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Forgive Me for Raping You - Rough Pictures - DVD Print E-mail
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Written by Jay Creepy   
Friday, 12 December 2014
Directed by
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Forgive Me for Raping You DVD Cover Art on Severed Cinema

Directed by: Bill Zebub
Written by:
Bill Zebub
Produced by:
Steve Nebesni
Cinematography by:
Bill Zebub
Music by:
Crying Evil
Steve Nebesni, Taylor Trash, Angelina Martin, Eidolona, Anton Bernard
1 h 45min

Distributor: Rough Pictures

As the credits on this cheap and cheerful roughie goes, we have a collage of either dead or terrified young girls in semi-naked states. It's like a splendid welcome into the depraved, but at the same time, playing safe world of creator Bill Zebub.

The story begins with Jen, a young nubile blonde, suffering from depression who has a house visit from a smiling bearded priest. As he talks to her in the kitchen, he seems to be a bit snappy at times. When her father is brought up who she never really knew, he says: “Maybe he molested you. Look, don't call me Father, call me Daddy. I want to see if it makes you feel uncomfortable. You can say anything, so long as you call me, Daddy.”

“Daddy,” she says, “Why are you talking like that?” To an eerie musical background, lengthy discussion turns to her sex life, and his hands slide onto her. My Horror Soulmate compared me to him with a cheeky grin, “That's the sort of thing you'd do.” Oh, thanks, my love.

“Take your shirt off, and your bra – if you have one. I know what I'm doing, believe me, trust me.” Topless and nervous looking, well, as nervous as her acting allows to put over, she puts up with his groping hands without much protest. “She's very willing,” said my Horror Soulmate. Soon after she's totally naked as the camera fish eye lenses over her body. It's an artistic rape fantasy. Lol.

“I'm going to have to punish you.” he makes her lay across his knees for two mild smacks. Then Jen is bent over the table. “Are you really going to rape me, Daddy?” she asks. Jen is bummed even though he doesn't really pull his pants down or even unzip I think. The camera stays on her face and doesn't show much, like I said before, playing safe.

“I feel like shit, why did you do that to me?” Jen states as he asks her to forgive him. She refuses to, so he chokes her to death slowly, then rapes her corpse. Bill Zebub is very careful not to show any penetration -- he just likes to linger on nude girls.

Afterwards, as he drives, the Father either fantasises or remembers a blindfolded naked woman tied to a cross in the woods. His next stop is convincing a young mother that there's been an incident at her daughter's school to get into her home. None of the female characters seem to be able to act, just be alternative looking and perhaps hired from a Suicide Girls kind of thing. This girl is feisty, dissing his religion, the school, him. Tensions rise. “You're throwing away any chances of God's mercy.” he says. “Fuck God!” she sneers.

“He just might do. In fact, since I'm his representative, I might.” It turns out he's kidnapped her daughter and if he leaves, she'll never see her again. The young mother is rather calm and sassy when his sexual intentions are clear. “So if I play along, you won't rape my daughter?”

“Take your clothes off for Jesus Christ.” he commands. Soon enough she's sat on her dining table, naked, legs wide open for him to fondle her, his expression a constant leery smile. He lays her out and plays a sort of Christian sex game with her, afterwards she has to ride him -- his expression is funny, then he strangles her like Jen.

After killing a girl in a basement, he visits an office girl. He tells her about starting a sexual relationship with Jesus, then it’s strip, rape positions. He has her sit with him as he talks about his problems with relationships, his gradual loss of faith, etcetera.

“Maybe you're not giving yourself enough personal time.” she suggests. They talk a while longer, then he photocopies her driving license with her address so if she tells anyone he'll find her, deciding not to kill her.

Next up there's three tied topless girls on a bed being filmed. “Why is he taping us?” one cries. Aha, these three seem to be able to put over emotions, so it must be actresses. We jump to him walking in on a girl listening to headphones, wearing just her bra and panties laid out on a couch. As if! It's like Frank Henenlotter's Bad Biology when the penis goes on the rampage finding every female victim in a state of undress. The film continues on.....

Bill Zebub tries a mild twist in the tale to conclude, but overall isn't too fussed about a storyline. He's made films to show softcore rape, nude girls, piercings, and dominance by men. Steve Nebesni doesn't change the tone of his voice at all, nor his expressions, but puts over being a weird vicar I suppose. His images of tied and tortured women in the woods become more intense but ultimately amounts to nothing.

Wherein older roughies dared themselves and also tried to offend the viewers, Forgive Me for Raping You is unable to loosen itself too much. Yeah, the girls are attractive and helpless, but there's a lot missing if you yearn for a rape fantasy movie. In the UK there's some channels on Sky, things like Babestation, where girls sit topless waiting for a phone call from a viewer to suggest what she should do. The harder stuff doesn't start until after 11pm when it becomes a pay per view channel (the earlier softcore is for free) so Forgive Me for Raping You is kind of like the before 11pm girls of rape roughie flicks.

There's no extras aside from trailers for other creations. Bill has made other titles such as Rape Sucks, Breaking Her Will and I Told You Not to Call the Police, plus Antfarm Dickhole and Loving a Vegetable. Most sound as if Troma released them if you went by names alone.



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 Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 4:3
 Region: NTSC R1
 Audio: Dolby Digital Stereo 2.0

 - Trailer

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