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Lovecraft Shalt Become a Rock Opera via Kickstarter Print E-mail
Written by Jay Creepy   
Monday, 16 November 2015



I just totally love this idea, an idea born of the twisted madman, Fabian Rush, behind YouTube web series, Alien Face Bashers amongst other projects. The man also sings for Industrial band, Synthetic Nightmare. Fhtagn: Rock Opera of Dooom just sounds epic.

Here's the synopsis, so imagine this as a rock soundtrack blasting movie/stage show:

Abdul Alhazred is an aspiring poet and songwriter who unwittingly stumbles into a secret meeting between ancient evil gods scheming to take over the world. They present him with the opportunity to write a book of spells that will bring him great power and fame, and without understanding the dark consequences, Abdul jumps at the chance. He is tricked into writing a book, the Necronomicon, that will allow these demons to permanently cross over onto the Earth and rule.

Sounds like an impossible task? Yes, because Lovecraft reeked of the impossible and his writings made it so real, as will Fabian Rush. I mean, who would have thought of The Evil Dead as such a thing? Or Re-Animator? Aha, see, gotcha!

Before you click into the Kickstarter page, have a read of his rather long biography. Sit back, and enjoy:

The year was 1991 and I was an eleven year old fifth grader when my parents surprised me with a Fisher Price Camcorder on Christmas morning. Little did my parents know that this gift, intended to make fun little videos with my younger brother, would lead to a successful production career in my adulthood. The passion for making short films with my family and friends through high school and college eventually lead to my first feature production, So Mort It Be (Horror), which was rapidly picked up for worldwide distribution in 2004. The movie was about a young man falling in love with a pretty young lady that he did not know was the leader of a man-killing cult. On that film I wrote, produced, directed, acted, and in so doing, learned the value of each production role. I also developed the need to work with a great team. The experience I gained creating So Mort It Be helped me to find work on other short and feature length productions on the east coast. Then in 2010, I released my second feature film, Pantheon Black. A science fiction thriller about an ancient goddess terrorizing the crew members of a research space station. This film was shot entirely against a green screen and featured original computer generated backgrounds created by my younger brother Gavan. The ever increasing drive to make movies lead to the release of my third feature, Alien Face Bashers, in 2011. Also released as a web series, AFB was about a woman's horrifying discovery that she had frequently been abducted by aliens and experimented upon. To put an end to this ongoing intrusion, she joined a gang of other abduction victims who called themselves the Alien Face Bashers. So far, this film project has reached the furthest with a steady fan base stretching from America to the Philippines. With each new film, production value and storytelling skills have improved dramatically thanks to my team of close and passionate friends. In addition to my production career, I have enjoyed nearly a decade of wild stage show antics as the singer of industrial rock band Synthetic Nightmare. Now, after years of experience producing independent films and rocking numerous stages with the band, the time has come to merge these two art forms into one amazing production. Fhtagn: Rock Opera of Dooom promises to be our best production yet.

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abele  - lovecraft shalt   | |2017-05-28 23:13:59
Totally love this idea! Great idea born of the twisted madman!
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