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Goremageddon 1 and 2 Double Feature - TR Productions Print E-mail
User Rating: / 4
Written by Richard Taylor   
Friday, 05 August 2016



Directed by: Esa Jussila
Written by: Esa Jussila, Kuisma Vššnšnen, Artturi Rostťn
Produced by: Esa Jussila
Cinematography by: Esa Jussila
Editing by: Esa Jussila
Special Effects by: Artturi Rostťn, Esa Jussila
Music by: Jussi Huhtala
Cast: Onni Kaskinen, Johannes Rojola, Rami Airola, Kuisma Vššnšnen, Artturi Rostťn
Year: 2011
Country: Finland
Language: Finnish (English Subtitles)
Color: Color
Runtime: 20min


Directed by: Essa Jussila
Written by: Essa Jussila
Produced by: Essa Jussila
Cinematography by: Essa Jussila
Editing by: Essa Jussila
Special Effects by: Essa Jussila, Ari Savonen, Artturi Rostťn
Music by: Jussi Huhtala
Cast: Onni Kaskinen, Johannes Rojola, Rami Airola, Toni Kandelin, Markus Harjula, Ari Savonen
Year: 2014
Country: Finland
Language: Finnish (English Subtitles)
Color: Color
Runtime: 29min

Studio: TR Productions

Goremageddon 1 and 2 are a couple of great action-packed rampage/revenge shorts coming out of Finland from Esa Jussila, who has pretty much done everything himself regarding these two releases. You can actually find the two releases on YouTube as Esa has put them on there himself and sent me the two links, so I'm thinking itís safe to check them out on there. By all means, contact Esa Jussila on Facebook for his upcoming releases and other releases he has available currently, such as Trans and his third and final instalment in the Goremageddon series.

Goremageddon is a great stylishly shot action/revenge splatter film high on energy, comedy and lots of sauce. We get a dude in dire straits (Onni Kaskinen), as everything in life is literally jerking off all over him from pricks at work, religious fanatics who won't even let him enjoy a beer in peace, traffic cops, dickhead foreigners, politicians and the list goes on and on. Getting stepped on each day by all this scum takes a toll on our main character. One day while his asshole neighbors blast music too loud and disturb him, he finally snaps and suits up with a bunch of weapons and unleashes the beast.

We get some great over-the-top humor here.The intro sequence is very cool, especially if you like titties and I mean who doesn't like titties? There is a nice build up, with great music in this too. Then there is total nonstop carnage for the last half. Itís funny because people, including myself, watching will be able to relate to this character. I would never personally assemble an arsenal of weapons, go on a rampage myself and kill all those that have wronged me but I'd lie if I said I never thought about it! This movie allows you to live out such a fantasy. Itís done in such an over-the-top manner too and is not meant to be taken seriously -- itís strictly black humor infused. I love the look of Goremageddon too, itís shot like a grainy VHS style film. The gore is on point, total in your face splatter with lots of dicks getting destroyed, whether it be blown apart or crushed, gunshot squibs galore, exploding heads, gory stabbings, and total anatomical destruction!!!!

10-years after our characterís vengeance-laden killing spree, he has resurfaced and seemingly escaped any possible authorities due to his actions in the original. In Goremageddon 2, he has made a new life for himself, it seems, in the countryside and is living content and peaceful -- that is except for his violent reoccurring dreams of killing. Our characterís life of decadent viewings of pornography, sleeping in, boozing and living a life of leisure, with his retarded ass-raping Igor-like companion (a nice nod to the original movie I might add) are interrupted when new Russian neighbors bring out the worst in him. Not to mention, a bunch of other douche nozzles, such a group of tree hugging hippies and an IRS official. Once again, shit needs to get rectified and a deadly rampage of vengeance is the only catharsis that will quench our "heroes" thirst.

This sequel is still packed to the gills with over-the-top splatter and gore and the humor is still very prevalent and brings the movie into above average territory. Itís very well made and gory as fuck to boot. Goremageddon 2 brings chainsaws and axes destroying heads, lots of squib shots, garden hedge trimmer mutilation, face ripping and entrail-hauling carnage. The cops are still stuffing their faces in this one too, with lots of food and acting like a bunch of retards. Very funny shit. Our hero rides his lawnmower headlong into a journey of carnage only to face his biggest threat yet. This time has he met his match? The finale is a gory as hell shoot 'em up patriotic splatter fest.

Goremageddon 1 and 2 are more over-the-top funny and gory madness from Finland. For an independent production itís made very well, with amazing effects, stand out black as tar humor and very entertaining and surprisingly political. If youíre a fan of underground splatter/action movies, then these will do more than quench your thirst -- you'll get drowned in it. Also, as a nod to my Canadian horror brother and underground gore dealer Yan Kaos, you can find the first Goremadgeddon short on Volume 3 of Kao's Gore Shorts Collection and you can find Essa Jussila's Trans on Volume 2 of Kao's Gore Shorts Collection. Contact Yan D.I.Y. on Facebook for the compilations with horror shorts from around the world. Additionally, check out TR Productions for info on what they have going on.



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