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Hunters - Massacre Video - DVD Print E-mail
User Rating: / 2
Written by Richard Taylor   
Monday, 24 October 2016


Directed by: Adam Ahlbrandt
Written by: Adam Ahlbrandt
Produced by: Adam Ahlbrandt, Victor Bonacore, C.G. Noir, Chris Wolfe
Cinematography by: Adam Ahlbrandt
Editing by: Adam Ahlbrandt
Special Effects by: Adam Ahlbrandt, Ang Bocca, Anthony Edward Curry, C.G. Noir, Giacomina Pluma
Cast: J.D. Brown, Adam Ahlbrandt, Linnea Quigley, Kacie Marie, Haley Madison, Ellie Church, Victor Bonacore, Tina Krause
Year: 2016
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 36min

Studio: Ouroboros Films
Distributor: Massacre Video

With Hunters, controversial director Adam Ahlbrandt delivers his finest work yet. After all the hype and bullshit circulating social media groups, plus a noticeably absent presence from Ahlbrandt on Facebook, Hunters has surfaced and the results are varied amongst underground horror fans. Ahlbrandt, with only a few films under his belt (Cross Bearer, The Cemetery, The Burnt House) has shown an impeccable eye for shooting a film. Despite his sideways hat wearing persona, penchant for making online porn with his girlfriend, plus legal troubles, we have a guy who is a highly talented filmmaker.

Love them or hate them, the camera work and production level on Ahlbrandt’s films are done at an impeccable level. I personally don't know Ahlbrandt, and have never had any dealings with the guy but he has hit a sore spot with horror fans regarding the funding of the movie The Sadist, a film which never got made and has resulted in angry financial backing fans with nothing to show. Not wanting to smear Ahlbrandt’s name, I do believe he has refunded money for this project. Then the subsequent hang-ups with Hunters, also had people miffed for the lack of a better word.

When Hunters was finally released on blu-ray, there were problems with the blu-ray discs, and to be honest, I haven't checked out mine yet as I watched the DVD version. I believe a batch of blu-rays from Amazon were defective. I purchased mine from Diabolik so I'm hoping it’s okay. All this bullshit aside, and we finally come to this point in Adam Ahlbrandt’s career where he has shed his old raw and bloody foreskin and pulled it back to reveal a new death head.

Hunters is a sick uncompromising sleaze, rape, nudity and violence fest packed into a blu keep case. Massacre Video, a company who prides themselves in releasing some obscure shit (some just shit) titles has done a wonderful job on this release and it’s probably one of their most hyped to date. I really wanted to see Hunters, so I said fuck it and bought into the hype and pre-ordered it off Diabolik, and honestly I can say I'm happy I did because I enjoyed it. 

Hunters tells the story of some messed up redneck sounding siblings, particularly a couple of brothers who abduct, torture, kill and film the proceedings, with an undying perverted lust. Hunters’ story jumps from the ‘60s briefly, to the ‘80s where most of the action happens and finally to the 90's. Beneath all the carnage is a back story and a bit of a twist which I think worked pretty well. It wasn't a jaw dropper but a nice little turn to take it in another direction.

Fortunately missing from Hunters are the overtly whiny and juvenile cast which made  The Cemetery such a challenge to watch for me. Actor J.D. Brown does return in Hunters and he is one of the best things about it. Brown's dialogue is lyrically twisted -- he's like a fucking sadistic and educated redneck who understands but just doesn't care. I think one of my favorite scenes has J.D. Brown’s brother penetrating a girl’s pussy with a handgun, and then blasting her with it where the bullet exits through her fucking head popping it open like a peach. It was such a wicked scene.

I remember seeing one of the misleading posters for Hunters early on in the campaign where it claims "Can you take the violation?" and has a poster of what seems like a woman with a knife possibly attempting to harm a child but this preconception is in a false pre-tense and no children are tortured or killed in this (some are sad about this, some are happy). There is no doubt lots of brutality and graphic violence, great make-up effects, probably not as heavy in the gore department as The Cemetery but it’s definitely some crazy bat shit. It’s cool to see Linnea Quigley (Night of the Demons, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers) on here as one of the victims, and even Ellie Church (Harvest Lake) gets a taste of the violation as she is raped in one particular scene, a scene that is not actually hot or appealing at all, it’s just really ugly and I commend Ahlbrandt on putting it across this way instead of showing off Church’s "hotness." 

So the movie has the two brothers I mentioned on a killing spree, and then we get a side-line story with a bunch of film students scouting possible locations for a new shoot. Fortunately the film students are bearable to watch and actually have some good cinema conversation where they talk about their favorite movies and we get some good references. There are a few nods to movies in this, such as the 44. magnum comment in Taxi Driver ("Have you ever seen what a 44. magnum can do to a woman's pussy? Now that is something you should see!?") Eventually the students and the killers cross paths and the final conflict ensues. The conclusion to the film is nothing satisfying, it’s actually gut wrenching and not happy in the least but a nice fuck you ending that works.

There is so much hate for Hunters but I came out enjoying it. It held my attention, it was filmed well, had decent acting performances, some nice gore and was gut wrenching at times. Cross Bearer I couldn't bear at all, it was a dull and gronk slasher with high technical aspects. The Cemetery was a little better. The camerawork and the gore in it were superb but the performances beat it to death for me, and finally with Hunters Ahlbrandt has gotten it right!





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Skull - Severed Cinema

 Aspect Ratio: 16x9
 Region: NTSC R1
 Audio: Dolby Digital Stereo

 (Most of the supplemental material is featured on the blu-ray.)
 – Audio Commentary with director Adam Ahlbrandt and producer C.G. Noir
 – Audio Commentary with actor J.D. Brown
 – "Did we go too far?" a Hunters retrospective
 – "Dig Your Own Grave" Deleted scene
 – A Trip Down Memory Lane with J.D. Brown
 – Raw Snuff Tapes
 – Stills Gallery
 – Trailers for other Massacre Video Titles


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