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Films from a Broken Mind - White Raven Films Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Tuesday, 12 July 2016

A.K.A.: Leonís Broken Mind, Bonjour Monsieur Trepas, Darkest Secrets, The Rogue Filmmaker

Directed by: Bazz Hancher, Hank B Marvellous
Written by: Bazz Hancher, David Stokes
Produced by: Bazz Hancher, David Stokes, Michael Walcott
Cinematography by: David Stokes, Michael Walcott, Kieron Hazel
Editing by: Bazz Hancher, Michael Walcott,
Special Effects: Max Van Der Banks, Rachael Painter,
Music by: Bazz Hancher, Michael Walcott, White Noize
Cast: Lee Mark Jones, Matt Lee, Richard Robotham, Keven Varty, Molly James, Bazz Hancher, Jenny Knight, Sarah Rose
Year: 2015
Country: UK
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 32min

Studio: White Raven Films
Distributor: LBM Video

The Kidderminister killers deliver an anthology of twisted sickness and depravity, topped off by a tongue-in-cheek documentary special on the director Bazz Hancher. With Films from a Broken Mind, we get three shorts that were filmed from 2010 to 2014 but were never officially released and only shown at festivals. The films were then made into an anthology in 2014 and released the following year in 2015 by distribution label LBM Video. Hancher told me the original release didn't have Satan introducing the shorts. They were four shorts on Blu-Ray and DVD and sold as a double disc release. In 2016 Hancher said they released a DVD version only with the Satan footage recorded and added to it. The Satan footage came about while shooting the Satan character in another one of their films. An interesting funny bit of news is that the original Satan character, played by Lee Mark Jones, actually broke his ding dong the night before (I have no idea how or why) so they decided to film the Satan character with someone else linking the four shorts. The Satan character, played by Matt Lee (with an unbroken penis), reminds the audience at the end of the movie he will see them again in the upcoming film White Goods. Hancher finally told me they used a rap artist called White Noize for an outro credits track who is on their record label White Raven Recordings.

To start off Films from a Broken Mind, we get my favorite of the bunch which is titled Leon's Broken Mind. Leon is a mind numbing semen tasting cretin played brilliantly by Richard Robotham. Leon has a penchant for his deceased mum, but I'm not sure why, because she stood by and watched her own son get bum raped by his daddy. Leon is obviously mentally and sexually tortured. He is schizophrenic and delusional as well, it seems, as he hears voices and sees people who are not actually present. Leon snaps and goes over the edge, not being able to satisfy his desires by simply watching and masturbating to demented movies anymore. Leon takes his insatiable bloodlust and perverted thirst to the streets in a rage fuelled by visions of his dick fondling daddy telling him to find random victims and kill them. We get all sorts of vile debauchery in this one. No one or thing is safe. Animals, homeless derelicts, pregnant women, paraplegics and the like are all dispatched in various gruesome ways by Leon. We get some juicy gruesome effects -- a very graphic close up anal raping scene and realistic looking animal violence all looking the sharpest to shock in the most extreme of ways. Like the back of the movie case says, and I quote "You may hate Leonís Broken Mind, but you won't forget it!" and to that I say touchť! This is the sickest and most depraved short on the compilation.

Equally effective but not quite in the same way is Bonjour Monsieur Trepas. We get another twisted fuck who subsequently seems to be a bit normal and just haunted by bad dreams. All this changes quickly as we see him picking up a dead cat to take back home to eat. He abducts a couple of people and locks them in his torture chamber in the basement, all the while leading a seemingly normal life above ground. Keven Varty plays a great character in the lead as Mr. Trepas and really lets the psychotic stench overtake the calm and cool collective character we see in the beginning. The most creative torture sequence in this one has Trepas using a key on a can of corned beef to rip the flesh off a womanís face. Something new you don't see every day in a horror film. Trepas is another solid entry in the anthology and it earns a second place out of the three shorts.

The third short is called Darkest Secrets and plays out as more of a drama than a horror or serial killer movie. It may be more of a drama/thriller but it still contains a lot of mean-spirited nastiness, including the killing of a young child. Darkest Secrets is a tale of revenge where we get lowlife scum, gangsters and an innocent family mixed up in it all paying the ultimate price. It has sleazy characters, including a returning Richard Robotham as another reprehensible character with a "sweet tooth."

Finally, we get a documentary style segment called The Rogue Filmmaker. Itís a short look at different people who have worked with, or personally know director Bazz Hancher and their opinions of the man and his work. Obviously it is played out as a very tongue-in-cheek feature with heavy black humor thrown in the mix. It seems Mr. Hancher is as despicable as the stories he tells in his films. All the segments are tied together with a very cool looking Satan character played by Matt Lee who introduces each of the shorts and is very effective. I recommend picking up a copy of Films from a Broken Mind from Bazz Hancher personally by contacting him on Facebook. Keep a look out for his latest movie titled White Goods, which he is currently working on. There is also talks that his depraved earlier shorts such as The Kidderminister Killer will be re-released in the future so stay tuned for more mind bending sickness from him.


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