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Gore Short Films Anthology Part 2 - D.I.Y. Productions Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Friday, 23 December 2016
Review of Gore Short Films Anthology 2 on Severed Cinema

Shorts: Flush, Bride Zombie, Doneet, Gore Bros, Destruct, Mutilator from the Grave, Snuff Tape 5: Extreme Suicide, 2000 Anos Para Isso?, Trans*

Directed by: Jeff Grienier, Rob Ceus, Sam Bickle, Jim Roberts, Colin Case, Alexander Sharglaznov, Fuchi Fuchsberger, Peter Baiestorf, Esa Jussila
Year: 2015
Country: Canada, Belgium, USA, Russia, Germany, Brazil, Finland
Language: Various Languages
Color: Color
Runtime: Various Runtimes

Distributor: D.I.Y. Productions

Yan Kaos is at it again, compiling Part 2 of his international underground Gore Short Films Anthology. He has brought together a unique collection here, and features a number of extremely brief segments, some as short as 5 minutes, while others run for almost 30 minutes. A wide selection of different material is covered here so this keeps it fresh and interesting. One thing that bonds all the directors together is gore!

First up on the compilation is from Quebec, Canada. Indie filmmaker, Jeff Grenier, weaves an old fashioned monster tale. When you were a kid, did you ever believe in and buy something that claimed in the ad it would grow and come alive like a monster when placed in water? When you put it in water it swelled up to a not so large size and was a poor novelty. In Flush, which is filmed in French without English subtitles (You can pretty much get the idea even if you don't speak French.), Grenier reads a similar ad promising a tentacle sea creature, so he orders it with great excitement. When he gets it, to his disappointment, it turns out to be a novelty and he flushes it down the toilet. We get some pretty cheesy computer effects as we watch the would-be sea creature taking its trip down through the pipes, and actually transforming into a tentacle monster as promised in the ad. The creature surfaces through a toilet, and wrecks some havoc at a nearby house, where a bunch of girls are having a slumber party. This short uses comedy and some clever low budget effects. Itís definitely tongue-in-cheek, and follows that classic, don't flush an alligator down the toilet because it might come back up to literally bite you, type of concept. After Flush, we also get a bunch of trailers from Greinier's other films.

The second extremely short "short" on the compilation is Rob Ceus's Bride Zombie from Belgium. Bride Zombie tells the tale of a dude, played by Ceus himself, who re-thinks shooting a female zombie wearing a brides dress. Possibly his once wife to be? He returns to his compound to tend to the zombies he has captured, when the Bride Zombie returns for him. In death the two walk into the sunset and live happily ever after. Ceus displays some talent here with a great creative shooting style, well done gore effects and a brief but quirky story.

From the USA we get Sam Bickle's Doneet, a short featuring Bickle himself waking up in bed with a violent pain in his gut. He rushes to the toilet to grotesquely vomit up his entrails in an extremely effective and equally disgusting scene that would even make Lucio Fulci applaud, reminiscent of his classic gut barf scene from The Gates of Hell. The sounds Bickle is able to get out of himself while hurling up his guts is amazing and vile. This is a brief, cool and cruel exercise in vomit gore.

Jim Roberts from the USA delivers Gore Bros, a wild and gory ride with some clever effects. It tells the tale of two demented and homicidal brothers who escape from a mental institution, and lay siege to a nearby neighborhood, killing, mutilating and cannibalizing anyone who stands in their path. The effects are well done, but the acting really brings this one down. The female leads are unnatural and deliver cardboard performances. Their looks make up for it, of course, and the two brotherís (one played by director Roberts) over-the-top performances border on annoying. The ending is cut too short as well -- I would have liked to see the end result of what happens to the cretins when they catch up with the old cop who apprehended them, years before.

Destruct, from Russia, by director Nikolay Chemodanov (aka Colin Case) gives us a look at the daily life of a junkie. His dilapidated existence as he injects junk into his appendages, until they can't take anymore, and he moves on to the next one. This one is another brief segment, but the atmosphere and make-up work on Chemodannov playing the lead role, and only character, really adds to the experience. We get a full grotesque exploration of a junkieís desperate and nauseating days, plus the madness he sinks into. Some grisly imagery in this one.

Alexander Shaglaznov from Russia brings us a tale of revenge after death in Mutilator from the Grave. A woman is targeted by a group of sleazy criminals, and raped/murdered, only to be disposed of in a most gruesome way at the train tracks. Her lover is so stricken with grief that he does himself in with the same method. He is dug up, and comes back to life beyond the grave, to kill the gangsters responsible for his loverís death. Shaglaznov caught my eye with Zombie Infection, because of his brilliant visuals and ability to create some amazing gore effects. This one is decent, but the effects aren't plentiful, and the movie is bizarre and confusing in places, plus the film quality is washed out, giving it a VHS style quality to it. At the time of this review I am anxious to see Sharglaznov's next film, Demon Mind, as it looks like an underground classic inspired by Lamberto Bava's Demons.

Fucshi Fuchsburger from Grindhouse Family Filmworks, delivers Part 5 of what would consist of a series of Snuff Tape entries, which would compile the ultimate faux snuff film collection put on film, known as The Snuff Tape Anthology. This one called Snuff Tape 5: Extreme Suicide features the director living out another one of his death fantasies to have himself filmed mutilating his genitals and then painfully/slowly and agonizingly eviscerating himself. There is great goregrind music in this from Anal Fistfuckers, and the shooting quality plays it up like itís an actual VHS tape.

Brazilian crazy exploitation auteur and legend, Peter Baiestorf, delivers 2000 Anos Para Isso? The short basically features a guy with an eye patch dismantling a body of a female corpse in that oh so popular bathtub. Some gruesome close-ups of a cleaver cutting through the top layers of tissue, and an array of colorful viscera and organs are put on full display here. This short is pretty standard fare for Baiestorf, and doesn't display that signature crazy black humor, and sexual fury a lot of his work contains (Bloody Orgy O'Rama). The killer does however fondle the big blood soaked boobs of the girl to a crazy industrial/noise soundtrack, pulsing in the background.

Finland's Esa Jussila has previously delivered the amazing and well done shorts Goremageddon 1 and 2 and with Trans* we get a different approach, but still with a conclusion that pays in dividends of grue. Well shot and acted with some outstanding and mind-bending gore, Jussila is a director worth your time and attention. The story has a desperate junkie subjecting his body to an experiment to make some quick and easy cash. The experiment doesn't go so well and causes him extreme pain so he visits the guy who got him into the mess in the first place, to have whatever is inside of him removed.




Skull - Severed Cinema1 
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 Bride Zombie 1 
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 Doneet 1 
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 Gore Bros 1 
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 Destruct 1 
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 Mutilator from the Grave 1 
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 Snuff Tape 5: Extreme Suicide 1 
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 2000 Anos Para Isso? 1 
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 Trans* 1 
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