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Grotesk - Another World Entertainment - DVD Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Directed by: Peter J. Bonneman, Heine Sorensen
Written by: Peter J. Bonneman
Produced by: Heine Sorensen
Cinematography by: Peter J. Bonneman
Editing by: Boy Kullberg, Kasper Josvassen Zeij
Music by: Tue Sprogo, Klaus Hansen and Michael Denner
Special Effects by: Tue Sprogo
Cast: Heine Sorensen, Jorgen Gjerstrup, Mai Sydendahl, Jack Jensen, Justin Metzger, Frederik Tolstrup, Mai Edelgaard, Rune Jacobsen, Mikael Rasmussen, Kim Kofod, Rune Dybdahl, Jens Kofoed, Natasha Joubert
Year: 2013
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish (English subtitles)
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 4min

Distributor: Another World Entertainment, Phantasmo

As it says on the DVD keep case, "Denmark's answer to Plan 9 from Outer Space." To a particular degree, this statement is correct, but I'd rephrase it and say "Denmark's answer to a gore infested Plan 9 from Outer Space." From the heart of Denmark comes this splatter-rific journey into low budget sci/fi gore, but mostly just low budget German-style gore with comedy injected into it. It’s basically a one-man monster/zombie movie done with some extremely well done practical gore effects. Inspired by H.G. Lewis, Olaf Ittenbach and Andreas Schnass, this movie (if they have seen it) should make them proud because it delivers the goods and then some.

The plot for Grotesk has an American spaceship on a secret mission, which crashes into Oresund, the strait between Denmark and Sweden. A mutated monster arises from the crash and goes on a killing spree in the nearby forest (in true German splatter tradition) including a nearby trailer park. We are introduced to some funny characters in the movie, including Jack (Heine Sorensen) who is rather pleased with himself about scoring a deal with renting a trailer home for the summer. Jack seems out of his element in the park and soon discovers his idealistic vacation is not all that it’s cracked up to be.

The monster looks very cool in this -- a rotting zombie with this mouth full of teeth protruding out of the top side of his face which it uses to tear and rip flesh apart. The monster emits these cool goregrind vocalist like gurgles as it stalks its prey. Grotesk is shot in this soft greenish hue where everything looks like it’s been washed in extreme radiation and as the plot in the movie unfolds this is pretty much the case. The gore effects are very reminiscent of Peter Jackson's Bad Taste, with a lot of crushed craniums with tongues still flapping on top of the mangled and opened up heads.

There is a lot of sick shit in Grotesk that goes beyond regular splatter. Picture this: a ripped out (but still attached) eyeball still being able to see as its being shoved up said victims rectum and the said victim being able to see inside her own asshole including the viewer who gets the first person point-of-view! (If this doesn't make you want to buy the movie then what would!?). The conclusion is very cool as well and features a gore and bullet riddled shootout slaughter. There is just some humorously sick shit in this as well as we get to see our beloved main character, Jack, sniff his way with a pair of worn panties into a surprisingly passionate climax and onscreen ejaculation on those aforementioned panties.

Only having a bit-role, Frederik Tolstrup does a hilarious job with a little piece of charismatic poetry, where Jens Kofoed's voice is used and the dubbing and dialogue in the subtitles is downright hilarious. The special effects man, Tue Sprogo, needs to be given many props for his gore insanity. He's also responsible for the cool ass cover art and the musical score, which fits Grotesk perfectly. It lends that cool cheesy retro vibe to it which I love. There are also three music tracks featured in Grotesk done by Mercyful Fate’s Michael Denner, which is very cool.

Grotesk needs more recognition and wider distribution. It’s a very underground, soon-to-be cult movie. Unfortunately, the director Peter J. Bonnermn left before the movie was completed, along with other crew, leaving lead actor and producer Ken Sorensen hanging in the lurch. Sorensen finished Grotesk and thank the unholy black forces of evil he did because gore shit like this needs to see the light of day and most importantly cross the retinas of my eyes. I talked to Sorensen and he is surprised, but extremely grateful that the movie has a following. Sorensen also told me there was a hardcore sex scene shot to be featured in Grotesk but it had to be cut out last minute because the actress didn't want it on there!

Pick up a copy of Grotesk today from Sune Rolf Jensen (who has also directed another Danish movie you should check out called Slaughter Me Naked). So fuck it. Order them both from him on Facebook or check out his label Phantasmo on Facebook. You won't be sorry. Special thanks to Sune for hooking me up with info and movies -- have a Danish on me!




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Aspect Ratio: 16:9
 Region: PAL R2
 Audio: Danish Dolby Digital 2.0, 5.1

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