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Greasy Strangler, The - FilmRise Print E-mail
User Rating: / 2
Written by Richard Taylor   
Tuesday, 17 January 2017
Review of The Greasy Strangler from FilmRise on Severed Cinema


Directed by: Jim Hosking
Written by: Jim Hosking, Toby Harvard
Produced by: Elijah Wood, Josh C. Waller, Ant Timpson, Andrew Starke, Daniel Noah
Cinematography by: Marten Tedin
editing by: Mark Burnett
Music by: Andrew Hung
Special Effects by: Mark Burnett
Cast: Michael St. Michaels, Sky Elobar, Elizabeth De Razzo, Gil Gex, Joe David Walters, Sam Dissanayake
Year: 2016
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 33min

Distributor: FilmRise

Where the hell did this movie come from and please I hope they make more like it. In 2016 it’s awesome to see great off-the-wall shit like The Greasy Strangler exposed to the light of day in the modern film market. This movie will either be hated or loved but it will definitely be impossible to eradicate the images in it from your jaded mind. I watched The Greasy Strangler twice, yes, I actually watched this fucking thing twice and found myself enjoying it more the second time around. With the first watch my mind was so fucking blown apart with all the ungodly wrinkled penis skin, grassy pubic hair and glorious grease that I couldn't compute much else. Upon the second watch the jokes sank in and my brain was able to find humor amongst the insanity.

So the comparison for The Greasy Strangler goes to the films of John Waters, such as Pink Flamingos, when Divine does all sorts of nasty shit, including eating shit. I can definitely see the wackiness and similarities but characters in The Greasy Strangler aren't as one dimensional, dull or boring like a lot of Waters’ characters, who weren't really interesting outside of the fucked up acts they were committing on the screen. The absolute need to just portray less than desirable human bodies in this, and the fascination of explicitly showing those naked body’s orifices is uncanny. The Greasy Strangler is an adventurous film -- one of the boldest fuck yous in cinema from 2016.

The plot just goes all over the place, sometimes simple, then just twisting and weaving with whatever it feels like doing with no set purpose it seems. It just flails around while the main focus of its strange success is on the characters and their appearances, personas, actions and their naked bodies of course. We get Michael St. Michaels (The Video Dead) in a gleeful psychotic and black humored role of Big Ronnie, an old disco throwback from that era who lives in a dilapidated house with his geeked out ugly son Brayden (Sky Elobar). Brayden's mother was said to have left Ronnie for a guy known as Rickie Prickles (Sal Koussa), a fellow with the worlds tightest six pack. Big Ronnie wants everything he eats slathered in grease, the greasier the better and when he doesn't get his way he gets cranky. When Big Ronnie isn't eating grease he's hauling open his butthole to fart, or towing around his gargantuan man meat. Brayden is always seen in his underwear for most of the movie and Big Ronnie is naked a lot of the time too, even when he goes out disco dancing his outfit has a see through crotch hole.

Big Ronnie claims he's not The Greasy Strangler, a bizarre monster encrusted in grease who strikes at night but the audience learns pretty fast he is, and I'm pretty sure the movie makers weren't going for an inconspicuous reveal. The use of demented repetition in this can get to people but I just found it laugh-out-loud hilarious. The scenes of Ronnie constantly walking through the skin slapping car wash, Ronnie and Janet chanting "Hootie tootie, disco cutie!" or the Indian tourist trying to say potato to another man are all funny and well done bits.

Ronnie and Brayden dress up in ridiculous pink garb and take people on supposed disco tours around town -- Just remember that during the tour there are no fucking free drinks! Brayden develops an interest in one of the tourists named Janet (Elizabeth De Razzo, Eastbound & Down) and begins a grotesquely romantic relationship with her. The two lovebirds explore their sexual freedom in such lunch tossing ways the imagination can only wander to conceive. Soon Ronnie is all over Janet and a mishmash of Greasy Strangler fuelled mayhem ensues with a mind blowing conclusion.

There is so much messed up shit in this that your mind will need to recover and it cannot be unseen. I'm not sure if it’s so disturbing violence-wise but just visually-wise with all the fat wrinkly skin, woven pubic hair and sexual man stump. Sit back with a bag of paprika ridged chips and enthral yourself in all The Greasy Strangler has to offer.





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