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Green Room - Lionsgate Print E-mail
User Rating: / 4
Written by Richard Taylor   
Saturday, 02 July 2016


Directed by: Jeremy Sauliner
Written by: Jeremy Sauliner
Produced by: Neil Kopp, Victor Moyers, Anish Savjani
Cinematography by: Sean Porter
Editing by: Julia Bloch
Music by: Brooke Blair,Will Blair
Special Effects:
Cast: Roland Blancaflor, Tyler Boggs, Wayne Easton, Ronald Korbar Lawler
Cast: Anton Yelchin (R.I.P.), Imogen Poots, Patrick Stewart, Macon Blair, Alia Shawkat, Joe Cole, Callum Turner, Mark Webber, Eric Edelstein, David W. Thompson
Year: 2015
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 35min

Studio: Broadgreen Pictures, Filmscience, A24
Distributor: Lionsgate

Green Room is a siege film directed and written with style by Jeremy Sauliner (Blue Ruin, Murder Party). Itís a solid thriller which relies on great performances from its actors/actresses and its tense scenarios involving desperate and split decisions. There is some pretty nasty violence too -- something which I wasn't quite expecting. We get graphic dog attacks, box cutter slicings, bloody shootings and much more. The violence in this one is no doubt unsettling. Honorable mention to the make-up effects artists Roland Blancaflor, Tyler Boggs, Wayne Easton and Ronald Korbar Lawler for delivering some keen prosthetic work.

Green Room has a cool and different story too, which I enjoyed. We get a rundown punk/hardcore band going by the name of The Ain't Rights (or Aren't Rights, an inside joke when you see the film) whose gig runs afoul. The guy who arranged the show (zine, college radio punk rocker Tad played by David W. Thompson) arranges another gig which turns out to be shit. He finally wants to set things right and books what seems like a legit venue playing for a bunch of neo-Nazi skinheads at a secluded location. The "Aren't Rights" play, collect their shit and are ready to leave when one of them forgets their cell phone and everything turns to a cluster fuck in a matter of seconds. 

All the actors and one actress playing the band members are convincing and give great performances. You really feel what they are portraying as if they are a real life punk band cruising shitty bars and venues trying to stay afloat. Crashing at random houses and siphoning gas for their Fun craft style van. One of the band members and main character Pat, played by Anton Yelchin, sadly passed away in an unfortunate accident this year. Professor X and Captain Piccard himself, Patrick Stewart, plays a different role for him as the leader and owner of the Nazi club and organization. Stewart is no doubt evil but he strangely comes off as a very smooth evil, a calm and collected bad guy. Imogen Poots is really the wild card in this movie and is not to be underestimated as she slices and shoots her way through the skin heads. Itís a battle to the death. The punks versus the skins and who will walk away?

Green Room is offbeat enough and has enough quirkiness and black humor to make it a film people will want to watch. Itís very stylish and The Ain't Rights ooze charisma on and off the stage in this, especially in one particular scene where the band decides to open their set in a neo-Nazi skinhead bar with The Dead Kennedy's song Nazi Punks Fuck Off. Another cool tidbit of information for fans of the band Toxic Holocaust, is that Joel Grind actually did the music for the band while they are playing live in the movie. I can see people who watch less violent movies to be watching until Anton Yelchin's arm gets hacked by a machete and then turning it off because up until that point we had a cool quirky drama with great dialogue and all of a sudden the rush of violence hits the stage. Green Room is a solid film with great atmosphere, story, acting, effects and I can see it gaining a solid following.



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