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User Rating: / 4
Written by Jay Creepy   
Tuesday, 10 January 2017
Severed Cinema review of Forced Entry on DVD from Njutafilms


AKA: Shaun Costello's Forced Entry, Jeraldo Stuarti's Forced Entry

Directed by: Shaun Costello
Written by: Shaun Costello
Produced by: John Klugerman, Shaun Costello, Jerald Intrator
Cinematography by: Jayson Black
Editing by: Shaun Costello, William Markle.
Music by: Santino DiOrici
Special Effects by: Shaun Costello, Troy Roberts.
Cast: Harry Reems, Laura Cannon, Shaun Costello, Jutta David, Ruby Runhouse, Nina Fawcett
Year: 1973
Country: USA
Color: Color & B/W.
Language: English
Runtime: 1hr 24mins

Distribution: Njutafilms

Widely considered as the most shocking pornos ever made, and shuddered at universally, Forced Entry is clearly a force (indeed) of nature which has grown in notoriety over the decades since its creation. How anybody could be offended is beyond me. It's a 'roughie', like Hot Summer in the City (my review here), basically a flimsy plotline built around long scenes of rape and violation placed upon any lady who has signed on for the production. If you wandered into a rundown small cinema, or borrowed a knackered video tape off a mate with the title, not knowing what to expect, well...

Shaun Costello was a well-known character in the world of adult entertainment back in the day, having made a stream of porns and roughies throughout his career meeting dubious producers along the way, plus taking charge of a majority of duties behind and in front of the camera. The latter usually having his penis waving in some girl's face of course.

Which brings us neatly to Forced Entry, and as the introducing newspaper clippings and quote by a certain Dr. Robert Lifton, we're following the day to day life of a disturbed Vietnam veteran. Well, this sure ain't The Deer Hunter and it ain't no Rambo, boy, this is Combat Shock territory, y'all hear?

The distribution team behind this has brought us the best sound, however have wisely (and cheaply) decided against cleaning the film up too much. Every gritty and dirty mark, every cigarette burn, it's all here with crackles and at some points you can even hear the whirring of the camera. It feels like a below the counter seedy filthy porno. Well, that's it exactly, and we meet Joe, who runs a gas station in the middle of the smoke filled busy city. Joe is played by porn legend, Harry Reems. Harry was blue royalty up on the thrones with Ron Jeremy and John Holmes. A man from an era when a lot of blue movies tried to have a plot, and wasn't just a bloke with a camera filming two fake looking performers for twenty minutes. The star of Deep Throat, Devil in Miss Jones and Fleshpot on 42nd Street, could have found himself way beyond his comfort zone in this, but he acts out his part with the zest of a man who is truly deranged.

Joe's plan in life is, once a female drives up, he explains he only accepts credit cards due to robberies. In doing this, he can jot down the girl's address. As he watches the first victim drive off, he begins a series of black and white jolting flashbacks to his time in the war (well, stock footage to be honest) and this carries on as he runs down many streets, sometimes hiding, ducking, and watching for the enemy. Gradually he makes his way to the tenement block and scales the fire escapes. First off he spies his intended prey making out with David (played by Shaun Costello himself). David is every bit of a ‘70s star, dark specs, big moustache and to begin with, a bored and flaccid dick until his wife licks and sucks for an Oscar statue. Joe, in his mucky cap and t-shirt, watches from the window as he loads his revolver. The couple go at it full on for at least fifteen minutes. “David, I make love to you!” “God, that feels good! It's good to feel you!” Amongst the bushes and hairy pumping asses (and the microphone popping into view), Joe strokes his large knife.

“He's really going deep in.” commented by Horror Soulmate with a chuckle, “Haven't seen one like this in a while.” Well, not since the above mentioned Hot Summer in the City, anyway. Joe flips out at the noises in the street so he goes climbing around the fire escapes for a while as our horny couple keep at their nasty business. When he returns, she's sat alone reading a book. Seizing his chance he confronts her. “Shut up, lady, I'll cut your throat! I'll cut your guts out!”

“What do you want?” she asks. He leers, “I want you to take my prick out ma pants an' suck ma cock!” As more flashbacks assault him, Joe unzips and she dutifully sucks. Erm, he's a rather big chap. “I don't feel a thing, lady. You better do a better job! All you ladies like that don't 'cha?” He starts to get angry, comparing her to the 'Gooks' in 'nam, and once he cums in her face tells her he didn't enjoy it. Slowly and the camera loves it, he slices her throat, then returns to the gas station.

Soon afterwards he sets his eyes on another famous ‘70s porn star, the nubile Laura Cannon (Morning after..., Fleshpot on 42nd Street, Teenage Nurses) and the randy bugger is off on his travels again. This time into a posh neighbourhood. Finding her in the shower, he drags her naked to the bed, then forces her at gunpoint to suck him. (“If that's all he's going to do in this movie, he's boring.” yawned my Horror Soulmate) Joe snarled, “I'm gonna stick in up y' asshole!” (I'll believe it when I see it.” I said) However, four minutes later he threw her over and followed out his threats. She even cried before it went in -- lol! “Oh God, oh God, it hurts! Please!” Fair enough, the lad is huge and the actress is very convincing. He's doing her dry for about ten minutes and she cries and screams for that long. “You bleeding a bit in there? I'm gonna show you a lotta bleeding!” Afterwards he flips out, waving his knife and then guts her on the floor. “I didn't like that.” he tells her corpse, “It wasn't so good!”

Hey ho, onwards we go. Who's the next bit of fuck meat to be served on Joe's plate? Accompanied by a smooth and funky beat, a young hippy chick in a van picks up another hippy chick who's hitch-hiking. Neither can act, in fact their only screen credit is this movie. Everything is heavy, groovy, wow, drugs, wow, oh yeah, heavy, oh yeah... They chat about doing sex shows on 42nd Street (nice plug) for 200 bucks a week. A little titty rub happens and they're best friends now! And they're irritating as fuck! Oh yeah, neat, oh yeah... SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!

They pull into our man's friendly service station. He thinks to himself, “Scummy hippies!” Their giggles truly piss him off and sets off a collection of brutal Vietnam images in his head along to the looped repeat of: “Fucking hippies! Scummy hippies!” As the credit card ploy works again, he watches them go. It isn't long before he's on the roof seeing them both naked getting off and twisting into alarming positions. Joe grits his teeth as do each and every viewer. Oh my God, let them die in some nasty manner!!! Scummy hippies!!! Their revealing frolics do play out to a rather catchy tune though.

Joe finally breaks in, and we applauded. However, this time things don't go to plan.

Vietnam shell shock my ass! It's a porn, no way round it! The sheer disturbing flashbacks and the unhinged performance by Harry Reems dutifully slaughters any erotica which could have risen (ho ho) from this madness. The girls and men are natural looking, and, aside from the scummy hippies, are very well played. Top score to Laura Cannon who, as I said, performs some of the most genuine agonised expressions ever seen on celluloid as she's brutally bummed by Harry's oversized manhood.

This home invasion epic is in the street with Combat Shock and The Driller Killer. In fact, it's like watching a hyperactive early Paul Morissey flick. The obvious micro budget does Forced Entry every favour because it all looks so real. It's grime and it's raw!

Extras mainly focus on Shaun's career with interviews and slide shows. All fine but a little documentary about the era or the stars would have been neat. The cool soundtrack has been isolated briefly on the stills and posters from his other flicks which made me smile. I adore the music of that time, in fact, as I type this up, I'm listening to Herbie Hancock. Nothing to do with the review, but I thought I'd mention it. It's worth mentioning, there's a few uncut editions out there, but if you get a hold of this very one on subDVD/Njutafilms, then know that the subtitles can be removed, you just have to look around the menu a while.

All in all, if you love dirty NYC alleys, rough full penetration sex with little or no erotica, and shocking murders, Forced Entry ticks all the boxes. Brilliant and deserving of all its fame, good and bad.






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 Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
 Region: PAL R2
 Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0

 - Interviews with Shaun Costello and Maryse Alberti
 - Slideshow of Shaun Costello Career
 - Hooked on Sleaze


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