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User Rating: / 32
Written by Chris Mayo   
Friday, 11 January 2008

AKA: Horror Whore, Sadoasylum
Directed by: Michael Hugo
Cast: Justina Lynn, John Seeman, Turk Lydon, Toni Scott, Joan Devlon, Dianne Galke
Year: 1974
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 63 minutes

The semblance of horror and pornography was gaining popularity in the mid 70’s.  As mentioned in Severed Cinema’s recent review of Slaughter Disc, European horror filmmakers such as Joe D’Amato, and Jess Franco were embracing hardcore XXX scenes in their work.  However Europe wasn’t the only continent demonstrating full-blown horror porn.  Across the sea in North America, the US was also making their mark as horror porn sleaze peddlers.  The best and most prominent sickie of this forbidden sub-genre is best known in the underground as Hardgore.

Maria (Justina Lynn) is a troubled girl.  She is an uncontrollable nymphomaniac who is brought to Fox Hollows Sanatorium under the care and supervision of Dr. George (John Seeman, Inside Desiree Cousteau).  She is hastily put into therapeutic care by way of her sexy nurse who seduces Maria, with her tight ass.  The remedy begins with some double beaver humpage, finished with a shower cunnilingus scene and more bushy delights.  Later that day boredom strikes young Maria, and upon further inspection of her room she finds a couple vibrators to play with and chooses one.  “Look at the size of that lovely thing” she says.  “Oh well might as well take advantage of it.”  Allowing the viewer more untainted eroticism before the bloodbath.

That night Maria is awakened to find the nurse with her throat slit.  Distressed, she runs down the hallway (while naked) to escape but is captured and brought into a room.  After some very bizarre visuals she appears on a table and is forced to suck the cocks of two men adorned in white cloth masks.  There are women present that fondle her while she is busy.  Whilst mid-blowjob, one of the men’s penises is lopped off replacing the inevitable cumshot with a bloodshot.  Nice!

The next morning Maria awakens to find Dr. George and a new nurse at her bedside.  A boom mic is blatantly present during this scene, and I began to wonder if it was going to be used for “therapeutic” purposes.  Dr. George dismisses what happened that night saying that Maria was in fact running the halls harassing fellow patients.  When asked about her nurse, Dr. George claims she left that morning.  The thought of escaping is also shut down when Maria finds out that Fox Hollows is secured by an armed guard and dog.  This causes Maria to quickly find solace in her new nurse’s pussy, in a sequence that goes down in literary comedic history.  Her nurse uses an electric vibrator and when it starts to shoot smoke she shouts the hilarious dialog “Call my mother”, “call a doctor”, and “call the fire department.”

The nights continue to bring orgies of the damned, organized by a man wearing a large devil mask over his face.  While chanting unknown satanic gibberish he likes getting his dick sucked, which results in many an enormous female facial.  The ritualistic orgies get more intense with chicks guillotined while being fucked from behind just prior to orgasm to heighten their sadistic pleasure.  If Maria doesn’t escape soon, she will end up one of the dead Horror Whore’s!

Hardgore is an insanely bizarre little romp into XXX horror territory.  Director Michael Hugo shows a distinct visual style of horror porn separate from his European counterparts.  Hugo manages to push boundaries by including some absolutely insane scenes like talking penises, the guillotine orgasm fuck and the severed penis blowjob as mentioned earlier.  He even throws in some necrophilia and dead chicks ‘n chains for good measure.  Hardgore depicts blood soaked sleaze in a distorted psychedelic environment which is aided by the film’s use of electro grooves that linger as background music.  See the phantom flying dildos spraying sparks and gallons of cum over unsuspecting Maria. Not settling there Hugo also attempts to portray his artistic flair throughout his various hardcore sequences.  The continuous camera rotation while a couple has sex is a prime example.

Hardgore is a truly unique 70’s obscurity and masterpiece of filth cinema.  If you haven’t already delved into true American sleaze like this you won’t know the joy of bent candles in moist places.














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