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Fluid Boy and Snuffed Double Feature - HM&M Films Print E-mail
User Rating: / 4
Written by Richard Taylor   
Thursday, 23 June 2016

A.K.A.: Death Cam
Directed by: Jason Impey
Written by: Jason Impey
Produced by: Jason Impey
Cinematography by: Jason Impey
Editing by: Jason Impey
Special Effects: MJ Dixon
Cast: Jason Impey, Dylan Jake Price, Samantha Keller
Year: 2015, 2016
Country: UK
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 1min, 15 min

Studio: World Wide Multimedia, HM&M Films

UK indie filmmaker Jason Impey has been on the scene, making a name for himself by doing things his own way. These two films, Fluid Boy and Snuffed are very different but boast some finesse and artistry in their own way. Impey has told me he has created a character in the movies named Jack Hess who plays an indie filmmaker like himself. In both Fluid Boy and Snuffed he portrays Hess, a character from his early days of filmmaking. Impey told me these two movies are sort of a prequel to a movie he made earlier called Home Made.

Fluid Boy runs at just over an hour and plays out as a snuff movie would, except itís more of an unplanned snuff film, or so it would seem. Impey and his partner who is also supposed to be a producer of the fake zombie movie they claim to be making is Dylan Jake Price (who is actually Wade Radford). The two lure in a woman for a casting call in what seems like a community hall of some sort. Impey's character talks about the movie they're making but is constantly interrupted by the ignorant and belligerent Price. The woman (Samantha Keller) seems uneasy as there is a drop cloth on the floor and she is surrounded by different cameras, plus there is a bunch of bananas on the table!?

Soon Price loses control and is all over Keller humiliating her and assaulting her in various ways. Impey's character nonchalantly goes with the flow and films everything. His only concern is making a movie, no matter what. Price's character was played out as a bit of frat boy but he does deliver the torture in a sinister and sadistic fashion. Keller's character puts up some resistance but she doesn't fight back much like a person would if they knew what kind of situation they were in, fighting for their life. Price's character calls himself Fluid Boy in the movie, as he does spill numerous bodily fluids on Keller.

Fluid Boy gets a bit nasty with a bit of box cutter action, fecal matter play and a hot water scalding, along with some other tortures. I felt it ran on a bit too long and probably could have been cut down by half of the runtime. I commend Impey for his convictions in making this a cool spin on a snuff film. The guy used all the different cameras you see around the room to capture the film. Impey used 6 cameras to shoot Fluid Boy -- 2 HD cameras, 2 VHS, a mini DV and GoPro and claims this was a bitch to sync up. The camera that was smashed in the film was actually a working VHS camera that was recording some of the rushes.

Some other cool information Impey told me is that there is a VHS edit of Fluid Boy that he edited using only the VHS footage. When Fluid Boy came up for release on Amazon this year, it was delayed due to the trailer offending people, resulting in a re-naming of the movie to Death Cam, something which Impey isn't overly happy about it. Fluid Boy was made in 2015 but will be officially released this year in 2016. If you dig indie snuff-style films you'll definitely want to add this one to your collection, but don't go in thinking Flowers of Flesh and Blood or Niku Daruma. It has some nasty elements for sure and relies more on the act of humiliation more so than mutilation.

Impey's short film Snuffed is a nifty little piece about Impey's character Jack Hess and his significant other, once again played by Samantha Keller. All Hess seems to want to do is play with his camera all day long. He is constantly filming his wife, whether she's getting in the shower naked, changing, using the toilet and all of the above. Itís funny how the filmed footage for Snuffed has these scenes spliced in, something I find very quirky and a nice touch.

Keller's and Impey's characters bicker back and forth at each other ad nauseam as she displays her dislike and failure of his bullshit indie filmmaking. Somehow Hess comes up with an idea to shoot a snuff film, gets his wife to stab someone while he films it and even after the gruesome deed is done (off camera) they are still bickering at each other on how the other one fucked up. There is a little two part twist before the conclusion, which was a cool approach to ending it all off. Most of Snuffed has only Keller on screen and Impey behind the camera so we mostly hear his voice. Itís played out as an almost black comedy even when Keller goes all ape shit. Impey was also involved in the recent underground horror short Turn Heel which I reviewed awhile back and has a number of other films of his own under his belt. Support this indie underground madman from the UK!





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 Snuffed: 1 
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