acting performances are strictly amateur but fortunately the movie doesn't take itself too seriously and the humor does brighten things up considerably. I'd like to check out more of Brad Twigg's work as it seems his other films such as Milfs Vs. Zombies may pack more of a gory charged wallop, as opposed to this one which ranks lower on the carnage scale. If youíre a diehard lover of indie horror and short horror collections then Fiendish Fables may still deliver the fix you need, just don't expect anything ground-breaking.




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