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Review of Gods Kingdom Print E-mail
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Written by Jay Creepy   
Monday, 19 November 2018
Severed Cinema review of God's Kingdom


Directed by: Guy Soulsby
Written by: Guy Soulsby
Produced by: Joe Binks, Guy Soulsby
Cinematography by: Nicholas Bennett
Editing by: Nick Armstrong
Special Effects by: Ian Rowley, Robbie Drake, Rob Rowley, Jimmy Lotaire, Richard Harris, Nicholas Hurst, Jo Turner.
Cast: Anthony Flanagan, Robert Goodman, Rod Glenn, Leah Rhodes, Alistair Petrie, Jack Johns
Year: 2018
Color: Color
Language: English
Country: UK
Runtime: 25 min

Like it or hate it, us boys and girls in the UK have upped the game over the last fifteen or so years regarding the output of horror and culty movies. Yeah, we have a few that miss the target, but a vast majority do what they are supposed to depending on the target audience. Basically the UK have travelled a long way from the Amicus and Hammer era, and the island has totally forgotten those wilderness years circa the ‘90s as the industry mainly struggled, tossing out only a handful of titles.

Of course, with such an output of material -- there's the underground to be explored too -- and the gaggle of short movies flowing around the river beneath. One such title has grabbed me by my throat recently. God's Kingdom, starring Anthony Flanagan, a bloke who pops up all over the place on TV and in movies such as Life on Mars, The Village, In the Flesh, Private Peaceful, Being Human, and so much more. Plus there is Alistair (Victor Frankenstein, Rogue One, Devil's Playground, Utopia) Petrie, and my pal Rod Glenn of Monster, The Dark Ages and more who pops up for a superb role, in a short compelling thrill ride. I dunno why, to me it's such a rush, there's something about it. For twenty-five-minutes worth of film, it's well-paced and uncovers itself at its leisure. There I believe lays its power.

God's Kingdom opens as a rather frantic man is distraught, unable to reach somebody on the phone as he exits a phone box to the side of a lonely countryside road. His name is Jack, and he's travelling with a young girl called Ella, protecting her. Cutting swiftly to the mean looking Alexander who stands watching a chap dig his own grave. Alexander is looking for the duo, and killing anybody on the way who tries to keep him from his prey. Hence why he lets the guy say his prayers then uses the shovel to strike him down.

Having stood upon and received a nail deep in his foot, Jack hobbles for miles with Ella who remains silent and glaring for a majority of their travel.

You have a gift, you should embrace it.” says Alexander to a nude man chained up. The man isn't too impressed by this however; “Just kill me! I can feel it!” The fella starts to do his version of Korn's Thoughtless music video as Alexander watches with only a dim flicker of emotions. The man now has those black soulless eyes which usually accompany possession of some sorts. Whatever is inside him speaks of Jack and Ella, of a father's protection, and of other things.

Stopping off at a café to treat his wound, Jack collects more injuries as they are attacked by a ferocious woman. “How did you find us?” snarls Jack after pinning her hand to the table with a knife. Meanwhile Alexander has brought along the brooding, Robin (played by Rod Glenn) and they both head off for a hunt then showdown.

And what a frikking showdown it is. From revealing that Jack is a Priest, to who Alexander is, and centrally who Ella really is and what she can do, all builds to a jaw-dropping climax.

Guy Soulsby is still a newbie as far as making films. Two shorts and that's including this one, which shows, when you watch it, he has a lot of clout and talent. His eye for pacing and detail grows along the way to be nothing short of awesome. Aha, this bloke has cut his teeth shooting vast amounts of commercials all over the place, you see.

Top marks for getting UK FX guy, Robbie (Attack the Block, Misfits, Cockneys Vs Zombies, Outpost II: Black Sun) Drake on board with Jo (In the Flesh) Turner, creating some noticeable gruesome moments.

God's Kingdom is well written and acted by all involved, if you can find this on download throw it into your watch list ASAP because it's well worth it.




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